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Pokemon Characters Height and Age Guide

Pokemon Characters Height and Age Guide

The Pokemon animated series lasted for 26 years and became a part of a lot of people’s childhoods. Many of us watched the show as a kid and even well into our adult life.

But unlike us, the kid characters never become grown-ups and are perpetually in the same state in both height and age.

Ash will forever be that rash but well-intentioned kid who instills a sense of adventure in others, which sounds quite nostalgic.

Cartoon time logic aside, let’s take a trip down memory lane and learn some Pokemon trivia about these beloved Pokemon characters.

If you’re curious about how tall and old the characters are, we’ve compiled the heights and ages of most of the anime’s major characters below.

Pokemon Characters Heights and Ages Comparison

Ash Ketchum4’7″ / 140 cm10
Misty5’1″ / 155 cm10
Brock5’6″ / 168 cm15*
Jessie5’7″ / 170 cm25+
James5’8″ / 173 cm25+
Gary Oak5’0″ / 152 cm10
Ritchie4’7″ / 140 cm10
Tracey Sketchit5’6″ / 168 cm12 – 15*
May4’6″ / 137 cm10
Max2’8″ / 81 cm7*
Dawn4’8″ / 142 cm10
Iris4’6″ / 137 cm10 – 12*
Cilan5’6″ / 168 cm15+
Serena4’8″ / 142 cm10*
Clemont4’7″ / 140 cm10 – 11*
Bonnie2’5″ / 74 cm7 – 8*
Lillie4’9″ / 145 cm10 – 11*
Lana4’2″ / 127 cm11*
Kiawe5’5″ / 165 cm15+*
Sophocles3’0″ / 91 cm11*
Mallow5’0″ / 152 cm11*
Gladion5’0″ / 152 cm12 – 14*
Goh4’7″ / 140 cm10
Chloe4’7″ / 140 cm10
Professor Oak5’7″ / 170 cm50+
*Estimate based on all information available

Ash Ketchum

Ash looking into the crowd in a stadium
Source: Bulbapedia

Where better to start than the iconic protagonist and star of the show: Ash Ketchum.

His tenacity and can-do attitude inspired everyone as he worked towards his dream of becoming a Pokemon Master.

After years of battling, he eventually won the Pokemon World Coronation Series and became a World Champion.

But how tall is Ash Ketchum? Well, this 10-year-old Pokemon trainer has an official height released by the Pokemon Company: 4’7” (140 cm).


Misty throwing a Pokeball
Source: Bulbapedia

Misty’s height is somewhat deceptive. She appears quite tall but she is actually only 5’1″ (155 cm).

She was one of the first companions who accompanied Ash on his journey.

Although her initial reason for accompanying him was to get her bike back, the two became fast friends who supported each other’s dreams.

Like Ash, Misty is also 10 years old.


Brock with the Boulder Badge
Source: Bulbapedia

Brock also looks taller than he is. The former Pewter City Gym Leader’s height is 5’6″ (168 cm), making him nearly a foot taller than Ash!

Brock is also one of Ash’s first companions. He even left his position as Gym Leader to join Ash on his journey through Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh to work on becoming a Pokemon Breeder.

However, he eventually decided to go home and become a Pokemon Doctor.


Jessie happy with her Pokemon
Source: Bulbapedia

With her long hair and short fuse, Jessie is the vain but tough half of the Team Rocket duo. No matter how many times the group gets blasted into the skies, she comes back fiercer than ever to steal more Pokemon!

And even though she gets mad at her teammates a lot, she is their number one cheerleader. Some fans even speculate about her relationship with James.

Along with her partner, Jessie has always been implied to be older than Ash and his friends. Jessie’s height is thought to be 5’7″ (170 cm).


James happy with his Pokemon
Source: Bulbapedia

The softer half of the iconic Team Rocket duo but still as eager as his partner when it comes to Pokemon thievery, James is best remembered for his rose, suave delivery of the Team Rocket motto, and funny one-liners in the English dub.

He’s also known for dressing up a lot, although his most iconic costume will always be their Team Rocket uniform.

Like Jessie, he is much older than Ash and his companions. He’s also taller than them with a height of 5’8″ (173 cm).

Gary Oak

Gary with blue sky and clouds in the background
Source: Bulbapedia

Gary Oak is the grandson of Professor Oak and is also Ash’s long-time rival and childhood friend.

He started as an arrogant trainer towards Ash and would antagonize him whenever he could.

It was only after his loss at the Pokemon League that Gary slowly changed into a humbler person. He eventually decided to become a Pokemon Researcher.

He is the same age as Ash and also started his Pokemon journey at the age of 10. He is slightly taller though at around 5’0” (152 cm).


Ritchie in a stadium
Source: Bulbapedia

Ritchie is another rival of Ash who he met earlier in the series. The two are alike in a lot of things—from their looks and caught Pokemon, to their dream of becoming a Pokemon Master!

