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What Is the Ugliest Pokemon? Top 25 Ugly Pokemon Ranked

What Is the Ugliest Pokemon? Top 25 Ugly Pokemon Ranked

We all know the Pokemon Company has perfected the formula for making cute and adorable critters. 

In its 26 years in the industry, it has given us numerous charming creatures. From its mascot Pikachu to new cutie additions Morpeko and Yamper, they definitely know what they’re doing.

And if you want something cool? Charizard and its multiple forms can wow you with how rad they are, sunglasses and all.

But despite these cute and cool successes, you can’t be error-free all the time. No matter how much of an expert these guys are when it comes to appealing Pokemon, they do sometimes trip and fall when drafting some of these designs.

So, we have gathered 25 of the ugliest Pokemon ever and ranked them from “cute-ugly” to “a face only its own trainer would love”. 

Brace your eyes, we’re cruising through ugly town.

25. Snubbull

Ugliest Pokemon Snubbull grumpy
Source: Pokemon Fandom

This Normal-type-turned-Fairy dog Pokemon is the first in our list. Introduced in Gen 2, it’s a Pokemon based on English bulldogs, with its pink fur a reference to pampered pet dogs.

Now, before you protest, Snubbull isn’t really that ugly. But it playfully teeters the line of ugly-cute. It joins the ranks of Troll dolls and Furbies.

It looks grumpy all the time. Its eyebrows are always furrowed, and its eyes have a fierce glare. Its mouth or underbite, with fangs sticking out, doesn’t look too happy too.

But according to its Pokedex entries, Snubbull is far from being an aggressive Pokemon. It does growl at enemies, but that’s because it’s trying to hide its own fear. And when Pokemon flee from it due to terror, it feels sad and dejected.

Snubbull is actually affectionate and kind. It loves to frolic and play, especially with its loving trainers. It’s actually a very devoted and loyal Pokemon.

Aww, now I feel bad for adding Snubbull in this list. Don’t worry, your ugly-cute charm is endearing, Snubbull!

24. Purugly

Ugliest Pokemon Purugly angrily jumping
Source: Bulbapedia

In an “Ugliest Pokemon” article, we definitely can’t skip Purugly!

And it’s not because it’s a very ugly Pokemon. Just like Snubbull, Purugly joins the ugly-cute category too.

What made us add Purugly to this list is its name and attitude. Purugly’s name seems to come from the words “purr” and “ugly”. Those words also sound like “pure ugly” together.

A Normal type Gen 4 Pokemon, Purugly evolves from Glameow. Appearance-wise, its pre-evolution looks very different. Glameow is a slender cat Pokemon that looks playful instead of grumpy.

After evolving, Purugly is now massive and crotchety. But its size isn’t really what makes it ugly, because we all know how cute chunky cats can be and how the internet adores them.

Instead, Purugly’s evolution shows what happens to an overly spoiled pet. Purugly is all the more ill-tempered, and according to the Pokedex it won’t hesitate to claim any nests it fancies. It’s mean, selfish, and entitled.

A bad attitude definitely makes you ugly.

23. Drowzee

Ugliest Pokemon Drowzee using its moves
Source: Bulbapedia

Drowzee, the dream eater Pokemon is up next!

This Gen 1 Psychic Pokemon loves to eat dreams. Fun dreams apparently taste great for Drowzee, but bad dreams make it feel sick. 

It’s not that fond of dreams from adults and finds the dreams of kids to be tastier instead. If you wake up and can’t remember your dream, chances are Drowzee ate it.

Apparently, it eats dreams through the dreamer’s nose. Itchy nose in the middle of the night? Yep, that’s ol’ Drowzee sipping your dreams using your nostrils.

If that’s not terrifying enough, imagine waking up and seeing it looming above you. From its half-open eyes that look like it’s planning something sinister to its creepy grin peeking out from behind its hanging nose – gazing at Drowzee itself can give you a nightmare!

But it’s not all that bad for this Hypnosis Pokemon. Drowzee remembers every dream it has consumed, good and bad.

If you get close to Drowzee and it trusts you, it will share the memories of its past meals with you. But do you really want to know the details of its munchies?

22. Klawf

Ugliest Pokemon Klawf showing hairy claws
Source: Bulbapedia

This crab might be new but it has plenty of ugly to share! At number 22, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Stony Cliff Titan, Klawf, joins our list.

