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Should You Kill the Doe in Remnant 2?

Should You Kill the Doe in Remnant 2?

As you explore through Yaesha, you may encounter the notorious Ravager. Although he is a boss in Remnant 2, when you first encounter him he will be friendly.

There will be a cutscene where he engages you in conversation and request that you kill the Doe.

However, the Doe appears injured, and he protects Yaesha.

Once the cutscene ends, you will face a tough choice. You’ll need to decide whether to follow the Ravager by killing the Doe or helping it.

What Happens if You Kill the Doe?

Kill The Doe Remnant 2

If you decide to side with the Ravager and kill the Doe, you will not engage in combat with the Ravager.

Instead, you will be rewarded with the Ravager’s Mark Amulet.

Additionally, this will cause the Bloodmoon Event to become permanent in Yaesha, allowing you to gather Blood Moon Essence with greater ease.

The Ravager’s Mark Amulet is particularly beneficial for a Bleed Build as it boosts damage dealt to bleeding targets.

Although this option might not be as great, it can still assist you in avoiding the difficult boss fight with the Ravager and grant you easy access to Blood Moon Essence.

This material is essential for unlocking the Summoner Archetype.

What Happens if You Revive the Doe?

The Ravager Remnant 2

If you decide to help and revive the Doe, you’ll automatically trigger the Ravanger boss fight and upon defeating him you will receive Doe’s Antler.

Defeating the Ravanger boss is a tough challenge for many players as it has a massive health bar and deals high damage.

Your reward, Doe’s Antler, is used to craft the Red Doe Staff.

This is a great melee weapon with a mod that can damage your enemies while simultaneously healing your allies.

What Happens if You Kill the Ravager?

Kill The Ravager Remnant 2

If you happen to not revive the Doe and attack the Ravager, it will automatically trigger the fight.

However, there are two primary outcomes of this choice:

Ravager Eat The Doe

If you attack the Ravager and let him eat the Doe mid-fight, you will get the Crimson Membrane.

During the fight when the Ravager’s health is at half, while the Doe is still alive, he will eat the Doe to become even more powerful. As a result, the reward for defeating him will be Crimson Membrane.

Use this to craft the Merciless Long Gun, which has a mod that can penetrate through multiple enemies at once.

Important note: Be careful since your bullet CAN kill the Doe, and if so, you will not get this reward.

Kill The Doe After Attacking The Ravager

If you attack the Ravager and you then decide to kill the Doe during mid-fight, you will get Ravager’s Maw.

Ravager’s Maw is used to craft Feral Judgement which is another good weapon for Bleed build.

When deciding between the four options, select the one that aligns with the specific rewards you wish to acquire.