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How to Save Melina in Elden Ring

How to Save Melina in Elden Ring

Melina is an NPC in Elden Ring who serves as a guide for the player.

Initially, you encounter Melina at the Gatefront Site of Grace where she introduces herself as your maid and offers you the Spirit Steed.

Throughout the game, Melina’s role revolves around providing constant guidance and support in the Lands Between.

As you progress through the game, especially at the Forge of the Giants, Melina sacrifices herself to burn the Erdtree.

However, there is a way to prevent this from happening.

Can You Save Melina?

Melina cutscene Elden Ring

Yes, it is possible to save Melina.

In the default ending of Elden Ring, Melina makes the fateful decision to burn the Erdtree.

However, the game offers players the possibility to change this fate, therefore, acquiring a different ending.

The key to saving her lies in finding the Three Fingers and the Frenzied Flame.

By taking this action, you can prevent Melina from sacrificing herself.

Instead, you will burn the Ertdree, ultimately leading to Melina’s preservation.

How to Save Melina

As mentioned earlier, you need to find the Three Fingers and get the Frenzied Flame.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to find the Three Fingers and obtain the Frenzied Flame.

After completing this, head to the Forge of Giants and rest at the Site of Grace located there.

Look for the option to “Listen to the sounds of flame” and select it. This action triggers a cutscene where you burn the Erdtree instead of Melina.

While this choice saves Melina, it also upsets her as it goes against her ultimate goal. This sequence of events leads to the Lord of Frenzied Flame Ending.

It is important to note the things to do before burning the Erdtree, so keep that in mind.