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Where to Find Rya’s Necklace in Elden Ring

Where to Find Rya’s Necklace in Elden Ring

Rya is the adopted daughter of Tanith and is an NPC scout for Volcano Manor.

In order to progress in Rya’s questline, you need to find the Key Item, Rya’s Necklace.

Volcano Manor is an important location in Elden Ring. When you get there you’ll need to decide whether you should join their service or not.

Rya’s Location

Rya Location Elden Ring

Rya can be found standing inside a pavilion east of the Scenic Isle Site of Grace at Liurnia of the Lakes.

To encounter her, make your way north of Laskyar Ruins until you reach the bird’s eye telescope.

Once you reach the location, you will find a pavilion. Then, step inside to speak with Rya.

After exhausting her dialogue, she will ask you to recover a stolen necklace from a thief hiding in an abandoned house. That’s where you should go next.

Rya’s Necklace Location

Rya Necklace Location Elden Ring

Rya’s necklace can be obtained from Blackguard Big Boggart, located northwest of Rya’s pavilion at Boilprawn Shack.

Upon reaching him, speak with him and he will offer you the necklace in exchange for 1000 Runes.

Alternatively, if you decide to kill him, he will drop Rya’s Necklace. However, this choice will result in being unable to progress further in his questline.

Once you have Rya’s Necklace, return it to Rya and give it to her.

As a reward, Rya will provide you with the Volcano Manor Invitation.