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Full List of Pokemon GO Search Terms

Full List of Pokemon GO Search Terms

Search terms are keywords used in the Pokemon Storage to filter through your Pokemon.

Despite its usefulness, not many Pokemon GO trainers use the search feature, much less to its full potential.

Let’s go through all the search terms and how to combine them to enhance your knowledge about this much under-utilized feature.

Every Pokemon GO Search Term

Recommended filters Pokemon GO Search Bar
The search term bar can be found by going to your Pokemon Storage…

The below table provides the full list of Pokemon GO search terms:

Search TermWhat It Shows
Pokemon NameShows all of the Pokemon with that name. For example, if you type Bulbasaur, all of the Bulbasaur in your Pokemon Storage will show.
Pokedex NumberShows all the Pokemon with that corresponding Pokedex Number.
TypeFilters Pokemon by their types. You can use a supported separator to search for Multiple Types.
+Pokemon NameBy adding + before the name of a Pokemon, it will show its evolution tree. For example, if you search +Charmander, it will show all of the Charmander, Charmeleon, and Charizard in your Pokemon Storage.
1. Fast Attack
2. Charged Attack
3. Secondary Charged Attack
Shows all of the Pokemon that have that attack or type attack. For example, @ember shows all Pokemon with the move. @water shows all Pokemon with a Water-type move. @1fire will show all of the Pokemon with a Fire-type fast attack.
@specialShows all Pokemon that have special moves (moves which can only be learned with an Elite TM)
CP and HPYou can filter Pokemon with their CP or HP. For example, cp1000-2000 shows all Pokemon with a CP of 1000-2000. The same with HP. Just change the cp to hp.
0*, 1*, 2*, 3*, 4*
Shows all of the Pokemon with their IV. For example, 4* will show all of the Hundo Pokemon in your Pokemon Storage.
Specific IVLike the above, but add “attack”, “defense” or “hp” after the number (eg 3defense)
DistanceTyping 1000 or 2000 will show all of the Pokemon caught within that radius of your current location.
Searching Age + numerical value will show the Pokemon you caught for a specific time. For example, Age 5 will show all Pokemon you caught 5 days ago.
YearShows all of the Pokemon caught within a specific year.
RegionShows all Pokemon of that region. For example, kanto will show all of the Pokemon belonging to Kanto.

Shows all Baby Pokemon
gblShows all of the Pokemon caught from the GO Battle League
hatchedShows all hatched Pokemon
raidShows all Pokemon caught from a raid
researchShows all Pokemon caught from Research tasks
rocketShows all Pokemon caught from Team GO Rocket
tradedShows all Pokemon received from trading
male, female, or gender unknownShows all of the male, female, or gender-unknown Pokemon
costumeShows all Event Pokemon
defenderShows Pokemon that is currently defending a Gym
legendaryShows all Legendary Pokemon
luckyShows all Lucky Pokemon
mythicalShows all Mythical Pokemon
purifiedShows all Purified Pokemon
shadowShows all Shadow Pokemon
shinyShows all Shiny Pokemon
ultra beastsShows all Ultra Beasts
buddy0, buddy2-5, buddy5Shows all Pokemon with their Buddy level.
candyxlShows all Pokemon powered up with Candy XL
tradeevolveShows all Pokemon eligible for trade Evolution bonuses
evolveShows all evolvable Pokemon
evolvenewShows all Pokemon that will have a new data entry in the Pokedex when evolved
itemShows all Pokemon that need an Evolution Item to evolve
megaevolveShows all Pokemon that are eligible for Mega Evolution
mega1, mega2-3Shows all Pokemon that reached a specific Mega Level
All Pokemon GO Search Term

For example, you can type “0, 1, and 2*” which will show all Pokemon with 0, 1, and 2 stars IVs.

Generally, these are Pokemon you’d want to transfer which saves a lot of time instead of going through them individually.

Another useful and popular one is CP. If you want to find which of your Pokemon are eligible for Ultra League then simply search “cp0-2500“.

Combining Search Terms – Strings

Example of search term combinations Pokemon GO
Examples of combining search strings in Pokemon GO…

Sometimes filtering by one variable isn’t specific enough. Fortunately, we can combine the above search terms.

For example, if you search, “fire&evolve” it will show all of the Fire type Pokemon that can evolve.

Another example could be “shiny&CP0-1500” which would give you all Shiny Pokemon that are 1,500 CP or under.

After all, the chances of finding a Shiny Pokemon are rare.

OR Function

The above examples filter Pokemon by multiple search terms.

However, sometimes, you may want to search for Pokemon that fit either of the criteria.

Instead of the “&” symbol (which works as an “and”) you can use , : or ; (that’s a comma, colon or semi-colon) which, you guessed it, works as an “or”.

So, going back to our example above, if you changed “fire&evolve” to “fire,evolve” it would give you Pokemon that are Fire types OR can evolve, rather than Pokemon that are Fire types AND can evolve.

Search String Generator

Even with the information above, searching for that specific Pokemon you want can be time-consuming.

For example, if you want to find Pokemon that are Legendary, have a Psychic typing, CP between 2,000 and 2,500, and 4-star defense (15/15), then you could use this string: legendary&psychic&cp2000-2500&4defense

However, that can be fiddly and prone to mistakes. This is why Search String Generators are made.

Current ones include Pogostring and if you want focus on PvP then pvpivs.

In truth though, these are actually more annoying than typing the string out yourself.

We’ve yet to find a good, easy-to-use string generator but if you think you have post it in the comments below!