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Unused Pokemon Type Combinations: Which Are Missing?

Unused Pokemon Type Combinations: Which Are Missing?

Even though we currently have more than a thousand Pokemon – 1,008 to be exact – there are still Pokemon type combinations that the games haven’t explored.

Thanks to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, we were introduced to new and unique Pokemon recently, with some having very interesting type combos. 

A Bug/Dark grasshopper in the form of Lokix? A Grass/Fire pepper plant called Scovillain? Pretty cool!

With these additions, it means there are just 9 unused Pokemon type combinations.

Today, we are listing down the nine missing Pokemon type combos.

We’ll discuss their strong points, weaknesses, and what their possible designs could be. They are ranked according to how interesting they sound to us.

Without further ado, let’s wade through our imaginary and wishful-thinking tall grass and tackle these unused Pokemon type combinations.

9. Normal/Rock

Source: Bulbapedia
Weak toFighting (x4), Ground, Steel,
Water, Grass
Resistant toNormal, Flying, Poison, Fire
Immune toGhost

First up, we have Normal/Rock!

This combo doesn’t sound too out of the ordinary, and it’s surprising this hasn’t been done yet. Both types seem like they work well with each other, design-wise.

Imagine a cute Pokemon throwing tiny pebbles! Or maybe even an Eeveelution!

Combat-wise, this combo is not too bad. Its Normal and Rock moves are good to use against four types – Flying, Bug, Fire, and Ice.

Unfortunately, it has five weaknesses, with Fighting giving it four times the damage. That’s gotta hurt!

The good thing is that it at least can resist four other types and is totally immune to one. 

Not exactly the worst, but not the greatest combo too.

8. Normal/Ice

Source: Bulbapedia
Weak toFighting (x4), Rock, Steel, Fire
Resistant toIce
Immune toGhost

Next up is another Normal combo.

Normal/Ice moves can give you an edge against four types. Battling against Flying, Ground, Grass, and Dragon can do twice the damage against your opponents. However, it’s not so effective against Steel.

Watch out when fighting against Fighting – it will give you four times the damage. It also has other 3 weaknesses that hurt double.

Among the Pokemon type combos here, it seems to be the weakest. The silver lining is that it can at least resist one type and is immune to another. Plus, a Normal/Ice Pokemon can get really creative, design-wise.

7. Normal/Steel

Source: Bulbapedia
Weak toFighting (x4), Ground, Fire
Resistant toNormal, Flying, Rock, Bug, Steel,
Grass, Psychic, Ice, Dragon, Fairy
Immune toPoison, Ghost

Normal/Steel might have three weaknesses, with a 4x hit from Fighting, but this Pokemon type combination shines in its resistance.

It is resistant to a total of 10 types! Add in immunity to Poison and Ghost, and it doesn’t seem like a bad combo at all.

A Normal/Steel Pokemon can get wild with its design and concept too. Will they go for a cute metallic Pokemon? How about a metal bird with sharp wings? Or better yet, a steel mouse – like a computer mouse!

Too much? That’s fair, that idea doesn’t sound like it’ll click.

6. Normal/Bug

Source: Bulbapedia
Weak toFlying, Rock, Fire
Resistant toGround, Grass
Immune toGhost

The Normal Type combos continue, and this time it gets buggy.

In this list, Normal/Bug is actually the combo that has the least weaknesses. Although the other combos above also have three weaknesses, Normal/Bug doesn’t have one that has 4x the damage.

Its Normal/Bug moves are good to use against three types, namely Grass, Psychic, and Dark. But it’s not so good on others, so keep in mind which is which.

Immunity-wise, Ghost can’t do anything against it, but it can resist two other types.

As for possible designs, they can definitely make a very adorable insect Pokemon, which sounds like something that can help Misty get over her fear of bugs!

5. Bug/Dragon

Source: Bulbapedia
Weak toFlying, Rock, Ice,
Dragon, Fairy
Resistant toFighting, Ground, Water,
Electric, Grass (x1/4)
Immune toNone

Buzzing and roaring around, we have Bug/Dragon as our next unused Pokemon type combo.

Although Bug/Dragon has its pros, it is still weak to five. It also doesn’t have immunity to any type.

