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What Does IV Mean in Pokemon GO?

What Does IV Mean in Pokemon GO?

In Pokemon GO, Individual Values (IVs) influence how powerful your Pokemon can become.

There are three IVs Attack, Defense, and Stamina. Each one has a value of 0 to 15.

  • Attack – Determines the damage your Pokemon deals.
  • Defense – Determines the amount of damage your Pokemon receives.
  • Stamina – Determines the amount of HP your Pokemon has.

You can check your Pokemon’s IVs by following these steps:

  1. Tap the Pokeball icon
  2. Select the Pokemon that you want to check
  3. Tap the three bars icon on the lower right
  4. Choose Appraise, then the Team Leader will show you the IVs of that Pokemon

For more information on determining a Pokemon’s strength, our what’s the difference between CP and IV article has you covered.

Are IVs Important?

Yes, IVs are important because they determine the strength of a Pokemon relative to those of the same species.

Strength isn’t determined purely by IVs though, in fact they’re a small part of it.

Every Pokemon in Pokemon GO has different base stats. The IVs of a Pokemon are added to these base stats.

So, we can say the approximate strength of a Pokemon is its base stats + IVs.

Let’s provide an example to illustrate this:

If Charizard has a base attack of 223 and a 15 IV on Attack, its Attack stats are 238 (223+15).

Applying the same logic to Defense and Stamina will give you an overall number for its strength.

A high Attack IV tends to be more beneficial in Raid Battles whereas high Defense and Stamina provides more use in PvP (GO Battle League).

Great League and Ultra League have respective CP limits of 1,500 and 2,500. Therefore, you should prioritize Defense and Stamina IVs more than Attack.

You want to get your Pokemon’s CP as close to the league limit as possible.

In Master League, there is no CP limit. As a result, you want as high CP as possible from your Pokemon.

While Defense and Stamina is still more important, you want to as high IVs as possible across the board.

What are Good IVs for a Pokemon?

Rayquaza, Mewtwo, and Pikachu with good IVs Pokemon GO
Examples of good IVs in Pokemon GO…

If a Pokemon has perfect IVs, it would have an Attack of 15, a Defense of 15, a Stamina of 15 which are indicated by three stars and a red stamp. These are the best IVs a Pokemon can have.

However, 100% IV Pokemon are rare. Consequently, even IVs of 14 across the board would be considered good IVs.

Uxie, Raikou, and Garchomp Pokemon GO
Example of 1 star, 2 star and 3 star IVs in Pokemon GO…

Here’s a breakdown of how the Pokemon GO app’s appraisal system distinguishes between IVs:

  • 100% IV: 3 stars and a red stamp
  • 80% to 99%: 3 stars and an orange stamp
  • 66% to 80%: 2 stars
  • 50% to 65%: 1 star