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Does Size Matter in Pokemon GO?

Does Size Matter in Pokemon GO?

Every Pokemon in Pokemon GO has its own size and weight.

A common question often asked by trainers is whether size and weight make a difference to the Pokemon’s abilities or whether it’s purely aesthetic.

Sizes range from XXS, XS, S, L, XL, and XXL. The more recently introduced XXS and XXL Pokemon will not only appear smaller/bigger on screen but will display a special animation similar to that of Shiny Pokemon.

But do these sizings actually make a difference?

Does Pokemon Size Difference Matter?

No, the Size of a Pokemon does not matter.

For instance, if we compare two Pikachu’s with the same CP and IVs but with different sizes, they will perform the same.

Furthermore, no correlation has been found with larger Pokemon being stronger or vice-versa.

Pumpakaboo flashing light
Source: Bulbapedia

However, Pumpkaboo is somewhat of an exception.

Pokemon GO had an update in late 2021 where they made a unique size mechanic for Pumpkaboo.

When battling Pumpkaboo the size difference is clear.

In addition, unlike other Pokemon, evolving your Pumpkaboo to Gourgeist does not change its size.

On top of that, this is where Pokemon size does make a difference as the super size Pumpkaboo has the highest CP and Stamina while sacrificing a little bit of its Attack and Defence.

Does the Weight of a Pokemon Matter?

No, the weight of a Pokemon does not matter either.

Having a lighter or heavier Pokemon does not affect how powerful it is in battle.

Much like size, evolving your Pokemon will randomly change its weight.

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However, Weight is important for medal collectors. There are two medals that require a certain weight when catching Pokemon.

One is the Fisher medal where you must catch a heavy Magikarp (13.13 kg and above).

The second is the Youngster medal where you need to catch a tiny Ratata (2.21 kg or lighter). 

Fisher and Youngster Medal requirements

That is all about the Size and Weight of a Pokemon and if it affects how it performs in Pokemon GO.

Just remember that it does not matter if you have a lighter, heavier, smaller, or bigger. What’s more important is your Pokemon’s IVs.