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How to Open the Dark Conduit Locked Door in Remnant 2

How to Open the Dark Conduit Locked Door in Remnant 2

During your exploration of the Dark Conduit in the N’Erud world, you’ll encounter a locked door.

Dark Conduit Locked Door
Source: YouTube – Gamerpillar

If you peep through the window, you’ll notice a purple glowing item inside, but unfortunately, there’s no apparent access to this locked door.

Opening it can be tricky as the door can only be unlocked from a different area.

Unlock the Dark Conduit Door

To unlock the door in the Dark Conduit, you must shoot a barrel to disable the electric barrier from above the room.

First, you’ll need to navigate your way to the area where you can shoot it.

Dark Conduit Locked Door Shoot Barrel

Follow these steps to get to where you can shoot the barrel and unlock the Dark Conduit door:

  1. Head to the right side of the locked door and continue through the passage until you reach a bunch of crates and boxes
  2. Attack or roll through the crates to reveal a secret passage leading to the underground vent
  3. Next, crouch and proceed through the vent until you reach the first opening above you
  4. You’ll find a ladder located in front of you, climb it
  5. When on top, proceed to the left but be careful not to fall through the vent on the ground
  6. Now, you need to look for small openings in the wall on your right. You are looking for the one with a white barrel
  7. Finally, shooting the barrel will unlock the door

Now simply jump from the vent at the end of the passage and you will find the door unlocked. Go inside and grab the Blackout Ring.

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