Klawf is a Rock type Pokemon from the upcoming Scarlet and Violet games. As of this writing, not much is known about it yet, except for the info presented in one of the recent trailers. All we know is that it’s a crab, it’s huge, and it’s not much of a looker.

We’ve already seen other Rock type crabs. However, this is the first time we’ve had one with an interesting appearance.

Klawf has bulging eyes, bushy eyebrows, and hairy joints. Its rectangular mouth and teeth look like battlements, which suits its typing and how it likes to cling on walls and cliffs. 

It has red circles on its cheeks that, admittedly, do look cute, but it’s not enough to distract us from its overall appearance.

21. Beheeyem

Ugliest Pokemon Beheeyem floating and raising hands
Source: Bulbapedia

Don’t panic – they come in peace … hopefully. The Psychic and alien-like Pokemon Beheeyem takes the 21st spot!

The Pokemon games have had numerous extraterrestrial Pokemon. Some are even said to have crashed our planet through a meteor

But with Beheeyem, we’re not sure of its origins. All we know is that it’s not a great Pokemon to look at. And with its alien status, you definitely don’t want to stare at it lest you’ll get abducted!

Beheeyem has a huge bulging head with two depressions on each side. Its face has rims where you can find its wide and glowing green eyes. Yep, not a pretty combination.

It is implied by the Pokedex that Beheeyems abduct Dubwools. While knowing its inclination to abduct creatures is terrifying already, you won’t be happy to know that it also rewrites and tampers memories. It can even control an opponent’s brain!

Maybe it’s best to stay away from Beheeyem.

20. Garbodor

Ugliest Pokemon Garbodor roaring
Source: Bulbapedia

As a Pokemon that’s essentially a pile of trash, Garbodor deserves a spot on this ugly list.

Given how much of a health hazard a heap of trash like this is, it makes sense that Garbodor’s typing is Poison. It was added during Gen 5 and has Trubbish as its pre-evolution.

To be fair, its face is kind of cute. It has round eyes and a circular mouth with jagged teeth. But since it’s filled with garbage, Garbodor probably stinks to high heaven.

But what truly makes Garbodor ugly isn’t its physical appearance or the fact that it’s literally litter. Garbodor was created to show the ugly reality of pollution in cities.

The Gen 5 games take place in a region that looks like a bustling city. As beautiful as this locale is, we can’t deny that humans can be irresponsible with trash. Thus, Garbodor came into existence.

Garbodor is a reminder that we should really take care of the only planet we have. Kids, remember to reduce, reuse, and recycle!

19. Muk and Alolan Muk

Ugliest Pokemon Muk and Alolan Muk being slimy and angry
Source: Bulbapedia

Let’s keep the pollution ball rolling with our next entry. Taking the 19th spot is Muk and its colorful counterpart Alolan Muk!

Muk and Alolan Muk look like poisonous and sticky ooze, which definitely matches their typing. Muk is a Poison type, while Alolan Muk is Poison/Dark.

Muk’s face doesn’t look too happy and it even appears to be suffering, but that’s par for the course if your existence is a literal noxious goo.

Alolan Muk just looks angrier. Both expressions don’t elicit happy feelings from us.

Despite their unfortunate looks, both have a point. Just like Garbodor, Muk is based on toxic sludge that gathers due to water pollution by humans.

In one of its Pokedex entries, it notes that Muk likes to live in dirty towns where its residents mindlessly litter the streets.

If you think Alolan Muk is colorful to hide its true poisonous nature, just like how some use Axe body spray to hide their odor, then you’d be wrong. Alolan Muk is more clever than that.

Actually, it seems to be a reference to oil slicks and how the polluted water gets a rainbow reflection. Both Muks try to remind us that our irresponsible actions have an effect on nature.

18. Probopass

Ugliest Pokemon Probopass fighting Pikachu
Source: Bulbapedia

Rocking a big sniffer with a wide-eyed stare, we’re not letting Probopass pass by our “Most Ugly Pokemon” ranking! So at number 18, this Rock/Steel Pokemon joins our list.

Now, we didn’t add Probopass to this list simply because it has a big nose. All noses, big and small, are beautiful in their own nosey ways.

