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How to Get Unown in Pokemon GO

How to Get Unown in Pokemon GO

Unown is the Symbol Pokemon which has 28 forms. These forms are made up of the 26 letters of the alphabet, an exclamation mark, and a question mark.

Collecting all the forms of Unown is one of the most challenging tasks in Pokemon GO.

This is because Unown is incredibly rare.

Don’t worry though, this article will show you where to catch Unown to complete your collection.

Where to Catch Unown

Unown can be encountered in the wild but, unsurprisingly, it is extremely rare.

They are so rare that even some of the most dedicated Pokemon GO players, some with a million catches, have never encountered one.

There are no nests or any location that specifically spawns Unown.

On top of that, it cannot be hatched and is only featured in Raid Battles as part of special events such as the Enigma Week or Ultra Unlock event.

As a result, the best place to catch an Unown is by participating in these special, sometimes in-person, events.

List of All Unown Letters in Pokemon GO

Every form of Unown has appeared in Pokemon GO at some point.

As mentioned above, this includes every letter of the alphabet, in addition to the exclamation mark and question mark symbols.

The Unown that spawns in events is dependent on the name or location of the event.

For example, during the first Pokemon GO Fest in Chicago, C, H, I, A, G, and O Unowns appeared in great numbers.

Some events will spawn Unown globally, but most only make Unown appear around the event center or if the players have a participation ticket.

Rarest Unown in Pokemon GO

Unown Q and ?
Unown Q and Unown ? have only appeared at one Pokemon GO event each

All Unown are rare but the rarest Unown is the letter Q and the question mark (?).

Q has only appeared at the 2019 Montreal Safari Zone event and the question mark at the 2018 Pokemon GO Fest.

J and Z have only appeared at two different events while the others have been at several.

What Happens When You Catch All Unown?

Nothing happens if you get only one Unown but collecting multiple forms will give you different medals:

  • Bronze Medal – Can be obtained by catching 3 Unown and will increase the rate of encountering Unown to 1.1x
  • Silver Medal – Catch 10 Unown, and the rate of encountering them will be increased by 1.2x
  • Gold Medal – Obtained by catching 26 Unown and increasing the rate of encountering them by 1.3x

Catching Unown is easy as it has a high catch rate and a low flee rate. The challenge, as discussed above, is finding them.

Now that you know how to get Unown, you can go and catch all its forms.

Remember to always check the announcements in the game so you will be updated on what events are currently in Pokemon GO if you want to get all of the 28 forms of Unown.