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Pokemon GO: Best Pokemon to Use Elite Fast TM On

Pokemon GO: Best Pokemon to Use Elite Fast TM On

While Elite Fast TMs aren’t quite as valuable as their Charged counterparts, it remains important not to waste them.

Elite TMs are one of, if not, the rarest items in Pokemon GO.

Fortunately, we have a guide on the best (and free) ways to get either an Elite Fast or Charged TM.

In comparison to Elite Charged TMs moves, there aren’t as many to choose from for an Elite Fast TM.

Nevertheless, there are some moves that take some Pokemon from mediocrity to part of the GO Battle League meta.

Here are the best Pokemon to use an Elite Fast TM on:

1. Walrein – Powder Snow

  • Damage per turn: 2.5
  • Energy per turn: 4
Walrein teeth
If you’re willing to use Elite TMs, Walrein is tough to beat in GO Battle League – Image: Bulbapedia

Due to the January 2022 Community Day, Walrein has become an excellent Pokemon to use in PVP with the addition of its Legacy Moves.

The Fast Attack Powder Snow will enable Walrein to quickly charge Icicle Spear or Earthquake to easily defeat Giratina, Galarian Stunfisk, Registeel, and many more.

It should be noted that Icicle Spear is a must-have move and requires an Elite Charged TM.

So, an effective Walrein will cost you two Elite TMs!

2. Pidgeot – Wing Attack

  • Damage per turn: 2.5
  • Energy per turn: 4
Pidgeot flying
Most trainers prefer Pidgeot’s Wing Attack over Gust – Image: Bulbapedia

Pidgeot has become a staple in GO Battle League due to the presence of the Feather Dance move.

Feather Dance is a Charged Attack with a -2 ATK debuff on an enemy every time you use it. 

With Wing Attack’s high energy generation, you can quickly hinder your opponent’s attack.

This makes Pidgeot one of the most valued Pokemon to use an Elite Fast TM on.

Some trainers prefer Gust due to its higher damage. However, given how important energy generation in GO Battle League is, Wing Attack wins out.

3. Talonflame – Incinerate

  • Damage per turn: 3
  • Energy per turn: 4
Talonflame flying
With the right moves Talonflame is great in Ultra League – Image: Bulbapedia

For Talonflame to be effective, you must teach it Incinerate with an Elite Fast TM.

It provides the same damage as its other Fire type Fast Move, Fire Spin, but much better energy generation.

Talonflame performs best in Ultra League with the Charged Attacks Brave Bird and Flame Charge.

It is also viable for the Great League.

4. Alolan Golem – Rollout

  • Damage per turn: 1.33
  • Energy per turn: 4.33
Alolan Golem with Alolan Geodude
Alolan Golem is an under-utilized Pokemon in Great League – Image: Bulbapedia

With its appearance, you might think Alolan Golem is a defensive Pokemon.

Think again; its best stat is Attack and with the Fast Attack Rollout, you can easily bulldoze your enemy in the Great League.

While its damage dealt is small, it has a massive energy generation of 4.33 per turn.

Use the Charged Attacks Rock Blast and Wild Charge to really annoy your opponents.

The downside to Alolan Golem is that it’s only effective in Great League.

5. Lapras – Ice Shard

  • Damage per turn: 3
  • Energy per turn: 3.33
Lapras ocean
Lapras has some of the best Stamina stats in Pokemon GO – Image: Bulbapedia

Some Pokemon GO trainers think Lapras is essential while others aren’t fussed.

On one hand, it has excellent bulk but even with Ice Shard, it’s hard to get out enough Charged attacks.

It is most effective with the Fast Attack Ice Shard combined with Surf and Ice Beam for its Charged attacks.

It is mainly used to counter other meta Pokemon like Giratina and can stand toe to toe with Swampert.

You only need to look out for Grass, Fighting, and Steel types.

Lapras is also excellent at defending Gyms due to its high HP.

6. Dewgong – Ice Shard

  • Damage per turn: 3
  • Energy per turn: 3.33
Dewgong smiling
Dewgong needs two Elite TMs to be worth using in GO Battle League – Image: Bulbapedia

Do not underestimate the friendly Sea Lion Pokemon, it is one of the best in Great League. 