But when your nose is gigantic and takes more than half the length of your body, with a thick and bushy clump of hair at the bottom and a gaze that can stop us in our tracks, we can’t help but add you to the aforementioned list.

And if you think Probopass has enough on the nose department, it will surprise you with its Mini-Noses. These are tiny bird-like small noses attached to the side of its face or body (face-body?) and Probopass can control them like mobile units.

You’ll only find noses all the way down for this big fella.

17. Grafaiai

Ugliest Pokemon Grafaiai dripping saliva poison
Source: Bulbapedia

Another ugly-cute Pokemon joins the ranks, and this time it’s newcomer Grafaia!

Grafaiai, a Poison/Normal Pokemon from the new Paldea region, was just introduced very recently. It’s a fascinating creature that uses its saliva to poison its enemies and prey. In addition, it also paints trees to mark its territory.

Its appearance is also fascinating. Normally, Pokemon with big eyes and big ears are cute, but there is something about Grafaiai that makes the combination terrifying and slightly unappealing.

Maybe it’s because its eyes are too big that its gaze gives us an uncomfortable feeling. Perhaps it’s also the fact that Grafaiai has a very grumpy expression due to its moody nature that makes us uneasy.

Whatever the reason is, all we know is that Grafaiai is not too easy on the eyes. Its temperamental disposition doesn’t help as well, since it will fight anyone, even fellow Grafaiai, over territory.

Right now, we’re not sure if Grafaiai has a cute pre-evolution or an uglier and grumpier evolution.

We’ll speculate on that while waiting for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, like how we’ve been speculating on a new Eeveelution.

16. Diggersby

Ugliest Pokemon Diggersby getting grumpy
Source: Bulbapedia

Ah, Diggersby, the man-rabbit-construction worker combo of the Pokemon world.

While this Pokemon excels in digging, it, unfortunately, lags behind in the looks department. It is rather big in stature, looks like it has unkempt facial hair, and has big hands at the tips of its bunny ears.

Honestly, the hand-ears are a creative touch to show how this Pokemon loves digging and shines at it. However, it is a bit off-putting to watch, and the dark brown color isn’t pleasing to the eyes.

Diggersby is the evolved form of Bunnelby, both of which we featured in our Best Rabbit Pokemon article. Bunnelby is a Normal type and definitely cuter, while Diggersby changed into a Normal/Ground type, probably due to all the digging.

Who would’ve thought that by the end of this article Diggersby has dug its way into our hearts?

15. Conkeldurr

Ugliest Pokemon Conkeldurr smiling menacingly
Source: Pokemon Fandom

Let’s continue this weird man-Pokemon combo with another entry. Getting the 15th spot is Conkeldurr, another construction worker Pokemon.

If Diggersby’s rabbit and construction worker mix was odd, Conkeldurr takes it up a notch. We’re also not sure what it truly is, but it looks like a clown, an old man, and a burly construction worker rolled into one.

It should be applauded for juggling (heh) numerous jobs, but this combo doesn’t look too good with its physical features.

It has sunken eyes with dark circles darker than a black hole. Its huge red nose almost distracts you from its suspicious-looking grin that is peeking out from underneath. What are you smirking at, Conkeldurr?

To add to those harrowing features, its pinkish veins look like they’re popping off the skin. Not to mention the lump on its head. It makes it look like Conkeldurr is sporting a fleshy man bun!

Conkeldurr is one off-putting-looking character and probably one of the ugliest Pokemon in the world!

14. Crabominable

Ugliest Pokemon Crabominable looking happy
Source: Bulbapedia

This next Pokemon might not be a man-Pokemon combo like the previous two, but it is quite abominable in its own right. At number 14, here’s Crabominable!

Crabominable’s name is a play on the words crab and abominable. It’s a Fighting/Ice type Pokemon with white fur all over it due to the cold climate it inhabits. It definitely resembles the Abominable Snowman myth.

With a name like that, we can’t skip Crabominable and not have it on our list, just like Purugly.

And to match its name, its face isn’t really good-looking. It has a big mouth with two teeth sticking out, tiny eyes, and a clump of blond hair that looks like it got an unfinished haircut.

However, one good thing to say about Crabominable is its happy disposition. It might be a crab but it’s surprisingly not crabby at all! 

Crabominable looks so happy, we almost feel bad for considering this guy as one of the ugly Pokemon characters.

