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Should you Side With Faelin or Faerin in Remnant 2?

Should you Side With Faelin or Faerin in Remnant 2?

If you reach Losomn in Remnant 2, there’s a chance you’ll come across the Imposter King quest. This quest requires you to locate two masks for a round device situated in the Palace courtyard.

Once you have both masks, the door in front of you will unlock. However, you might notice a lever nearby that device.

Pulling the lever will allow you to encounter two different Fae in Losomn, named Faerin and Faelin.

These two Fae seem to have a conflict between them, and when you interact with each one, they will ask you to defeat the other.

In situations like this, you might wonder which choice is the wiser option before making any decisions.

What Happens if You Side With Faelin?

Faelin Remnant 2

If you choose to side with Faelin, you’ll have to face Faerin.

By choosing this, you need to make your way to Faerin and interact with him. Then, select the option “I challenge you.”

Note: Be prepared for a tough fight as Faerin employs a mix of melee and ranged attacks. But make sure to aim for his head as it is his weak spot.

After successfully defeating him, you’ll receive the Melded Hilt. This material is essential for crafting the Godsplitter at McCabe’s workshop, but that’s not all.

Return to Faelin and report to him about defeating Faerin.

He will be grateful and reward you with Faelin’s Sigil. This ring will generate 10% additional Mod Power from melee damage.

Considering the rewards, siding with Faelin benefits players who use a melee build in Remnant 2.

What Happens if You Side With Faerin?

Faerin Remnant 2

If you decide to side with Faerin, you’ll have to defeat Faelin.

The process is similar to what you did with Faelin.

You need to make your way to Faelin and challenge him to a fight. The battle is quite similar to the one with Faerin, so you should be familiar with the attack patterns.

After winning the battle against him, you’ll receive the Imposter’s Heart. This material can be used to craft the Deceit Long Gun at McCabe.

As before, report the news to Farin, and he will reward you with Faerin’s Sigil. This ring generates 10% additional Mod Power from critical and weakspots hits.

Choosing to side with Faerin offers an advantage to players who prefer a ranged build in Remnant 2.

Better to Side With Faelin or Faerin?

The choice between siding with Faelin or Faerin doesn’t result in any changes to the story.

It solely affects the drop and determines which weapon you’d be getting.

You should side with Faelin if you’re using a melee build whereas you should side with Faerin if using a ranged one.

If you wish to obtain both weapons, you can reroll Losomn from the World Stone in Ward 13.