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Why Romance Needs an Overhaul in Fae Farm

Why Romance Needs an Overhaul in Fae Farm

From the classic juggernauts like Harvest Moon (now Story of Seasons) and Rune Factory to new beloved sprouts like Stardew Valley and Wylde Flowers, romance has been a part of many adorable farming games.

It’s a simple formula that has smitten many cozy and cottage-core gamers, myself included: you grow crops and also grow a relationship with someone in town. You literally let love bloom.

The case is also true for Fae Farm, one of the newest additions to the cute and magical cottage-core farming genre.

Not only does it have farming and dating, but it also has a touch of magic and fantasy combat to make things fresh and exciting.

But how does the romance aspect of Fae Farm hold up to the classics?

For fans of farming and romance, you’ll be happy to know that, on one hand, Fae Farm’s romance is cute and fun.

You get to know the characters, go on dates with them, and ultimately get the option to marry them. However, on the other hand, it needs a massive update.

Hold on to your hearts as we dissect the game’s lovey-dovey content. Here’s why we think Fae Farm’s romance needs an overhaul.

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The Romance in Fae Farm Can Get Buggy

Characters sitting on the beach in Fae Farm
Source: Fae Farm / Phoenix Labs

“Bugs? In my Fae Farm romance?” It’s more likely than you think, unfortunately.

Many players have voiced their concerns about how bugs and glitches would randomly pop up while wooing Fae Farm’s romanceable candidates.

Sometimes, your relationship status with a candidate refuses to change to the next level, no matter how many gifts you give to them.

And if you decide to reset the relationship so you can start over and get rid of the bug, you run into another bug where the game refuses to reset.

You’re stuck in a relationship where you don’t know where it’s heading (too real, Fae Farm).

But the biggest relationship bug in the game is the surprise wedding. One minute, you’re simply dating a candidate—the next moment the game tells you you’re already married!

On one hand, you skip paying the 10,000 Florins needed for the ceremony and you can actually still date other candidates due to the bug (a win for those who like to juggle multiple romances).

But on the other, it’s a mild annoyance if you want to stay friends or unmarried. Sometimes, the game even skips the whole wedding cutscene.

Speaking of staying friends…

There Is No Friendship Option in Fae Farm

Fairy crying in Fae Farm
Source: Fae Farm / Phoenix Labs

Do you want to get to know the romanceable candidates without getting into the whole romantic tango of dating? Well, too bad, you can’t be friends with them!

In Fae Farm there are no friendship options for the romanceable candidates.

Every interaction with them immediately counts towards wooing them, which is kinda heartbreaking because their character arcs are hidden behind the wall of dating.

There is no other way to get to know them without dating them.

So no, you can’t be BFFs with Nhamashal and talk about fancy stuff all day. No further frog talk with Argyle or foodie hangouts with Pepper.

And don’t count on knowing more about Jack’s family or why Pyria is such a bookworm without the intent of dating them.

This no-friendship route has taken a lot of players by surprise since their platonic intentions are immediately interpreted as flirting by the characters.

Add in the surprise marriage bug, and you might find yourself immediately married when you were just looking for a bestie.

You Get Less Interactions From Your Spouse After Marriage

Character with his wife in Fae Farm
Source: Fae Farm / Phoenix Labs

Remember all the flirting, dating, and opening themselves up prior to marriage? You can kiss that goodbye after the wedding!

The lead-up before the big proposal is a fun wooing chase. You do meet-cutes with them (it’s mostly in the wild), bring them gifts (here’s your handful of Blob Gobs, Argyle), and see them open up through dates (Nhamashal might have scathing words about your fashion sense, but he’s actually nice, really).

But once you both do the grand “I do”, your interactions with them become brief and recycled conversations. No more meet-cutes or dates, no new dialogue, no nothing.

The element of romance is now gone and they just end up wandering around your farm, poking dirt and whatnot.

Oh, yeah, about that…

Your Spouse Becomes a Bum in Your Farm and Does Nothing

Spouses in Fae Farm don't do much in the farm
Source: Fae Farm / Phoenix Labs

Once the dreamy mirage of wedding bells fades away, you are faced with the reality that your Fae Farm spouse essentially becomes a bum living outside your farm.

Other than not giving new interactions, activities, or dialogue, your spouse also doesn’t really do anything for you or the Homestead. They just hang outside and walk around or sit on a log.

They don’t even go inside your house! What was the point of the new furniture if you weren’t going to move in, Galan?

A lot of players have expressed that, at its current state, marriage in Fae Farm can feel boring, unnecessary, and unfulfilling—to that, we strongly agree.

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You don’t get anything new from your spouse, they don’t help around with farm work, they don’t give new quests, and you also can’t start a family with them. Nothing lost (except for the 10,000 Florins you can’t get back), nothing gained.

But let’s not end this in a total bummer (heh) of a situation and give our hearts a little hope.

The good news is that the developers are constantly patching up bugs and sharing their plans for the game. They’ve even already addressed some of the bugs in their recently published patch notes.

And with their planned DLCs and constant updates, here’s hoping we get more lovey-dovey content in the game! It’ll surely be the omega-3 needed for our farmer’s hearts.