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Remnant 2: Should You Give the Amulet or Not?

Remnant 2: Should You Give the Amulet or Not?

While exploring the depths of Tiller’s Rest in Losomn, you might come across a man locked behind a grill gate. That’s the Man in the Sewers Event.

Man in the Sewers Remnant 2

After interacting with him, he mentions the presence of a dangerous creature lurking in the sewers. According to him, the only solution to aid the situation is to “Light the Blight.”

Although the conversation may seem puzzling at first, it seems that he needs you to find a specific amulet.

He claims that the amulet is dangerous and must be destroyed, and now, you are faced with the choice of either giving it to him or keeping it for yourself.

What Happens if You Give the Amulet?

If you decide to give the amulet to the Man in the Sewers, he will reward you with the Outcast Ring.

Light Wisp Remnant 2

After the conversation with the locked man, you need to explore the sewers until you come across a strange light wisp. Upon approaching it, the wisp possesses your body and causes you to glow.

Now you must make your way back to this strange man.

Just before you can interact with him, the light wisp leaves your body and transforms into the Spirit Wisp Amulet.

As a result, the locked man will notice that you have the amulet and requests that you hand it over.

As mentioned earlier, giving the Spirit Wisp Amulet will get you the Outcast Ring in exchange. This ring provides a 5% increase in reload speed for 15 seconds after reloading.

What Happens if You Don’t Give the Amulet?

In simple terms, you can keep the amulet to yourself without any consequences.

Spirit Wisp Amulet Remnant 2

The Spirit Wisp Amulet is beneficial since it reduces current skill cooldowns by 3% for every 300 Mod Power spent when you activate a Mod.

Both options are valid, and it’s essential to choose the reward depending on your build and chosen Archetype.