Ritchie is also a similar height and age – 4’7” (140 cm) and 10 years of age. They’re two peas in a (Meta)pod.

Tracey Sketchit

Tracey Sketchit with a Spearow
Source: Bulbapedia

Tracey accompanied Ash on his journey in the Orange Islands.

He is a Pokemon Watcher who travels the world to study and observe Pokemon. The way he takes down notes is usually through sketching Pokemon.

Tracey is also slightly older than Ash. He is also taller at 5’6” (168 cm)


May waving
Source: Bulbapedia

May became one of Ash’s companions during his travels in Hoenn and Kanto. She traveled with Ash, Brock, and her little brother Max.

There are three things she’s passionate about: fashion, food, and becoming a Pokemon Coordinator.

May puts a lot of effort into her looks and she will explode in anger if someone steals her food!

In the first episode of Ruby and Sapphire, May mentions her age. No official information has been released for her height, but it is estimated that May is 4’6” (137 cm) tall.


Max with glasses
Source: Bulbapedia

Max is the little brother of May. He started as a know-it-all and always showed off his book smarts about Pokemon.

Later, he learns real-world Pokemon knowledge from Brock and his adventures with Ash.

Max and May are both children of Norman, the Petalburg Gym Leader. Max aims to become a Pokemon trainer like his father someday.

In his debut episode, Max is said to be 7 years old and 2’8” (81 cm) tall.


Dawn with Piplup on her head
Source: Bulbapedia

Dawn is one of Ash’s companions in the Sinnoh region. She has always dreamed of becoming a top Pokemon Coordinator just like her mom.

Her first Pokemon and closest companion is the very cute but prideful Piplup.

She decided to travel with Ash and Brock to gain valuable experiences in the Pokemon world. Eventually, the trio developed a close friendship.

The Sinnoh region native even traveled to Galar to watch Ash in the World Championship!

Dawn is 10 years old, as stated in her first episode. She’s a similar height to Ash, at around 4’8” (142 cm).


Iris with Axew jumping
Source: Bulbapedia

An aspiring Dragon Master who left her village to raise her Axew to a Haxorus, Iris became one of Ash’s traveling companions in the Unova region.

With her adventurous nature and natural talent for training Pokemon, particularly Dragon type Pokemon, Iris was a prodigy in her village who eventually became a Pokemon Champion in Unova.

Unlike previous companions, her age isn’t really stated in the animated series, but she is estimated to be around 10 to 12 years old.

She is shorter than Ash at a height of 4’6” (137 cm).


Cilan with his arm extended
Source: Bulbapedia

Also accompanying Ash in the Unova region is Cilan, an A-class Pokemon Connoisseur and part of Striaton City’s Gym Leader brother trio.

The brothers have their own thematic element, and Cilan’s is Grass type, which he shows through his Pokemon and whenever he talks about herbs and leaves. He’s also quite a good cook!

Cilan is older than Ash and is estimated to be at least 15 years old. He is 5’6” (168 cm) tall.


Serena outside a stadium
Source: Bulbapedia

Serena is one of Ash’s companions during his travels in Kalos.

The two met as kids during a Pokemon summer camp with Professor Oak where Ash cheered her up. Sadly, Ash has no memory of this encounter.

Over their journey, the two bonded and forged a strong friendship.

Serena eventually became a successful Pokemon Performer and Pokemon Coordinator with her beloved Delphox, Pancham, and Sylveon.

Serena’s age has never been stated by the show, but it would be safe to assume that she is around Ash’s age (10). She is also slightly taller than Ash at 4’8” (142 cm).


Clement with his Pokemon
Source: Bulbapedia

Also traveling with Ash in Kalos is Clemont, Lumiose City’s Gym Leader and inventor extraordinaire. Clemont specializes in Electric type Pokemon.

Interestingly, Clemont wanted to focus on his inventions, so he made a robot version of himself called Clembot to take over his gym responsibilities.

Unfortunately, this went awry and he eventually had to challenge the robot himself.

Although he’s already a gym leader and an inventor, Clemont’s age is around 10.

Clemont’s height is 4’7” (140 cm).


Bonnie with her Squishy
Source: Bulbapedia

Bonnie is the little sister of Clemont who tagged along on Ash’s journey in Kalos. She might be young, but she is quite witty and has a sharp tongue, especially when she criticizes her brother!

But Bonnie does care for her big bro, as shown whenever she tries to find a wife for him in a joking manner.

She is proud of his accomplishments and inventions and strives to become an excellent Pokemon trainer like him.

This tiny cutie pie looks around 2’5” (74 cm) in height. Her age isn’t mentioned in the show, but she looks to be between 7 and 8 years old.


Lillie looking at Pokemon statues
Source: Bulbapedia

Lillie is one of the students at Melemele Island’s Pokemon School. She became one of Ash’s classmates when he enrolled there.

At the start of the story, Lillie had a crippling fear of touching Pokemon, to the point that she would freeze up whenever one was near her.

