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How to Unlock Every Trait in Remnant 2

How to Unlock Every Trait in Remnant 2

There are three types of Traits in Remnant 2: Core Traits, Archetype Traits, and unlockable Traits.

When you start playing, you can access Core Traits and the chosen Archetype Traits. As you advance through the game, you will gain access to additional Traits.

Choosing the right Traits to level up is important as they enhance survivability and improve your character’s abilities.

How to Unlock New Traits

You can unlock traits either through Archetypes or by defeating bosses and completing events.

Core Traits are basic Traits that every character has such as Vigor, Endurance, Spirit, and Expertise.

However, in order to unlock others, you’ll need to achieve certain goals.

It’s important to note that simply unlocking a Trait won’t grant its benefits until you level it up.

Here’s how you unlock every Trait that isn’t a Core one or comes with an Archetype:


Defeat the enemies summoned by the glowing sphere in the Labyrinth to find the Amplitude Trait.

This happens shortly before getting the key to enter the Inner Sanctum.

Arcane Strike

To unlock the Arcane Strike Trait, search the bone piles in Harvester’s Reach at Losomn and defeat all the giant rats that appear.


After answering Meidra’s questions in Yaesha that align with the Doe’s eye, you’ll receive the Barkskin Trait.

If you need help with these questions, make sure to check our guide which covers all the answers to Meidra’s questions.

Blood Bond

Defeat the Root Nexus boss, which might spawn in The Far Woods on Yaesha, to earn the Blood Bond Trait.


After answering Meidra’s questions in Yaesha that align with the Ravager’s eye, you’ll receive the Bloodstream Trait.


Complete the Vault of the Formless dungeon on N’Erud to obtain the Fitness Trait.


Complete the event in the Terminus Station on N’Erud to earn the Footwork Trait.


Complete The Feast Event in multiplayer mode to get the Glutton Trait.

Remember, during the Feast challenge, you must revive a player or get revived after getting the Ravenous status from eating rotten food.


Defeat the first wave of enemies ambushing in the Ashen Wasteland in Root Earth to get the Handling Trait.


Bring a child from Cotton’s Kiln in Losomn to the woman in Brocwithe Quarter to earn the Recovery Trait.


To obtain the Resonance Trait in the Dormant N’Erudian Facility, follow these steps in a multiplayer session:

  1. Progress through the Dormant N’Erudian Facility until you reach the end
  2. Make sure that one player stays in the control room with others outside
  3. The player in the control room must activate the system to purge all other teammates
  4. As one of the purged teammates, you will receive the Resonance Trait

Please note that this can only be achieved in a multiplayer session, and you need to be one of the purged teammates to obtain it.


Revive players 10 times during multiplayer sessions to obtain the Revivalist Trait.


Exhaust Likh’s dialogue after defeating the Nexus Root and Defiler boss in Yaesha to acquire the Rugged Trait.


Defeat the final boss in the game to earn the Scholar Trait.


Complete the event in the Butcher’s Quarter in Losomn to earn the Shadeskin Trait.


Find the Siphoner Trait in the Dormant N’Erudian Facility on N’Erud.

Keep in mind that you must clear out all the enemies before the timer runs out.


Defeat enemies in the Corrupted Harbor in Root Earth to acquire the Wayfarer Trait.

What Does Each Trait Do?

Now that you know how to unlock all available Traits in the game, the following table provides a description of each Trait and its corresponding effect:

TraitWhat It Does
AmplitudeIncreases AOE size
Arcane StrikeIncreases mod power generation from melee damage
BarkskinReduces all incoming damage
Blood BondSummons absorb a set amount of damage taken by the caster
BloodstreamIncreases grey health regen
FitnessIncreases evade distance
FootworkIncreases movement speed while aiming
GluttonIncreases the use Speed of consumables and relics
HandlingReduces weapon spread and recoil
RecoveryIncreases stamina regen
ResonanceIncreases aura size
RevivalistIncreases the speed of reviving and being revived
RuggedIncreases the health of Archetype Summons
ScholarIncreases Experience gain
ShadeskinIncreases resistance to elemental status effect damage
SiphonerIncreases Lifesteal
WayfarerIncreases environment movement speed

It is highly unlikely to obtain all Traits in a single playthrough of Remnant 2 due to the random nature of the game.

That’s why it may be necessary to use Adventure Mode and reroll specific worlds to unlock any missing Traits.