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How to Unlock the Summoner Archetype in Remnant 2

How to Unlock the Summoner Archetype in Remnant 2

In Remnant 2, the starting classes may appear limited, leading you to believe they’re the only ones available. However, the game is filled with secrets, including Hidden Archetypes.

Similar to the Engineer Archetype, the Summoner is another interesting class worth exploring.

In this guide, we’ll take you through the step-by-step process of unlocking the Summoner Archetype and provide you with an overview of its abilities and skills.

How to Unlock the Summoner Archetype

To unlock the Summoner Archetype, you have to craft the Tome of The Bringer Engram from Wallace, but this is not an easy process.

You’ll need to unlock the Bloodmoon event, obtain Blood Moon Essence, and get the Faded Grimoire, all before returning to Ward 13.

Here’s how to complete each of these steps:

1. Bloodmoon Event

First, you’ll need to progress through the story until you reach Yaesha world and start from either the Forbidden Grove or the Far Woods area.

Once you arrive there, make sure that the Bloodmoon event is taking place. Otherwise, you won’t be able to begin the process.

Bloodmoon Event Remnant 2

If it’s not active initially, there is an easy way to trigger it. All you need to do is fast travel back and forth to different locations multiple times until the Bloodmoon event takes place.

2. Blood Moon Essence

Now that we completed the first step of triggering the Bloodmoon, the next task is to locate Root Wisps.

These friendly enemies are recognizable by their glowing purple orbs floating in the area.

In order to find them, look up and pay attention to your surroundings until you come across them.

Once you spot them, simply shoot the orbs to obtain Blood Moon Essence. Each Root Wisp drops one Blood Moon Essence, and you’ll need 15 in total.

Blood Moon Essence Root Wisp

Usually, only a few Root Wisps are present per run. A useful tip is to farm them all by going to different locations without using the World Stone.

This action will reset the purple orbs, allowing you to easily farm the Blood Moon Essence.

3. Bloodmoon Altar

After you obtain 15 Blood Moon Essence, the next step is to find the Bloodmoon Altar.

Since the game generates locations randomly, each player will have the altar in a different spot. In order to help you locate it, keep an eye out for a blue icon on your mini-map.

Bloodmoon Altar Location

Once you find the Bloodmoon Altar, you’ll need to get the Faded Grimoire, which requires 15 Blood Moon Essence, 5 Lumenite Crystals, and 1,500 Scrap.

4. Ward 13

The final step requires you to return to Wallace at Ward 13.

Along with the Faded Grimoire, you’ll need 10 Lumenite Crystals and 1,000 Scrap to craft the Tome of the Bringer Engram.

Now, simply equip the Engram, and you can enjoy the Summoner Archetype.

Is the Summoner Archetype Good?

The Summoner offers a special playstyle with their Minions, providing valuable support for you and your teammates.

Their assistance involves distracting enemies, dealing damage, and even taking damage on your behalf.

This unique class adds a special touch to Remnant 2’s gameplay.

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Summoner Archetype Overview

Summoner Archetype Remnant 2

The Summoner Archetype revolves around summoning Root Minions that attack nearby enemies.

These minions serve as effective distractions, allowing you to eliminate enemies from a safe distance.

Furthermore, you have the ability to sacrifice these minions to temporarily enhance your own attacks.

Here’s a table listing all the essential skills and traits of the Engineer:

Prime Perk: RuthlessAttacking Minions grants 30% increase Damage, Attack Speed, and Movement Speed for 20 seconds
Skill 1: Minion: Hollow– Press skill button: Costs 15% of Max HP per summoning a Hollow. Maximum two Hollow

– Hold skill button: Sacrifice Minions to explode and deal 150 damage within 5 meters
Skill 2: Minion: Flyer– Press skill button: Costs 10% of Max HP per summoning a Flyer. Maximum two Flyer

– Hold skill button: Sacrifice Flyer to explore and deal 50 damage within 3 meters. Additional 3 homing projectile explode on contact and deals 150 damage per each
Skill 3: Minion: Reaver– Press skill button: Costs 35% of Max HP to summon a Reaver. Maximum one Reaver

– Hold skill button: Sacrifice Reaver to explode and deal 200 damage within 6 meters. Additional Spore Bombs explode on contact and deals 200 damage per each
Perk 1: Dominator3.5% increased Mod and Skill Damage while a Minion is summoned
Perk 2: ResidueExpired Minions leave a healing aura that generates 2.5 Health per second for 10 seconds
Perk 3: Outrage3% lifesteal for each sacrificed minion for 10 seconds
Perk 4: Incite5% Max HP and 15% Damage increase for Minions when using a Relic Charge
Trait Card: RegrowthIncrease Health Regen