This was due to a tragic and traumatic accident that happened to her as a kid. What happened?

Lillie later caught an Alolan Vulpix whom she named Snowy. Through Snowy, she slowly became comfortable with touching and petting Pokemon.

Lillie seems to be around 10/11 years of age and is 4’9” (145 cm) in height.


Lana the Water type trial captain
Source: Bulbapedia

Lana is also a student at Melemele Island’s Pokemon School and a classmate of Ash.

She is usually quiet and soft-spoken but can get incensed whenever she sees anyone mistreating Pokemon.

Lana loves Water type Pokemon and doing water-related activities, such as fishing and cruising on Lapras.

Aside from her Lapras, Lana is very close to her Popplio who eventually evolved into Primarina!

There is no official info on her age but she looks around 11. She is 4’2” (127 cm).


Kiawe flexing his biceps
Source: Bulbapedia

A fan of Fire type Pokemon, Kiawe is the hot-blooded and fiery student of Melemele Island’s Pokemon School. His dream is to become Akala Island’s kahuna someday.

Kiawe helps his family’s farm business by delivering packages with the help of his Charizard.

He is also very passionate about the importance of Z-Rings, to the point that he got furious at Ash for losing his Electrium Z!

Kiawe seems to be older than the rest of the students and is therefore at least 15 years old. He’s also the tallest of the group, at around 5’5” (165 cm).


Sophocles with a tablet
Source: Bulbapedia

Sophocles is another classmate of Ash at Melemele Island’s Pokemon School.

At times, he can be rude and too focused on his inventions, but he’s just a direct person who’s very passionate about his interests.

Sophocles loves Electric type Pokemon and his closest Pokemon companion is Togedemaru. This adorable ball of electrifying cuteness, who has a lot of resistances, would even act as a night light for Sophocles!

Sophocles is estimated to be 11 years old. He is just 3’0″ (91 cm) tall.


Mallow the Grass type trial captain
Source: Bulbapedia

Mallow is also Ash’s classmate at Melemele Island’s Pokemon School.

She is a cheerful, energetic, and upbeat girl who has no problem befriending anyone. Her family owns a restaurant which made Mallow a great cook.

She specializes in Grass Pokemon and her closest Pokemon companion is Bounsweet who eventually evolved into Tsareena.

For a short time, she also cared for Mythical flower Pokemon Shaymin.

Mallow is 11 years old and is 5’0″ (152 cm) tall.


Gladion with a stern look
Source: Bulbapedia

The serious and often brooding older brother of Lillie, Gladion ran away from home in order to train himself and his Pokemon to fight the Ultra Beasts. He blamed himself for what happened to his sister.

He became one of Ash’s rivals in Alola and our plucky protagonist would always try to challenge him.

Gladion’s closest Pokemon companions are Umbreon, Lycanroc, Sylvally, and Zoroark.

He is older than Lillie and his age is suspected to be between 12 and 14. His height is 5’0” (152 cm).


Goh throwing a Pokeball
Source: Bulbapedia

Goh is the co-protagonist in Pokemon Journeys alongside Ash.

He dreams of catching every Pokemon, especially Mew. His encounter with Mew when he was a little kid inspired him to become a Pokemon trainer.

As a kid, Goh spent a lot of time reading and researching Pokemon, to the point that he grew up not having any friends except Chloe.

He’s glad he met Ash and their time together showed him the importance of friendship and healthy rivalry.

Like Ash, Goh’s height has been officially released. He’s 4’7” (140 cm) tall and 10 years old.


Chloe reading a book with Pidove
Source: Bulbapedia

Chloe is Goh’s childhood friend. Although she didn’t fully accompany Ash and Goh in their travels, she did join them now and then.

Chloe can seem aloof and indifferent to people at first. She is also cautious and a realist compared to her big dreamer friends.

It was later revealed that her aloofness stems from her uncertainty about her future. During her travels with Ash and Goh, she slowly opens up and learns a lot about Pokemon.

Side by side, she is the same height as Ash and Goh and is also implied to be the same age as them.

Professor Oak

Professor Oak with a scenic background
Source: Bulbapedia

When it comes to Pokemon professors, Professor Oak is the most known out of all of them.

He has been there for Ash’s journey since the beginning and was the one to give Ash his Pikachu.

He keeps the rest of Ash’s Pokemon with him whenever the young trainer heads off to a new region. Ash also calls him for advice every now and then.

His grandson, Gary, is Ash’s rival and childhood friend. Professor Oak also has a cousin named Samson who is a Pokemon professor in Alola.

The fourth Pokemon movie, Celebi: The Voice of the Forest, mentions his age. He seems to be 50 years old, with a height estimation of 5’7″ (170 cm).

Ash, Clemont, Serena and Bonnie walking
Source: Bulbapedia

How was that for a refresher on popular Pokemon characters?

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We’ve even compiled all banned episodes, as well as unaired ones. Happy watching!