The good thing is it’s able to resist five types, which is a substantial amount. One of them is Grass, which Bug/Dragon has a multiplier resistance of x1/4.

On the design side of things, this is one unique combo. Will it be a tiny insect-like lizard? Or will it be a huge and scaly Pokemon with bug wings?

A dragonfly, perhaps? Yanmega’s cool and all, but imagine an actual dragon dragonfly! As long as it’s not a fire-breathing mosquito, we’re good.

4. Rock/Ghost

Source: Bulbapedia
Weak toGround, Ghost, Steel,
Water, Grass, Dark
Resistant toFlying, Bug, Fire, Poison (x1/4)
Immune toNormal, Fighting

This next combo’s moves might be strong against a lot of types – a total of six, in fact, but it also has 6 types it’s weak against, making it the combo that has the most weaknesses in this list.

But despite its long list of weaknesses, it can at least receive no damage from two types. It’s also resistant to four, with Poison giving the least damage to it.

Concept-wise, Game Freak could come up with a haunted statue!

A Rock/Ghost Pokemon could join the ranks of cursed object Pokemon, like Honedge, Klefki, and Litwick. Spooky!

3. Ice/Poison

Source: Bulbapedia
Strong againstFlying, Ground, Grass,
Dragon, Fairy
Not so effective onSteel
Weak toPsychic, Ground, Rock, Steel, Fire
Resistant toPoison, Bug, Grass, Ice, Fairy
Immune toDragon

A freezing toxin? You bet. Next on the list is Ice/Poison.

This dual typing combo has an equal number of weaknesses and resistances — five each, in fact. It’s resistant to Poison, Bug, Grass, Ice, and Fairy. As for its weaknesses, try to avoid Psychic, Ground, Rock, Steel, and Fire moves.

Interestingly, its Ice and Poison moves are strong against five types too. Seems like five is its lucky number.

Unfortunately, it’s not immune to anything, plus it’s not so effective to one type.

The reason we ranked this highly is because of its potential in its design. An Ice/Poison Pokemon? How cool is that – literally!

We imagine it would get a snow witch Pokemon, just like how Hatterine seems to be based on forest witches.

An Ice/Poison Pokemon could also get sharp icy spikes all over its body that can poison you when poked.

2. Ground/Fairy

Source: Bulbapedia
Weak toSteel, Water, Grass, Ice
Resistant toFight, Rock, Bug, Dark
Immune toElectric, Dragon

Up next is one of the best combos in this list – Ground/Fairy.

This duo is a strong one. It’s only weak to four types, can resist four others, and has immunity against two. Plus, Ground and Fairy moves are strong against eight types!

This kind of coverage is pretty impressive, and it wouldn’t be surprising if they give a future Legendary Pokemon this kind of typing.

Character design-wise, this kind of combo can produce a unique Pokemon, like a Fairy Pokemon hiding underground.

Different cultures around the world have nearly identical beliefs about fairies in the ground, some even living in mounds. You usually have to say “excuse me” when passing by their homes.

Excuse us, oh great, Ground/Fairy combo!

1. Fire/Fairy

Source: Bulbapedia
Weak toPoison, Ground, Rock, Water
Resistant toBug (x1/4), Fighting, Fire,
Grass, Ice, Dark, Fairy
Immune toDragon

And our pick for the best unused Pokemon type combination is – drumroll, please, Rillaboom – Fire/Fairy!

Now, this is the kind of type combo that can be used for a Fairy or Fire Legendary, not just for its combat capabilities but for its potential designs.

Fire and Fairy moves are strong against 7 types, which makes it the second-highest combo in this list in terms of strength. Such moves are not so effective against one, though, so keep that in mind.

It’s only weak to four types and is totally immune to one. Resistance-wise, 6 of the types can’t do much damage to it, with Bug barely doing anything to it at all.

So even though Ground/Fairy has the most strengths, Fire/Fairy has a tiny bit of edge over it due to its added resistance and immunity.

Design-wise, Howl’s Moving Castle’s Calcifer can be a good basis for this combo. Game Freak can also get really creative and make a fire angel-inspired Pokemon!

Source: Bulbapedia

Which unused Pokemon Type combination are you looking forward to the most? Any ideas on how they should look like?

For now, all we can do is speculate, and maybe even read on what-if Eeveelutions for the next gen.