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Which Pokemon Game Has the Most Pokemon?

Which Pokemon Game Has the Most Pokemon?

Contrary to popular belief and the fan-favorite tagline, you actually can’t “catch ‘em all” in Pokemon anymore. 

And with the removal of the National Dex in newer releases, specifically starting in Gen 7, hardcore Pokemon collectors are not happy about it.

If you’re curious about where the ever-increasing number of Pokemon stands, check out our article on how many Pokemon there are now.


Pokemon Game With Most Pokemon

The Pokemon game with the most Pokemon is Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

While its Alola Dex only has 403, it can get all 807 Pokemon released at that time through Pokemon Bank.

However, this standing can change with the integration of Pokemon HOME with newer games.

Meanwhile, the Pokemon game that has the most catchable Pokemon is Gen 8’s Sword and Shield and its Expansion Pass. With 664 available Pokemon, only 234 are unobtainable.

With the number of Pokemon reaching more than 1,000 as of Gen 9, it seems like Game Freak doesn’t want to put all Pokemon in a single game anymore.

How Many Pokemon Can You Catch in Each Game?

The below table shows all major Pokemon games with the number of Pokemon you can catch and record in its Regional and National Dex.

GameCatchable Pokemon
(Dex info)
New Pokemon AddedTotal Number of Pokemon
During Release
Red, Blue,
Gold, Silver,
Ruby, Sapphire,
(386 with FRLG)
(493 w/ NatDex)
(493 w/ Nat/Dex)
(493 w/ NatDex)
(649 w/ NatDex)
Black 2,
White 2
(649 w/ NatDex)
X, Y457
(721 w/ NatDex)
Omega Ruby,
Alpha Sapphire
(721 w/ NatDex)
Ultra Sun,
Ultra Moon
Let’s Go
(480 w/ raids,
events, HOME, etc.)
Isle of Armor2113893
Crown Tundra2105898
Brilliant Diamond,
Shining Pearl
(493 w/ NatDex)
Legends Arceus2427905
(528+ w/ HOME)

Let’s look at some of these releases a bit more closely and see how many Pokemon you can catch, whether on your own or with the help of trading or other Pokemon-related services.

Credit to Mewlax for some of the Professor Oak Challenge info.

How Many Pokemon Can You Catch in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Catchable Pokemon

The Paldean Pokedex has a total of 400 Pokemon, which you can complete by trading with other players to get the starter Pokemon you didn’t pick and version exclusive Pokemon.

But thanks to event raids and Pokemon HOME, you can get a hundred more Pokemon and counting.

However, if you want none of that and are adamant about catching Pokemon on your own, you can catch 371 Pokemon on a solo mission.

How Many Pokemon Can You Catch in Pokemon Legends: Arceus?

Pokemon Legends Arceus Catchable Pokemon

Because of its setting and story, Legends: Arceus, understandably, doesn’t have all Pokemon included in its Pokedex.

However, the good news is that you can actually catch all Pokemon in the game!

That means you can catch all 242 Pokemon in Legends: Arceus on your own.

You don’t need to trade to get certain evolutions or wait for events to get its Legendaries. You can even get Arceus!

How Many Pokemon Can You Catch in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Pokemon Sword Shield Catchable Pokemon

You can get all 400 Pokemon on Sword and Shield, as well as an additional 80 more Pokemon, through a mix of trading with other players, raiding dens, receiving certain Pokemon through events, and using Pokemon HOME.

However, if you want to do a solo run and aim to catch Pokemon on your own without any help from those mentioned above – essentially doing a Professor Oak Challenge – you can catch 364 Pokemon on either Sword or Shield.

The remaining 36 are made up of the starter Pokemon and its evolutions that you didn’t pick, as well as version exclusives.

How Many Pokemon Can You Catch in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon?

Pokemon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon Catchable Pokemon

Alola’s Pokedex lets you collect and record 403 Pokemon in its system. On a solo run, without the help of trading and other methods, you can get 367 Pokemon on your own.

Unfortunately, that’s the extent of catching you can do, even during its post-game, due to the lack of a National Dex.

It does have a unique feature called Island Scan that lets you catch Pokemon not from the Alolan Dex.

Gen 7 was the first generation to not get the National Dex, much to the chagrin of dedicated Pokemon fans.

Game Freak did offer Pokemon Bank at that time, which was a service where you can store and transfer Pokemon. Through this, you can transfer non-Alolan Pokemon into Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

How Many Pokemon Can You Catch in Pokemon X and Y?

Pokemon X and Y Catchable Pokemon

The full Kalos Pokedex is 457 Pokemon. For a solo run that doesn’t include trading or other methods, you can catch 410 Pokemon in either X or Y.

Pokemon X and Y are also notable for being the last set of Pokemon games with the National Dex included in its post-game and having the Friend Safari. 

On your own, you can catch 422 out of 721 Pokemon for the National Dex, which was the total number of Pokemon at that time.

The remaining Pokemon are the starter evolution line and fossils that you didn’t pick, as well as version exclusive Pokemon.

The Friend Safari feature can also get you a 100 or so more by simply connecting to your friends and catching Pokemon there.

How Many Pokemon Can You Catch in Pokemon GO?

Although not a mainline Pokemon game, Pokemon GO isn’t far behind when it comes to catching and collecting Pokemon!

As of May 2023, Pokemon GO has a total of 795 Pokemon. 

If you have been a diligent player since the start, and have been visiting different places, trading with other players, and joined raids and special events, you might be close to catching all current 795 Pokemon!