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Should You Kill Varre in Elden Ring?

Should You Kill Varre in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring has a lot of sidequests and NPCs that the player may take on to discover more about the lore of the game and acquire powerful equipment.

The strange White Faced Varre (also known as White Masked Varre) who is waiting near the first site of Grace is the very first NPC you’ll encounter. By engaging in conversation with him, he will insult you and declare that you are maidenless.

Although it may be tempting to take Varre’s life right away, doing so prevents you from finishing his questline, which is very worthwhile.

After all of that, you’re probably wondering if you’ll acquire some high-tier gear from killing Varre.

You’ll regrettably be disappointed to learn that the loot is almost useless. It’s not like beating the tutorial boss and earning great gear for your efforts.

White Faced Varre encounter

What Happens if You Kill Varre?

White Faced Varre drops 500 Runes and 6 Festering Bloody Fingers if you kill him.

Early in the game, White Faced Varre will give you advice when you come across him close to the first site of Grace. This will begin his questline.

If White Faced Varre is killed before finishing his quest, the game will prevent you from accessing his questline. It is important to complete it as it leads to the best rune farming strategy in Elden Ring.

Therefore, White Faced Varre shouldn’t be killed early in the game.

If you kill him and want to finish his quest, it will unavailable until you begin a new game or wait until your next playthrough

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He’s an essential NPC and killing him could ruin your game. Because of that, you should wait and decide whether or not you would like to kill him once you finish his questline.

Can You Revive Varre?

You can not revive Varre Elden Ring.

While you can revive dead merchant NPCs Celestial Dew and atonement at the Chuch of Vows, Varre is an exception. He is permanently dead even at the church of vows, he cannot respawn.

The ideal course of action is to keep him alive so that you may begin his quest, invade other players, and more.

It is advised to continue assisting him despite his insults and to not allow them to get to you as a result.

Interaction with Varre at Church of Vows

How to Complete Varre’s Questline?

The Varre quest is easy to overlook if you aren’t in the habit of extensively exploring Elden Ring.

The White Faced Varre questline, like many other NPCs in Elden Ring, has requirements you must fulfill before proceeding to the next step. The Bloody Finger item, which enables you to invade, can only be obtained in this manner.

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You have a chance to gain easy access to a major boss battle and a good method of farming if you finish the questline.

If you’re not sure how to begin the quest, follow the instructions below, which cover each step.

How to complete the Varre questline:

  1. Speak with Varre at The First Step Site of Grace.
  2. Travel back to Roundtable Hold, and then talk with Finger Reader Enia.
  3. At the Rose Church’s main entrance, Varre will be available and you must exhaust his dialogue.
  4. Use the three Festering Bloody Fingers he gave you to invade other players.
  5. Return to Varre and select to be anointed as a knight of Mohg, Lord of Blood, in the Rose Church.
  6. Varre will hand you a white cloth known as the Lord of Blood’s Favor. You must soak the white cloth in a Maiden’s blood for your last test.
  7. Find the deceased Maiden seated on a chair in the Elden Ring Church of Inhibition in northern Liurnia. Interact with it to dye the cloth with the Maiden’s blood.
  8. Once you’ve finished, go back to Varre in the Rose Church and talk to him once more.
  9. You’ll be requested to offer your finger during the conversation. You receive the Bloody Finger item after doing this. In addition to that, you will get a Pureblood Knight’s Medal if you speak to him for one last time.