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What Happened to Sellen in Elden Ring?

What Happened to Sellen in Elden Ring?

As you progress through Elden Ring’s story, one of the decisions you’ll have to make is whether to assist Sorceress Sellen or Witch-Hunter Jerren.

Every choice has advantages and rewards for completing the quests, but selecting one side permanently eliminates the other.

Sellen is a sorceress who studied at Raya Lucaria in the past. She was fortunate to be tutored by Master Azur, one of the academy’s most notable sorcerers.

Once you locate the glintstone sorcerer Azur at the Hermit Village on Mt Gelmir, her quest will formally begin. From there, she will ask you to perform several tasks following her questline.

Why is Sellen a Ball?

Sellen Ball Elden Ring
Sellen transformed into a ball at the Raya Lucaria Grand Library

There have been a couple of theories to answer the question of why Sellen has become a ball.

The Practice of Primeval Current

The widely accepted explanation is because of Sellen’s attempt to perform the forbidden practice of primeval current.

Once you help Sellen defeat Jerren, she will make her way to the Raya Lucaria Grand Library.

After speaking with her, she will inform you that Rennala is no longer the Queen of Caria. She also adds that the academy can now start honing the primeval current.

When you return to the Raya Lucaria Grand Library, Rennala will be in her usual spot.

But Sellen is nowhere to be seen.

That is until you look to the side of the room and notice a massive ball of masks. Once interacted with, you’ll realize that this is Sellen’s new form.

What Sellen transforms into is recognized as a School of Graven Mages.

Graven-Mass Talisman Elden Ring
Description of the Graven-Mass Talisman

As a result, it is safe to assume that Sellen sought prohibited knowledge. And as an outcome, she became a non-hostile School of Graven Mages.

Rennala Theory

Another interesting theory that fans have been discussing of the reason why Sellen was turned into a ball was because of Rennala.

It’s reasonable to assume that Rennala punished Sellen for trying to take over the academy.

Notably, Sellen was already expelled from the academy.

Given that she did not give up on her pursuit of the forbidden knowledge, Rennala decided that she has taken it too far and must be stopped.

Ranni Theory

The final theory is Sellen was turned into a ball because of Ranni the Witch.

Given that Ranni is the daughter of Queen Rennala, and she is a powerful witch, it makes sense to some extent.

Ranni will want to keep her mother, Queen Rennala, placed in the academy, and hearing the news about what Sellen has done might have upset her.

Therefore, Ranni turned Sellen into a ball in response to her unforgivable actions.

Can You Save Sellen?

No, you can’t save Sellen after the transformation.

If you wish to finish her questline and receive all the rewards, the transformation is inevitable and there will be no way to save Sellen.

She will remain as a ball in the Raya Lucaria Grand Library and you will still be able to buy sorceries from her despite her new form.

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Given that Sellen’s quest rewards players with valuable spells and armor, many players aim to complete her quest to benefit from all of the rewards.

However, the only way to stop the transformation before it occurs is by not completing Sellen’s quest or not starting her quest at all.

If you happen to begin her quest and want to avoid this transformation, you must follow her quest until you reach the point where you will be asked to tell Sellen about Lusat.

From there, don’t tell her about Lusat and she will not transform into a ball.