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How to Seek the Three Wise Beasts in Elden Ring

How to Seek the Three Wise Beasts in Elden Ring

During your journey in Elden Ring, you will come across three sealed towers that require you to solve a specific puzzle. These puzzles are called Seek Three Wise Beasts.

To complete this puzzle you must locate and hit three magical turtles nearby each tower.

After doing so, the towers will be accessible and you will have your rewards per each one of them.

If you are a sorcerer in Elden Ring, you should complete these puzzles.

Completing them will reward you with Memory Stones, which increases the number of your spells. On top of that, you can find one of the best spells in Elden Ring in the last tower.

Where to Find the Three Wise Beasts

The Three Wise Beasts can be found in the following locations in Elden Ring:

  • Testu’s Rise
  • Oridys’s Rise
  • Chelona’s Rise

Testu’s Rise

Testu’s Rise is located in Lurnia of Lakes region, on a small island north of the Raya Lucaria Academy.

Here’s how to get to Testu’s Rise:

  1. Fast travel to the Sorcerer’s Isle Site of Grace.
  2. Approach Testu’s Rise tower.
  3. Interact with the puzzle statue to activate it, then the magical turtles will spawn.

You must kill all three turtles after activating the puzzle to have access to the tower.

Note that you must not fast travel or rest in a Site of Grace, otherwise, it will reset the puzzle progress.

Three Wise Beast Locations Testu's Rise

The locations of the three wise beasts in Testu’s Rise are as follows:

  • First Turtle: Go northwest from the puzzle statue until you find a cliff. You will find the turtle there.
  • Second Turtle: From the tower, head east and check the tree trunks. You will find the turtle hanging by one of them. Note that you will need a spell or a ranged weapon to get this one.
  • Third Turtle: Southeast from the tower, on a lower part of the island, you will find the third turtle.

Oridys’s Rise

The Oridys’ Rise is located in the Weeping Peninsula (South Limgrave).

Here’s how to get to Oridys’s Rise:

  1. Fast Travel to the Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace.
  2. Turn east and Use the Sprintspring with Torrent.
  3. Up ahead, you will find Oridys’s Rise.
  4. Interact with the open book statue to activate the puzzle.
Three Wise Beast Locations Oridys's Rise

The locations of the three wise beasts in Oridys’ Rise are as follows:

  • First Turtle: To the left of the puzzle statue up ahead, you will find the turtle hiding in the bush.
  • Second Turtle: Right behind the puzzle and towards the north, you will find the turtle.
  • Third Turtle: Head southwest from the puzzle statue, and you will find a small pool. In this small pool, the turtle will be invisible. Just make sure to hit the area where the water moving in the middle of the pool.

Chelona’s Rise

Chelona’s Rise is located at Moonlight Altar Plateau.

You will have access to this area only if you are following Ranni’s quest and defeating Astel, Naturalborn of the Void.

If you already have access to the area then directly fast travel to the Altar South Site of Grace.

From there, approach the Tower and interact with the statue book to activate the puzzle.

This time, the puzzle will read as: “Seek three great wise beasts”.

Basically, it is the same puzzle, only this time the turtles are much bigger and quite difficult to locate.

Three Wise Beast Locations Chelona's Rise

The locations of the three great wise beasts in Chelona’s Rise are as follows:

  • First turtle: Behind the Chelona’s Rise, on the cliffside. If you look down, you will be able to find the first turtle hanging on the edge.
  • Second turtle: From South of Lunar Estate Ruins, head far southeast while following the cliff edge. Beneath the cliff, you will be able to spot the second turtle. Make sure to use a spell or a ranged weapon to hit it.
  • Third Turtle: From the Ring Leader Evergaol, proceed southeast. On your horse, keep moving forward until you see a Sprintspring. You will be able to see the third and last turtle floating mid-air. You can either use the Sprintspring and hit it or use a spell or a ranged weapon.