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How To Make Leather and Fabric in Palia

How To Make Leather and Fabric in Palia

Like many new players in Palia, you’re probably excited to finally soar the skies with your glider.

You already talked with Najuma at Bahari Bay, got the needed glider quest from her, and are now one step closer to the glider of your dreams.

There’s just one problem—you don’t know where to get leather and fabric to complete the quest!

We won’t let your worries take flight. Instead, we’ll help you glide the skies with your own glider.

Here’s our quick guide on how to make leather and fabric in Palia!

How To Get Fabric and Leather in Palia

Ready to get your hands on some leather and fabric? Here are three ways to get these materials in Palia.

  1. Make Leather and Fabric using a Fabric Loom. You will get the Fabric Loom recipe once you reach level 2 in Furniture Making. You’ll need a Sernuk Hide for Leather and Cotton for Fabric.
  2. Buy Leather and Fabric from Tish’s Material Store. Go to Tish’s furniture shop in town and interact with the cash register to open the material store.
  3. Request Leather and Fabric from other players. You can ask other players to contribute materials to you through the game’s Request feature.

We’ve added more info regarding these methods below.

Craft Leather and Fabric Through the Fabric Loom Crafting Station

Craft Leather and Fabric with Fabric Loom

To craft Leather and Fabric, you will need to get a Fabric Loom first. The recipe for the Fabric Loom will be available to you once you reach level 2 of Furniture Making.

To level up your furniture-making skills, craft a lot of furniture on your Worktable. Start with furniture that doesn’t need difficult-to-forage materials, such as Log Cabin items that only need Sapwood.

Once you reach level 2, Tish will send you a letter about new furniture recipes available to you, which includes the Fabric Loom recipe.

Go talk to her to buy it. She’s usually in her furniture shop, in Jel’s tailor shop, or at the entrance of the village.

Visit Tish for furniture-related recipes

Important Note: The Fabric Loom recipe is with her, not in her furniture shop’s cash register.

The Fabric Loom recipe costs 100 Gold. You will need 15 x Sapwood Planks, 20 x Plant Fibers, 2 x Copper Bars, and 5 x Ceramic to make it.

Once you’ve made your own Fabric Loom, place it and interact with it to start crafting Leather and Fabric.

Crafting in Palia needs materials and time

To craft Leather, you will need 1 x Sernuk Hide and 5 minutes of waiting time. To craft Fabric, you will need 1 x Cotton and 8 minutes of waiting time.

You can get Sernuk Hides from hunting Sernuks in the wild. For Cotton, you’ll have to plant Cotton Seeds and water it for 5 in-game days.

Buy Fabric and Leather Through Tish’s Store

Buy materials for furniture from Tish

If you think crafting is too much of a hassle, you can conveniently buy some leather and fabric at Tish’s material and furniture store in Kilima Village.

Just head over to the furniture store and interact with the cash register (yes, you can still buy it without Tish being there). One piece of Leather will cost you 60 Gold, while one Fabric will need 190 Gold.

If you’re here for Najuma’s “Like a Bird” glider quest, you’ll need 5 Leather and 2 Fabric to finish the quest, which means you’ll have to come up with 680 Gold to buy all the needed materials!

Request Fabric and Leather From Other Players

Request Leather and Fabric from other players

You can easily ask other players to give you some materials through the game’s Request feature!

On the Switch, open the menu with ‘+’, go down to Social Menus, and go to Requests. Select Request Item and pick the materials you need.

Now all you have to do is wait until another player sees your request and fulfills it.

Travel around Palia with your glider

Got your Leather and Fabric? If you’re still missing a couple more, just let us know in the comments below and we’ll send you some. Happy gliding!