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Where to Find Hodari in Palia

Where to Find Hodari in Palia

So you’ve leveled up your mining skills and are now keen on buying some mining-related recipes and upgrades. You’ve also received a letter from the go-to mining guy in Palia and want to visit him.

The problem is you don’t know where to find Hodari!

Hodari is the guy in charge of all things mining in Palia. But since he moves around a lot and lives far from town, finding him can be a bit tricky.

Fear not, dear Palian miner! Let us show you where to find Hodari in Palia.

Hodari chatting with the player character

Hodari’s Location

Hodari lives in Bahari Bay, which is the area next to Kilima Village. He travels between these two areas daily.

He lives with his daughter, Najuma, who you’ll talk to for the glider quest (ready your Leather and Fabric for her quest!).

To get to Bahari Bay, simply exit the Kilima Village map via the portal marked in the image below. It’s to the east of Kilima Village, next to the Whispering Banks.

Palia map showing Bahari Bay's entrance

So if you’re wondering why you can’t find him in Kilima or why he’s not in the repair forge in the village, it’s because he doesn’t live in town. But like the other characters in Palia, he still drops by.

Each NPC in Palia has a schedule of where they go and what they do. Below is Hodari’s schedule:

TimeHodari’s Location
4:00 AMAt home
5:00 AMAt his workshop, which is just northeast of his house
10:00 AMOn his way to Kilima Village to go to the Tavern
2:00 PMWalking back to Bahari Bay to go to the mines south of Pavel Mines
8:00 PMArea outside his home
9:00 PMWalking by Bahari Ruins
10:00 PMArea outside his home again
11:00 PMGoing to his house to sleep
Hodari hanging out at the mines

And that’s how to find Hodari in Palia. No need to run around like a panicked Sernuk just to track him down! Simply follow his schedule above and visit him at his home in Bahari Bay.