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How to Turn off Invasions in Elden Ring

How to Turn off Invasions in Elden Ring

Elden Ring contains several multiplayer possibilities for players seeking to join other Tarnished in the Lands Between.

You can invade other players to challenge them in multiplayer competition or call people for online cooperative gameplay.

Despite the fact that invasions can be entertaining and fun, some players might want to disable them. After all, it can be a frustrating experience to be on the receiving end.

Fortunately, avoiding invasions is simple.

Can You Turn off Invasions?

There are two ways to make sure you don’t get invaded in Elden Ring:

  • Don’t summon other players into your game
  • Play in offline mode

Here’s how to play in offline mode:

  1. Start Elden Ring
  2. Go to the Main Menu and choose System
  3. Select the Network tab
  4. In the Launch Setting, choose to Play Offline
  5. Re-launch the game to apply the new settings
Elden Ring network settings

Even while connected to the Internet, other players can’t invade you if you’re playing alone. A coop partner must be present to be invaded by other PvP players.

Once you enter offline mode, players won’t be able to invade you. Keep in mind that this only applies to PvP invasions; hostile NPCs can still invade you.

If you don’t wish to play offline and still avoid invasions, you should have the White Cipher Ring activated.

This way when you are invaded, it will automatically call upon a Hunter from another world to assist you, if one is available.

The Twin Maiden Husks in Roundtable Hold will sell you the White Cipher Ring for 1,000 Runes.

How to Avoid NPC Invasions?

The game has several NPC invasions, which are quite important to the overall experience of Elden Ring.

If an NPC invader is near, you will receive a prompt declaring whoever they are invaded by. You can experience an NPC invasion whether you’re playing offline or online.

Fortunately, avoiding NPC invaders is easy: simply run away from them and they will disappear.

Solo Mode – Difference Between Online and Offline

Solo mode (online mode) allows you to summon both other players and NPCs. You can also be invaded by both of them, too.

Conversely, in Offline mode, you will not be able to summon other players or be invaded. You can summon NPCs, though.

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Furthermore, in Offline mode, the usual messages you typically notice on the ground won’t be there. The overall gaming experience will be the same, though.