If you want to know more about this hairy ice monster crab, it’s one of the crab Pokemon we’ve ranked before.

13. Tentacruel

Ugliest Pokemon Tentacruel crawling around
Source: Pokemon Fandom

If you’re not fond of creepy underwater creatures, you surely won’t be liking our next entry. Swimming up from the deep and taking the 13th ugly spot on our list is Tentacruel!

For a sea creature, a lot of its physical attributes are unfortunately off-putting. It has numerous slimy tentacles – 80 according to its Pokedex entries – and two beak-like appendages found on its front and back. 

You can also find red glowing orbs on its head that make it look like a bug-eyed monster of the sea.

It sends out ultrasonic waves from these orbs to weaken its opponents and prey, and then it’ll use its 80 tentacles to wrap its foe. Nasty way to go, don’t you think?

The Pokedex also notes that when a swarm of Tentacruels show up, a lot of fish Pokemon in the area end up disappearing.

One Tentacruel is bad enough, but a horde of it sounds like bad business. We’ll just swim far away from this one.

12. Bruxish

Ugliest Pokemon Bruxish giving a terrifying smile
Source: Pokemon Fandom

We’re not out of the ugly water yet. Merrily swimming, while we’re grinding our teeth at it, is Alola region’s Bruxish!

Just like its predecessors Purugly and Crabominable, Bruxish’s ugly nature is also in its name.

Bruxish comes from the word bruxism, which describes the act of grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw too much. This can result in jaw muscle pain, headaches, and wearing of teeth.

Perhaps looking at this fish Pokemon will make you excessively grind your teeth too and give you headaches.

Bruxish’s colors are so bright that it will probably trigger a migraine for some. And its pronounced mouth, threatening fangs, and weird top fin can be quite overwhelming.

Apparently, the protrusion on its head serves as bait for its prey. It buries itself underneath the sand, tricks and distracts other Pokemon with its protuberance, and then lunges at its prey, where it then bites and grinds its teeth on its unfortunate victim.

11. Dracovish

Ugliest Pokemon Dracovish looking derpy
Source: Bulbapedia

With such a cool name, you probably expected to see a rad-looking Pokemon too. Nope, what we have here is a derpy and half-baked Water/Dragon Fossil Pokemon instead.

Dracovish is a Fossil Pokemon in Gen 7. You resurrect it by combining a Fossilized Fish and a Fossilized Drake together. Unfortunately, you can’t seem to resurrect any good looks for it too.

You can see fish-like features on its head. Its overall head shape is elongated like a huge fin, and tiny fins are attached to the side of it.

And the cherry on top? Dracovish has a dopey expression on its face, thanks to its wide apart eyes and open mouth.

Its body isn’t any better. The drake part can be seen in it, with green and red scales and horns all over its torso.

But just like its undeveloped head, the body is lacking in parts, particularly its tail. It straight up looks like the tail is cut off.

Interestingly, Ash has a Dracovish in the anime. If you want to see this Pokemon derp its way in the animated show, be our guest.

But if you want to see actual cool dinosaur Pokemon, check out our Best Dinosaur Pokemon list instead.

10. Weezing

Ugliest Pokemon Weezing coughing and looking sickly
Source: Pokemon Fandom

We’re now at the top 10, so get ready for more ugliness! We’re starting this top 10 countdown with Weezing, the Poison Gas Pokemon from Gen 1.

Weezing is essentially a pair of floating purple spherical heads who cough out smoke. One head is bigger than the other, but they’re both connected by a thin tube-like appendage. 

Both heads have holes around its head where smoke comes out. The pair also have tiny protrusions all over their heads. In a way, they resemble a naval mine.

Since it’s a Poison type Pokemon, the gas it emits is actually quite poisonous. It even has a skull and bones warning on the bigger Weezing head.

Remember the previous pollution Pokemon in earlier entries? If Garbodor is the land pollution Pokemon, and Muk is for water, then Weezing is a commentary on air pollution.

Not only does Weezing show the grim and ugly truth of human waste, but its face also gives a rather sickly expression.

At least its pre-evolution, Koffing, looks like it’s filled with glee, aside from noxious gases. Nothing about Weezing brings out a happy feeling from us.

9. Drapion

Ugliest Pokemon Drapion hissing and getting angry
Source: Pokemon Fandom

At number 9, derpy Drapion graces us with its unfortunate uniqueness.

