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Pokemon GO: Odds of Finding a Shiny Pokemon

Pokemon GO: Odds of Finding a Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Pokemon are different colored variants of a Pokemon species.

While there are no particular benefits to having a Shiny Pokemon, trainers will search for them for hours in order to have the bragging rights of owning one.

Finding a Shiny Pokemon is rare but we are going to learn the odds of finding one.

Shiny Mewtwo, Entei and Pikachu in Pokemon GO
Mewtwo, Entei and Pikachu in their Shiny form…

Shiny Odds

In Pokemon GO, there’s a 1 in 500 chance or 0.2% chance of encountering a wild Pokemon that’s Shiny. 

However, there are some Pokemon that have an increased Shiny encounter rate:

Group of PokemonShiny Odds
Standard Pokemon1 in 500 encounters (0.2%)
Medium-rate Pokemon (Gible, Shinx, Meltan, and Galarian Stunfisk)1 in 125 encounters (0.8%)
Shadow Pokemon1 in 64 encounters (1.6%)
Permaboost Pokemon (Example, Venusaur, Lapras, Rockruff, Riolu, and Happiny)1 in 64 encounters (1.6%)
Evolved Pokemon in Mega Raids1 in 64 encounters (1.6%)
Legendary and Mythical Pokemon1 in 20 encounters (5%)

It’s important to note these odds aren’t official and come from trainers who have tested it over a long period of time.

Best Way to Shiny Hunt in Pokemon GO

The best way to Shiny hunt is by aiming for the ones that have lower odds or during time-limited events.

During these events, the rates of encountering a Shiny Pokemon are bumped up.

Such time-limited events are as follows:

Time-Limited EventShiny Odds
Featured Pokemon on Community Days1 in 25 encounters (4%)
Three-hour Raid Days1 in 10 encounters (10%)
Limited Research Events (depending on the event)Varies Between 1 in 10, 20, and 40 encounters (10%, 5% and 2.5%)

Therefore, participating in these events is the best way to find Shiny Pokemon.

However, if you’re looking for a specific Pokemon that isn’t featured then you may have to settle with the base rate of 1 in 500 (0.2%).

If there are no current events, you can find Permaboost Pokemon, Shadow Pokemon, Mega Raids, especially Legendary or Mythical Pokemon as they have lower odds.

Fortunately, you don’t need to catch every Pokemon you encounter to know whether it’s a Shiny.

Upon the encounter, if a Shiny, the Pokemon will display as its Shiny color. So, for example, a Shiny Ditto would be light blue rather than its usual pink coloring.

Some Pokemon’s Shiny color isn’t too dissimilar from their normal color, though.

One example is Charmander whose Shiny color isn’t too different. Instead, look for the Shiny icon above their CP, as pictured below:

Shiny encounters in Pokemon GO
The 3 star symbol above the Pokemon’s CP indicates it is a Shiny…

Also, be careful not to confuse Shiny Pokemon with regional variants such as Alolan Rattata.

Check out our top 55 coolest Shiny Pokemon if you’re looking for a new target!

Unlucky With Shiny Pokemon

Some Pokemon GO trainers will believe they are unlucky when it comes to Shiny encounters.

This may be true but statistically speaking there will always be some who find Shinies less than they should.

If we take the base rate Shiny of 1 in 500, encountering 500 wild Pokemon does not mean you are guaranteed a Shiny.

It simply means that if you were to encounter 500 wild Pokemon that on average you would find one Shiny.

Some trainers may be lucky and find more, while others may have to do thousands of encounters to find one.

Can You Increase Shiny Odds?

No, you cannot increase Shiny Odds.

In other Pokemon games, there are Shiny Charms which do increase the odds, but these don’t exist in Pokemon GO.

You can either target Pokemon that have lower odds or do a Shiny hunt during time-limited events, where the odds of finding a Shiny are increased.

Can You Trade Shiny Pokemon Between Pokemon GO and Other Games?

No, you cannot send Shiny, or any Pokemon at all for that matter, to Pokemon GO.

However, you can transfer your Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO to Pokemon HOME.

From there you can transfer that Pokemon to another game.