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Rarest Pokemon in Pokemon GO and How to Catch Them

Rarest Pokemon in Pokemon GO and How to Catch Them

In most games, the rarest Pokemon to find are Legendary and Mythical Pokemon. That is not the case in Pokemon GO.

Legendary Pokemon are relatively rare because players have to catch them primarily through Raid Battles or Special Research.

There are plenty of other Pokemon that are rare, though. Some have to be caught during a special event, some in a specific region of the world, while others remain generally elusive.

So if you are someone who wants to complete their Pokedex, here are the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon GO and how to catch them.


Anyone with a complete Unown collection in Pokemon GO is a true Pokemon Master

Unown, the symbol Pokemon is one of the rarest in Pokemon GO as you can only encounter it in the wild and in Raids during special in-game events like the Safari Zone and the Annual GO Fest.

However, it is incredibly rare even if it does appear in these events.

On top of that, there are 28 Unown forms, so completing the collection is a tough task!

Only a small amount of Unown appears in infrequent events, so catching them all will take years.

For more help, use our guide to catching Unown in Pokemon GO.

Galarian Legendary Birds

Golden Razz Berries are essential if you encounter one of the Galarian Birds…

The Galarian variants of the three Legendary Birds, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, are also one of the rarest Pokemon to catch in Pokemon GO.

These were introduced together with the Daily Adventure Incense in 2022.

Catching them is very hard as each has a base catch rate of 0.3% and a high flee rate of 90%.

To encounter the Galarian Legendary Birds, you must use the Daily Adventure Incense, which lasts only 15 minutes every day.

Check out our guide on how to catch the Galarian Birds in Pokemon GO.

Armored Mewtwo

Armored Mewtwo Pokemon GO
Armored Mewtwo has a great Defense stat

Armored Mewtwo was first available in 5 star raids in 2019.

It returned in 2020 at Pokemon Day in February together with the Clone Pokemon: Clone Venusaur, Clone Blastoise, and Clone Charizard.

Armored Mewtwo is a different version of Mewtwo which has a much superior Defense but an inferior Attack. They also have different movesets.

Unfortunately, the only way to catch Armored Mewtwo as of now is to have someone trade a spare one.

All Vivillon Patterns

Vivillion Polar Pattern Pokemon GO
Vivillion in its Polar pattern

Vivillon is a Bug/Flying Pokemon introduced in Gen 6 and is one of the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

This is because it has a unique mechanic for you to get its base form, Scatterbug.

To get Scatterbug, you must have an active friend who will send you gifts regularly.

Then, you must pin the Postcard found at the right of the open button before you open the gift.

After pinning a specific number of Postcards, you will receive a Scatterbug.

If you have a Scatterbug, the pattern when it evolves into a Vivillon depends on the region that you pinned the postcard.

That means catching all 18 forms of Vivillion is an arduous and challenging task.

Our Vivillion Pokemon GO guide shows you where to catch each form and what each of them looks like.

Pikachu Libre

Pikachu Libre Pokemon GO
Pikachu Libre has access to the Fairy type moves Charm and Play Rough

Pikachu Libre is one of the many costume variants of Pikachu and it is also the hardest and rarest one.

Libre Pikachu has the same stats as normal Pikachu but has a different moveset.

You can’t find this luchador in the wild or in any Raid. Therefore, if you want this rare Pokemon, you need to grind in GO Battle League.

The only way to encounter Pikachu Libre is to reach Rank 20 in the GO Battle League in a single season.

Use our GO Battle League tips to help you win to make sure you reach the challenging Level 20 rank.


Rotom Base Form Pokemon GO
Rotom in its standard form

Rotom has six forms and only two have been released in Pokemon GO.

Firstly, there is Wash Rotom, which was available for trainers who bought the GO Fest 2020 ticket and have it photobomb their GO Snapshot Pictures.

Secondly, Mow Rotom was also only available for players who attended the 2022 Berlin GO Fest with the same mechanics as the previous Rotom.

Wash Rotom was made available to all players during the sixth anniversary of the game last July 2022.

If you did not get Wash Rotom and Mow Rotom in those small time frames, you can only get them by trading with another trainer.

Salandit and Salazzle

Waiting for a female Salandit could prove frustrating…

Salandit is a rare Pokemon as it can only be hatched from 12km eggs.

Experts estimate that Salandit hatches from 12km eggs 12.5% of the time, a 1 in 8 chance.

However, getting Salazzle is even harder. Salandit evolves into Salazzle but only the female version of Salandit can evolve.

You might think the chances aren’t that bad but (around) only 10% of Salandit hatch as a female.

Getting Salazzle might be the most time-consuming Pokemon in all of Pokemon GO.

Here’s how to get those 12km eggs and evolve Salandit into Salazzle.

Goomy and Jangmo-o

Goomy Jangmo-o Pokemon GO
It could take a lot of walking to get both Goomy and Jangmo-o in Pokemon GO…

Goomy and Jangmo-o are Pseudo Legendary Dragon Pokemon when they evolve into their respective final forms Goodra and Kommo-o.

They are also rare in Pokemon GO, as it is uncommon to encounter them in the wild.

On top of that, they are in tier 4 of the 10km egg pool, which means they are one of the rarest to hatch.

Add to the equation that you need 125 candies to evolve each of them to their final form and it’s no wonder Goodra and Kommo-o are rare.

Archen and Tirtouga

Archen Tirtouga Pokemon GO
Wild encounters of Archen or Tirtouga are extremely rare…

These are both fossil Pokemon that debuted in January 2020.

Archen is a Rock/Flying Pokemon that evolves into Archeops with 50 Candy.

Tirtouga, on the other hand, is a Rock/Water Pokemon that evolves into Carracosta with 50 Candy.

Niantic added them to the 7km eggs for the Fossil event in February 2020. You can also encounter them in the wild, but such encounters are extremely rare.


Kecleon Pokemon GO
Kecleon only appears at PokeStops and when it does it’s rare…

Pokemon GO launched Gen 3 in 2018, but Kecleon wasn’t introduced until 2023.

You can obtain Kecleon by spinning Pokestops until you encounter one obstructed by an invisible entity.

If you’ve played Pokemon Emerald, you might encounter them as one of the invisible roadblocks in the game.

This is also similar to Pokemon GO, as you must pay attention and look carefully to find this Pokemon.

You can get Kecleon by spinning Pokestops until you encounter one that is blocked by something invisible.

Tap the Pokestop multiple times, and Kecleon will reveal itself, which is your cue to catch it.

That is all for the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

As Pokemon trainers, collecting every Pokemon, especially rare ones, is fun and gives you bragging rights.