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Should You Pledge Service to Kenneth in Elden Ring?

Should You Pledge Service to Kenneth in Elden Ring?

In Elden Ring, you will encounter a nobleman NPC named Kenneth Haight while crossing Limgrave Fields.

As a result of a Stormveil Knight taking charge of his fort, Kenneth Haight, wants your assistance to reclaim it.

At this point, you will head to his fort. Reclaiming Kenneth’s fort is relatively easy for an Elden Ring mission.

Once you do so, and you report back to him, he will present you with the Erdsteel Dagger as thanks.

Following this, upon exhausting his dialogue, the apparent next ruler of Limgrave will then request that you pledge service to him, with the subsequent suggestion you will be knighted for your efforts.

Many players are confused about whether they should pledge service to Kenneth or not. We give the answer below.

Pledge Service Kenneth Or Not Elden Ring
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Should I Pledge Service to Kenneth in Elden Ring?

There isn’t a simple yes or no answer as to whether you should pledge service to Kenneth Haight.

If you don’t pledge service, there are no negative consequences to doing so. However, you will miss out on a small part of the Elden Ring story.

Alternatively, if you do pledge to serve Kenneth he will ask you to attend a unique ceremony at Fort Haight. He can be found at the top of it where you will do nothing more than talk to him.

This is the extent of pledging service. Saying yes to him requires minimal additional game time so that itself isn’t a reason to decline.

Therefore, there isn’t too much difference between pledging service to Kenneth or not doing so.

Consequently, this is one of the less important decisions you make in Elden Ring. Whether you should serve Ranni or give Nepheli the potion Selvius gives you have a far greater impact on the story.

Does Kenneth Haight Make You a Knight?

Kenneth Knight Elden Ring
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Once you begin talking to him and exhaust his dialogue, he’ll admit that he lied as he doesn’t have the “authority to raise you to knighthood”.

Should you decide to kill him, presumably for misleading you, Kenneth drops a golden seed. This can be spent at a Grace Site to upgrade your Healing Flask.

Where Is Kenneth Haight Fort?

Kenneth Haight is located above the ruins that cover the route between the Third Church of Marika and Mistwood Outskirts sites of grace in the northeastern part of Limgrave.

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Fort Haight is located on a hill overlooking the seashore on the Mistwood’s southern side. You can easily follow the main road that passes through Mistwood to get there.