This odd scorpion-like Pokemon wows us with how uncomfortable it looks. It has two long appendages attached on its head, with claws that look like stingers as the tips. 

Supposedly, it can turn its head 180 degrees, but it’s too silly for us to picture it out. Can you imagine it twirling its accordion-like arms around?

As if its dour face isn’t enough, it has an even surlier attitude. Drapions are very territorial. It will aggressively attack anyone that poses a threat to its home.

And although it might look silly, its stingers can deliver deadly toxins that can knock down foes easily. It is also incredibly strong and tough, with skin that’s almost armor-like.

This clown is actually called the Sand Demon due to how it would wreak havoc in the desert. Sadly, it’s hard for us to take its face seriously.

Play us a tune with your accordions, Drapion.

8. Magmortar

Ugliest Pokemon Magmortar looking threatening
Source: Bulbapedia

Next up is the Fire Pokemon from Gen 4 and the final evolution of Magby – Magmortar!

At first glance, Magmortar looks like a flaming egg with limbs. After giving it a second glance, it still looks like an egg on fire but now we’ve noticed the duck bill too.

We don’t know what happened to Magby’s evolution line to end up like this, because Magby looks pretty cute, and Magmar doesn’t look too bad, relatively speaking. Magmortar just takes the ugliness to a whole new level.

But it’s not really just its physical characteristics that made us grimace. What made us consider Magmortar as one of the most ugly Pokemon ever is its expression. 

With its wide mouth, it gives a sly grin. And its gaze has a conniving feel to it. It’s as if it’s planning something insidious, like burning our steak into beyond well-done.

7. Rhyperior

Ugliest Pokemon Rhyperior smiling
Source: Pokemon Fandom

Our next Pokemon gets lucky number 7 with its not-so-lucky appearance.

Rhyperior is the evolution of Rhydon and the final evolution of Rhyhorn introduced in Gen 4. It continues the drill theme of the evolution line, with Rhyperior’s horn growing the biggest and the longest.

It is said that it can withstand volcanic eruptions and can even shoot out rocks from its limbs.

Sometimes, it mistakenly launches Geodudes and Roggenrolas! It deflects attacks using its rock body, and then drills through enemies like swiss cheese

But while its previous forms look more dinosaur-like, it seems like Rhyperior took the stout man approach. The orange rocks on its head, shoulders, torso, and legs also look like helmets and protective gear worn by miners.

Just like the Magby line, we have no idea what happened with its design. It’s like someone took Rhydon, filled it with rocks, then squished it. Necks? We don’t have those here, sir.

6. Barbaracle

Ugliest Pokemon Barbaracle standing
Source: Bulbapedia

This next entry shows that too much of something can be really bad. Sprouting multiple heads is Barbaracle, the Rock/Water Pokemon from Gen 6.

As noted by its Pokedex entries, the two-headed Binacle turns into a multiple-headed Barbaracle (or is it multi-clawed?) through the power of evolution.

The legs and hands each have their own agency and control their own part however they wish. They even have their own eyes, so Barbaracle can technically look in different directions all at once!

The center head or claw can override everyone’s control though. Each limb may decide things on their own, but if the leader commands them to do something, they listen.

Overall, Barbaracle looks like an amalgamation of multiple claw-headed creatures fused into one rock.

Honestly, as cool as their Voltes V control sounds, its design still looks off-putting, uncomfortable, and terrifying all at once.

No high-fives for you, Barbaracle. We’ll end up poking one of your eyes out anyway.

5. Impidimp

Ugliest Pokemon Impidimp looking mischievous
Source: Bulbapedia

We’re down to five remaining ugly Pokemon characters, and it’s only going to get worse from here. At number 5, the mischievous Impidimp steals the spot!

Its mischievous look isn’t very endearing. Aside from its bright fuschia color, it has a “purple mask” mark on its face that makes it look like it has curled eyebrows.

It also has an upturned nose, wide grinning mouth, fangs, and a tongue that’s always sticking out.

It’s best to stay away from Impidimp, not just because of its looks, but due to the fact that you’ll have a bad time when you encounter one. 

It will sneak into a person’s home for fun, steal things, and generally cause a ruckus to annoy the occupant.