Among the Fast Attacks available to Dewgong, Ice Shard has the highest energy gain.

You guessed it though, it’s a Legacy move that can only be learned during a Community Day or using an Elite Fast TM.

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Unfortunately, to get the most out of Dewgong it will set you back an Elite Charged TM, too, in the form of Icy Wind.

It falls short of Lapras in Ultra League and Master League; however, you can still dominate with Dewgong in the Great League due to its bulkiness.

7. Zapdos – Thunder Shock

  • Damage per turn: 1.5
  • Energy per turn: 4.5
Zapdos flying
Thunder Shock is a great Fast move but Zapdos isn’t an essential Pokemon in GO Battle League – Image: Bulbapedia

As one of the three Legendary Birds, Zapdos has been one of the most powerful Electric Pokemon. 

It is also one of the best Pokemon to use an Elite Fast TM and learn Thunder Shock.

Of Electric type Fast moves, Thunder Shock has the highest energy generation, which as mentioned above is vital for GO Battle League.

Zapdos’ other Fast Move, Charge Beam, has far less energy generation. Therefore, without it, the iconic Kanto legend isn’t a viable option.

If Galarian Stunfisk didn’t exist, Zapdos would be one of the best Pokemon in the Great League.

Due to its high CP, Zapdos is most effective in Master League.

8. Charizard – Wing Attack

  • Damage per turn: 2.5
  • Energy per turn: 4
Charizard fire breath
Charizard is great but due to its Defense stat you’ll need a Protect Shield or two – Image: Bulbapedia

One of the most popular Pokemon, Charizard, is still one of the most effective in Pokemon GO – in both PvE and PvP.

Charizard has three Legacy Fast Attacks, but only two of them are worth using an Elite Fast TM on.

Dragon Breath has the highest DPS among Charizard Fast Attack and it is very effective against Dragon-type Pokemon in the Ultra League, like Altaria and Dragonite.

However, for GO Battle League, Wing Attack wins out due to superior energy generation.

The best league for Charizard is in the Ultra League to counter those pesky Steel-types, especially Registeel.

If you can bait your opponent’s Protect Shields then Blast Burn or Overheat can sometimes take out foes in one-shot!

Charizard is still one of the best Pokemon at Raids, and its Mega Evolutions made it even better.

9. Alolan Sandslash – Shadow Claw

  • Damage per turn: 3
  • Energy per turn: 4
Alolan Sandslash claws
You’ll see Alolan Sandslash in Great League a lot… – Image: Bulbapedia

Alolan Sandslash is another Pokemon worthy of an Elite Fast TM.

In the current meta of Great and Ultra Leagues, dominated mainly by steel-types, Alolan Sandslash with Shadow Claw can shine.

With Shadow Claw as the Fast Attack and Ice Punch and Bulldoze as Charge Attacks, you can defeat Cresselia, Trevenant, or Giratina easily.

However, with its Ice/Steel dual typing, you will have difficulty facing Fire, Fighting, or Ground types.

It comes up short against all of Galaran Stunfisk, Swampert, and Talonflame – so be careful!

Powder Snow is a fine alternative to Shadow Claw – some Pokemon GO trainers even prefer it – which is why Alolan Sandslash is 9th on this list.

10. Mew – Shadow Claw

  • Damage per turn: 3
  • Energy per turn: 4
Mew laughing
You can’t predict what moves Mew will use in Pokemon GO! – Image: Bulbapedia

Mew might not have a Legacy Move, but its various Fast Attacks make it an excellent choice to use an Elite Fast TM on.

As mentioned in the Pokedex, Mew is said to have the DNA of every Pokemon. This means that it can learn every move.

In Pokemon GO, Mew has 14 Fast Attacks, so if you want to obtain one, you need to either use an Elite Fast TM or a normal one and hope for the best.

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Given how common Fast TMs are, we’ve decided to feature Mew at the bottom of this list.

But, if you are somehow plentiful in Elite Fast TMs, and don’t want to use several normal Fast TMs to get the move you want, then we suppose it would be acceptable to use one.

Mew is excellent in the Great League and is decent in both the Ultra League and the Master League.

Use Shadow Claw as its Fast Attack and then any two of the 25 possible Charge moves it has.

There’s no Pokemon better at keeping your opponent guessing!