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Complete Guide on How to Repair Tools in Palia

Complete Guide on How to Repair Tools in Palia

So you’ve upgraded your tools in Palia and they’re now better than before.

You can now break bigger boulders, farm more efficiently, cut different kinds of trees, catch stronger fish, and more!

However, there are cons to these upgrades: your tools can now break. Once you deplete their durability gauge, they will revert to their previous tier after they break.

Because of this, it’s important to know how to repair tools in Palia before they break. If you don’t know how to do this, our quick guide below will show you how and where to fix your tools.

Gather ‘em up! We’ve got some repairin’ to do.

The forge in Kilima Village

How to Fix Tools in Palia

Here are three different places you can go to have your tools fixed in Palia. As payment, you’ll have to hand over either gold or Repair Kits. Make sure you have enough for the repairs!

Go to the Blacksmith Shop in Kilima Village

Kilima Village's forge and blacksmith

For new players, going to the Blacksmith store over at Kilima Village is the easiest way to have your tools fixed.

It’s conveniently located in the center of town beside the Tavern. You’ll immediately recognize it from afar due to the smoke coming from its chimneys.

Location of Kilima Village's Repair Station

Story-wise, it’s run by Sifuu, but you don’t need to talk to her or have her there to have your tools repaired. Just face the anvil inside and you’ll see the prompt to repair your tools.

To have your tools fixed, you can pay with money or Repair Kits. The amount of gold or kits you need to pay depends on the durability loss of the tool. If you’ve already used it a lot or it’s close to breaking, you’ll have to pay more.

Go to the Central Stables in Bahari Bay

Repair station in Bahari Bay

If you’re exploring the Bahari Bay area, you don’t have to travel all the way back to Kilima Village for a repair. There’s a handy repair station nearby!

Open your map and look for the Ancient Aqueduct. The stables and the anvil logo are just above it. Below is a screenshot of the map with an arrow marking the stables.

Bahari Bay's Repair Station on the map

It’s also a Fast Travel point so you can conveniently teleport to it.

But take note: it only accepts Repair Kits as payment. Make sure you’re carrying some before heading out!

Make Your Own Repair Station at Home

Repair Station at home

After you reach Level 4 Mining, you can now have your own repair station on your housing plot!

Talk to Hodari and open his Mining Guild Store to buy the Repair Station recipe. It costs 500 Gold and will need 10 x Copper Bar and 6 x Stone Brick to craft it.

Repair Station recipe for fixing tools

It will only accept Repair Kits as payment for repairs, so craft some ahead on your Worktable.

Having your own Repair Station at home is probably the easiest and most convenient way to have your tools fixed in Palia.

How To Craft Repair Kits

Repair Kit recipe for crafting

Repair Kits are a very valuable resource in Palia due to how they’re needed for tool repairs. Here’s how you can unlock its recipe and what you’ll need to craft it.

Repair Kits have multiple recipes, which can be immediately unlocked after you get the different upgrades or tiers for your tools. The tiers are Standard, Fine, and Exquisite.

For example, after making your first Standard-quality tool, you’ll unlock the Repair Kit recipe for Standard quality. Below are all the Repair Kit recipes.

TierNumber of Repair KitsMaterials Needed
Standard20 x Repair Kits5 x Sapwood Plank
1 x Copper Bar
Fine40  x Repair Kits5 x Heartwood Plank
1 x Iron Bar
Exquisite60 x Repair Kits1 x Flow-Infused Plank
1 x Palium Bar
Repairing tools in Palia

How Do Tools Break in Palia?

See that yellow gauge around the icons of your tools? That’s your tool’s durability!

After upgrading your tools to Standard, Fine, or Exquisite levels, your tools now have a durability gauge that depletes the more you use them.

Once you completely deplete it, the tool breaks and will revert to its previous tier. You’ll then have to craft that tool’s tier level again.

For example, if your Standard Axe breaks, it’ll revert back to Makeshift Axe. You’ll have to craft another Standard Axe. Makeshift quality tools don’t break but the things you can do with them are limited.

Make sure you don’t forget to repair your tools now and then!