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Should You Serve Ranni in Elden Ring?

Should You Serve Ranni in Elden Ring?

One of the decisions you’ll have to make in Elden Ring is whether or not to serve Ranni The Witch.

As you progress through Elden Ring, you will come to Ranni’s Rise, where you will be asked to assist a witch named Ranni.

She is an NPC in Elden Ring. Renna is the name that Ranni The Witch uses when she first reveals herself to the player.

After you run into her at Three Sisters, she reveals her real name and asks you to serve her, sending you off to find a secret treasure.

Should I Serve Ranni?

Yes, you should serve Ranni, if you want to start a challenging and interesting questline that rewards with the Dark Moon Greatsword. Additionally, serving Ranni unlocks the Age of the Stars ending.

You must first beat Radahn or the Queen of the Full Moon in order to join Ranni’s service.

If you agree to serve Ranni, you will unlock one of the game’s most complex and rewarding questlines.

You will also be directed to amazing optional locations that you would otherwise not have explored. If you agree to assist her, she will assign you the quest of finding the Nokron Hidden Treasure.

Depending on the choices you make later in the game, serving Ranni also makes it possible for a different ending to happen.

What Happens if You Don’t Serve Ranni?

There are no negative repercussions if you decline to serve Ranni. However, the game’s story will change as a result of not serving her.

You can continue seeking the Erdtree as before but by not serving her you won’t open up Ranni’s questline.

Consequently, the only reason not to serve Ranni is you’re not willing to commit to her questline yet.

You can always return to her tower later, and choose to serve Ranni even if you first decline it. She’ll be happy to accept your help and you will be able to complete her quest.

Can You Marry Ranni?

Placing a ring on Ranni's finger in Elden Ring
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Ranni will allow you to marry her once you complete her quest.

There are three reasons to complete Ranni’s mission. Firstly, you’ll learn some lore about the game. Second, you’ll receive some useful loot. And finally, this will have an influence on what endings are accessible to you.

After progressing enough through Ranni’s mission and locating the Dark Moon Ring, you will be able to find her physical body in a small cave in the Cathedral of Manus Celes.

The Dark Moon Ring may be put on Ranni’s finger by interacting with her body. After that, Ranni’s doll body will vanish and return to its original life-size doll form, and then will thank the player.

She affirms that the player is now her spouse and makes a commitment to their future meeting. Ranni will disappear after, and then the Dark Moon Greatsword will be placed by her place as a reward for your efforts.

Can You Betray Ranni?

It is possible to betray Ranni, but doing so would prevent you from completing her questline.

Seluvis will instruct you to seek the Amber Starlight throughout his mission. Here, you have the option to betray Ranni The Witch.

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Following that, he will offer you the Amber Draught and order you to give it to Ranni. After you gave it to her, she will awaken, appearing unharmed by the potion and upset and angry by your behavior.

Ranni killing you in Elden Ring
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Ranni will kill you and Seluvis by doing so. As a result, Ranni and Iji disappear from the area.

Can You Stop Ranni From Killing You?

You can actually avoid being killed by Ranni even if you betray her. The only thing you must do is not exhaust her dialogue.

After handing her the potion Seluvis asked you to, Ranni will express her disappointment in both you and Seluvis for such a wicked act. After that, she’ll kindly ask you to leave.

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If the player insists and talks to her for the second time, she’ll straightforwardly ask you to be gone. If the player is still persistent and wants to chat with her for the third time, it will cause immediate death.

Remember that in order to finish Ranni The Witch’s quest, you must atone for your sin with a Celestial Dew at the Church of Vows.