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When to Keep or Transfer a Pokemon in Pokemon GO

When to Keep or Transfer a Pokemon in Pokemon GO

When you catch a Pokemon in Pokemon GO, you have two options: keep or transfer it.

Keeping it needs no explanation but to transfer a Pokemon means it will be lost permanently.

Trainers have different philosophies as to when is the right time to say goodbye to a Pokemon, ie transfer it.

Transferring Pokemon is a must in Pokemon GO, though. You only have so much Pokemon storage (even after increasing it), so you will need to part ways with a lot of them.

In addition to keeping your Pokemon storage manageable, whenever you do a transfer you’ll receive one Candy for that species of Pokemon.

So, when should a Pokemon be transferred or kept? Let’s discuss the best time and which Pokemon you should be transferring.

Keeping Pokemon Based on IV

Perfect IV Rayquaza, Machamp, and Electivire
Examples of perfect IV Pokemon – don’t transfer these…

Pokemon with 100 IV (perfect IVs), also called Hundo Pokemon by the fans, you should always keep.

The rating for a Pokemon with a Perfect IV will be 3 stars with a red border, or what many trainers call 4 stars.

The maximum levels of HP, Attack, and Defense are also shown. All of three of these have to be full in order for that Pokemon to reach their highest max CP.

Getting a Pokemon with perfect IVs is difficult and certainly requires luck.

The chance of getting a 100 IV Pokemon in the wild, without any weather boosts, is 1 in 4,096 (1 in 15 to the power of 3). This is why you should always keep them.

Due to how rare 100 IV Pokemon are, even Pokemon with 14 out of 15 stats across the board should be kept, too.

You can check a Pokemon’s IV by tapping that Pokemon, then ask the Team Leader to Appraise your Pokemon.

The Team Leader will then display the Pokemon’s ratings to you. There will be three bars below it and the number of stars.

Your Pokemon’s IVs are shown in the three bars below. They represent HP, attack, and defense. While the stars represent your Pokemon’s overall ranking.

Keeping One of Every Pokemon

Some trainers like to keep one of every Pokemon but it comes at a cost.

You will likely have to use real currency as you only have limited Pokemon Box Storage. 

Increasing it will cost 200 PokeCoins and gives you additional +50 storage. 100 PokeCoins cost $0.99.

Increasing your Pokemon storage by 50 costs 200 PokeCoins…

You can avoid using actual money if you want to, but it can be time-consuming.

Essentially, you need to defeat a Gym and defend it. Each hour spent defending a Gym nets you 6 Pokecoins, up to a daily maximum of 50.

This means you must successfully defend a Gym for 4 days to buy a Pokemon Storage Upgrade.

So, if you’re the type of trainer that wants a live completed Pokedex, your storage will be mighty full.

There’s no actual benefit to keeping one of every Pokemon – it’s just something some trainers like to do.

Keep Event, Legendary, and Shiny Pokemon

Generally, you should keep Event, Legendary, and Shiny Pokemon.

Of the above, Legendary Pokemon are the most worth keeping because capturing them requires a lot of work and effort.

The only way to capture a Legendary Pokemon is to use a Raid Pass to join a 5-star Raid. Therefore, it’s unlikely you’ll ever want to get rid of them unless you have several of one species.

The other two are Shiny Pokemon and Event Pokemon.

Even during Community Days, when the spawn rates of certain Pokemon are increased, finding a Shiny Pokemon is rare.

However, if you do make the most of the Community Day period and find several Shinies, then you may want to transfer your weakest (lowest IV) ones.

If you’re low on Shinies here are the coolest Shiny Pokemon to look out for.

It’s also worth noting that any Pokemon you have with an exclusive move is worth keeping.

These moves are far more powerful, especially in GO Battle League.

The only other way to get them is with Elite TMs which are very rare. Consequently, they shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Event Pokemon are similar to Shiny Pokemon whereby if you have more than one they lose their appeal.

So, whether you decide to transfer surplus Shinies or Event Pokemon is down to personal preference.

How to Transfer Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Steps on how to transfer Pokemon in Pokemon GO
How to transfer Pokemon in Pokemon GO…

Here’s how to transfer Pokemon in Pokemon GO:

  1. Tap the PokeBall on the main Pokemon GO screen, then tap Pokemon
  2. Tap the Pokemon you want to transfer
  3. Press the three lines on the bottom right
  4. Select transfer, then press yes to obtain your Candy and remove that Pokemon