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All Sheep Pokemon Ranked

All Sheep Pokemon Ranked

It’s not bedtime yet, but let’s count some sheep!

In this Pokemon listicle, we’ve decided to put the spotlight on the best sheep Pokemon! 

There aren’t a lot of them, and Game Freak and Nintendo do need to come up with more of these cuties, but we ranked them the best way we could.

We considered their character design and sheepy-ness, as well as their base stats and moves.

From electric sheep Pokemon that can zap its way into you for being cute and cool, to fluffy and adorable pink sheep Pokemon that you wish you can snuggle with – we’ll count and rank them all.

Don’t nod off while we count these floofs!

List of All Sheep Pokemon

Here is a list of all sheep Pokemon that can be found in the Pokedex:

AmpharosElectricGen 2
FlaaffyElectricGen 2
MareepElectricGen 2
WoolooNormalGen 8
DubwoolNormalGen 8

6. Mega Ampharos

Sheep Pokemon Mega Ampharos
Source: Bulbapedia

You might be surprised that we’re starting this list with the mighty yet elegant Mega Ampharos!

Aside from starting this list with a bang, Ampharos isn’t exactly the first Pokemon you would think of when asked about sheep Pokemon. Thus, we placed it at number 6.

Mega Ampharos might have recovered some of its fluffy wool back, but overall it doesn’t look too sheep-like.

In fact, with its tail looking curly, it slightly resembles a Chinese dragon. Interestingly, Mega Ampharos gains the Dragon typing in this form.

Also, because of the Mega Evolution gimmick, Mega Ampharos isn’t a sheep Pokemon you can easily have in other Pokemon games. The future of Mega Evolutions is currently unknown for upcoming titles.

But stats-wise, Mega Ampharos excels with its Special Attack. Plus, its luscious mane is glorious to behold!

5. Dubwool

Sheep Pokemon Dubwool
Source: Bulbapedia

Make way for this angry sheep Pokemon. Barreling down at number five is Dubwool!

A lot of fans immediately fawned over its adorable pre-evolution, but Dubwool’s grumpy and pointy self might have scared some off.

Still, Dubwool’s noteworthy defense was immediately noticed by some players. Its Fluffy ability can half the damage it receives from attacks. Plus, with Cotton Guard, it can raise its Defense even more.

Its Attack stat isn’t the greatest, so its Defense definitely makes up for it. But when you partner its Defense stat with Body Press, which increases its damage the more Defense it has – hoo boy, you can definitely turn the tables around.

An angry sheep slamming onto you seems like a terrifying sight!

4. Ampharos

Sheep Pokemon Ampharos
Source: Bulbapedia

Next on our list is Ampharos, an Electric sheep Pokemon, and the final evolution of the Mareep evolution line.

At first glance, a lot of Pokemon fans are probably puzzled as to how it resembles a sheep. The lack of wool definitely throws a lot of people off!

Actually, Ampharos looks like a sheared sheep. If you observe closely, the Mareep family slowly loses its wool per evolution. This culminates with Ampharos facing the Pokemon world with its woolless self and Electric abilities.

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Speaking of electric abilities, Ampharos is known to create so much light from its electricity. It was used like a beacon or lighthouse in the olden days, as noted by the Pokedex.

Stats-wise, its Special Attack is among one of the highest! Ampharos can be pretty deadly with its special moves Charge Beam and Thunder. 

This sheep sure is a delight!

3. Flaaffy

Sheep Pokemon Flaafy
Source: Bulbapedia

Name-wise, Flaaffy immediately scores high in the sheep category. Aside from the obvious fluffy reference, the double ‘a’ letters are for baa and AA batteries. 

This pink sheep Pokemon is definitely fluffy and cleverly named!

But if you’re wondering why its fluff is just around its neck and head, it’s because Flaaffy resembles a partially sheared sheep. As noted earlier, the Mareep line slowly loses its wool as it evolves.

The in-game explanation for that is because Flaaffy stores too much electricity in its body that it gradually loses its wool. 

Incidentally, it made the remaining wool stronger, generating more electricity than before. Its tail will light up when its mane is fully charged!

Fluffy, cute, clever, capable, and pink – Flaaffy is an amazing sheep Pokemon!

2. Wooloo

Sheep Pokemon Wooloo
Source: Bulbapedia

Make way for one of the cutest Pokemon in town. Tumbling down at number two is Wooloo!

Because of how close to real-life sheep Wooloo is, you will probably immediately think of it when asked about sheep Pokemon.

When it was initially shown to fans before Pokemon Sword and Shield dropped, a lot of people definitely awwed and clutched their hearts due to Wooloo’s fluffiness and cuteness. 

Additionally, its Pokedex entries note that Wooloo could fall off a cliff but its wool will help cushion the fall!

Wooloo isn’t just a cute face, though. Its Defense makes it a good Pokemon to have early in the game.

Not only will its wool protect it from cliff drops, but its Fluffy ability can also minimize the damage it gets.

Its cute factor, popularity, good defense, and character design made us rank this adorable sheep Pokemon close to the top.

1. Mareep

Sheep Pokemon Mareep
Source: Pokemon Fandom

We’re down to one sheep – I hope you haven’t dozed off! For the best sheep of all, give it up for the fluffy and electrifying Mareep!

As the first sheep Pokemon ever introduced, Mareep definitely melted some hearts with its cuteness and fluffiness. It’s also the first electric sheep Pokemon and helped a lot of players fill that electric spot in their lineup early in the game.

Mareep’s English name is an anagram for ampere. Meanwhile, its Japanese name, Merriep, could be based on Mary Had a Little Lamb. Design-wise, it seems to be a reference to this neat sci-fi story.

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As for its Pokedex info, it is noted that Mareep’s wool doubles its size when charged. Avoid the urge to randomly pet Mareep’s wool or you’ll be zapped!

In addition to all this neat trivia, Mareep’s Special Attack stat is definitely noteworthy. In its fully evolved form, it has one of the best Sp. Atk that boosts its Electric type moves.

Clever design and name, adorable nature, adept stats, and a little nostalgia – Mareep is the sheep Pokemon.

Best Sheep Pokemon Mareep
Source: Pokemon Fandom

Now that we’ve counted all the sheep, it’s off to dreamland for us. Let us know which dream Pokemon you would want to see next!