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What Does the Beast Eye Quivers Mean in Elden Ring?

What Does the Beast Eye Quivers Mean in Elden Ring?

Most of the key items in Elden Ring are given by specific NPCs. The Beast Eye is not an exception.

The Beast Eye is an item you receive from Gurranq, a Beastman Clergy in Elden Ring found in Bestial Sanctum.

In order to get to this NPC, you must get to the Summonwater Village and defeat the Tibia Mariner boss. After that, you’ll find a sending gate that will teleport you directly to the front door of Gurranq.

The Beastman Clergy gives you the Beast Eye to find Deathroots for him in exchange for valuable items.

What Does It Mean When the Beast Eye Quivers?

The message “The Beast Eye quivers” will appear if you are close to a boss that drops a Deathroot.

When you receive this message, you should go after the nearby boss and take them down in order to receive a Deathroot.

What Does the Beast Eye Do in Elden Ring?

Beast Eye

The Beast Eye alerts you when a nearby boss drops Deathroot, which you may use to feed Gurranq in exchange for more loot.

Every time a boss that drops the rare item is nearby, a notice reading “The Beast Eye quivers” will display on the screen. 

Therefore, you should always try to challenge the boss for the item.

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At each boss that drops a Deathroot, you will be able to summon D, the NPC who first directed you to the location of the Sending Gate.

Each time you get a Deathroot, make sure to visit Gurranq for your reward. With each Deathroot, you get a new item as thanks from the Beastman Clergy.

Eventually, he’ll turn hostile after the 4th Deathroot, but if you deal enough damage, he’ll apologize and go back to his friendly state. After that, you can carry on feeding him Deathroot for more loot.

Beast Eye Quivers Locations

Elden Ring has a total of nine Deathroot items that need to be collected.

In the following locations, you’ll get a notification for “The Beast Eye quivers”:

Summonwater VillageTibia Mariner
Snow ValleyTibia Mariner
Carian Study HallTibia Mariner
Black Knife CatacombsIn a chest after you defeat Cemetery Shade
Wyndham RuinsTibia Mariner
Gelmir Hero’s GraveIn a chest after defeating Red Wolf of the Champion
Deathtouched CatacombIn a chest after you defeat the Black Knife Assassin
HaligtreeCommander O’Neil
Mountaintops of the GiantsUlcerated Tree Spirit
Deathroot Locations

What Is Deathroot?

Source: Reddit – ashen____one

Deathroot is a type of currency you’ll use with the Beast Clergyman Gurranq in exchange for special items.

Gurranq hunts down and eats these because he enjoys the taste. Because of that, he offers you the Beast Eye to find Deathroots for him as doing so is a necessary step in completing his quest.

All Deathroot Rewards – Gurranq

These are all the rewards Gurranq (the Beast Clergyman) will give you when you hand over Deathroot in Elden Ring:

1st DeathrootClawmark Seal
2nd DeathrootBestial Sling
3rd DeathrootBestial Vitality
4th DeathrootAsh of War: Beast’s Rawr
5th DeathrootBeast Claw
6th DeathrootStone of Gurranq
7th DeathrootBeastclaw Greathammer
8th DeathrootGurranq’s Beast Claw
9th DeathrootAncient Dragon Smithing
Deathroot Rewards

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