Impidimps crave negative emotions, so it will vex and enrage people to feed on their negative energy. So not only does it look terrible, its behavior makes it truly ugly too.

And if that’s not upsetting enough, you won’t be happy to know that it consumes your emotions by sucking it through your nose! Drowzee, you’ve got your best friend right here.

4. Jynx

Ugliest Pokemon Jynx comparison old and new
Source: Bulbapedia

Our next entry is not so easy to deal with, not only for its looks but also for the changes it got over the years. Without further ado, here’s Jynx at number 4!

Jynx’s character design isn’t the best to look at. With its shadow-like skin, its face looks like it’s floating in darkness!

This shadow description is even supported by Pokemon Stadium. In that game, Jynx fades away whenever it faints, leaving only its hair. Having its face and entire body made up of shadow and darkness is a terrifying notion!

Eventually, the Pokemon Company changed its shadow skin into purple, and it has stayed that way ever since. Interestingly, an official statement was never released as to why they made this change.

It’s the same color as most Poison type Pokemon, although Jynx is an Ice/Psychic type.

3. Electivire

Ugliest Pokemon Electivire blankly smiling
Source: Pokemon Fandom

In third place, making us jolt with its Electric type and ugliness, is Electivire!

This Pokemon follows the pattern of Magmortar and Rhyperior, where they start off as cute, evolve into something cool, and then further evolve into a questionable design.

Electivire seems to be an electric version of a Yeti. It looks like an ape-like cryptid that’s burly in shape and very hairy.

It even acts like one whenever it thumps its chest, which usually happens when it’s excited, causing thunder and electric sparks to happen around it.

But what elevates Electivire into the top 3 of our “Most Ugly Pokemon” list is its face.

It has a blank stare with its bloodshot eyes that are a bit far apart. It doesn’t really have a nose, only dots as its tiny nostrils. Lastly, it is always grinning in a menacing sort of way.

Combine all that, plus the way it acts, and it’s a frightening Pokemon to look at. And honestly, its design is just not good.

2. Exploud

Ugliest Pokemon Exploud standing menacingly
Source: Bulbapedia

For our next entry, we will loudly and proudly express our disapproval of this Pokemon. At number two of our ugly Pokemon list is Exploud.

Let’s be real here, this Pokemon is appalling to look at.

Nothing about it is redeemable and we can only assume this is intentional. It’s like Game Freak specifically went out of their way to make this final evolution as ugly as possible.

Exploud starts out as Whismur, who is cute as a button, then evolves to Loudred, an obviously loud Pokemon with a hippo-like mouth.

Just like the previous final evolutions mentioned here, something happened when designing the final step of this evolution line.

Exploud has protruding tubes with holes on its head. Apparently, it can release sounds from all of its holes. Ugh, no thank you.

It also has a huge mouth that opens and stretches wide, and four teeth sticking out. It always looks angry with its furrowed brows and bloody red eyes. Combine it all and you get this unfortunate-looking Pokemon.

Did they accidentally elbow and spill the ugly juice on Exploud when making it? Your guess is as good as mine.

1. Feebas

Ugliest Pokemon Feebas jumping out of water
Source: Bulbapedia

Last but definitely not least is Feebas! With this one, we picked it not only for its ugliness but for its overall inspiring story. 

The ugliness of this Pokemon is actually canon to the games.

According to its multiple Pokedex entries, no one wants Feebas. Trainers don’t catch it, researchers don’t really study it, and even predators don’t even eat it because it looks unappetizing.

It is officially noted as the shabbiest Pokemon ever.

Its disheveled appearance, sunken eyes with dark circles, wide-eyed stare, random off-color spots, two fang-like marks above its lips, and tattered fins definitely don’t do it any favors in the looks department. Not to mention it’s a bit dimwitted.

As a Pokemon that is officially and canonically recognized by the games as an ugly Pokemon, and repeatedly dunked on by its Pokedex entries, we definitely had to give the “most ugly” crown to Feebas.

However, this isn’t just the reason why we ranked Feebas as number one.

Despite its pitiful situation, it is actually a very tenacious fish. It can survive dirty waters and eat anything! And eventually, it evolves to Milotic, the most beautiful Pokemon in the world.

Feebas’s ugly duckling story is a touching tale worthy of getting the number one spot on our list.

Ugliest Pokemon Feebas swimming with Nessa
Source: Bulbapedia

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