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Complete Palia Fishing Guide For Nintendo Switch Players

Complete Palia Fishing Guide For Nintendo Switch Players

In many games, fishing has always been weirdly difficult or unwieldy.

Either you have to drop the hook right in front of the fish (looking at you Animal Crossing and Fae Farm) or you need insane control when reeling (intently staring at you Stardew Valley).

Luckily, fishing in Palia is less stressful.

If you’re new to Palia on the Nintendo Switch and need a crash course on how to fish in Palia, here’s our quick fishing guide with step-by-step instructions. You’ll soon discover how relaxing it is!

How To Fish in Palia

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to fish in Palia for Switch players.

  1. Go face a body of water.
  2. Open your Tool Ring by pressing and holding ZL, then choose the fishing rod by moving the right joystick.
  3. Press and hold ZR to cast out your rod. Let go when the distance is good enough for fishing.
  4. The fish will bite four times. On the fourth bite, press and hold ZR to reel the fish in.
  5. While holding ZR, move the right joystick so your hook will stay within the brackets. Continue to do so until you fully reel in the fish.
  6. Visit Einar for fishing quests, recipes, and upgrades.

Here’s an in-depth guide with pictures and additional info.

Go Face a Body of Water

Water in Palia to fish from

In Palia, you can fish in rivers, ponds, and seas. You can even fish in caves! Different bodies of water and locations have different kinds of fish. Even the time of the day or night can affect what kinds of fish are available.

So try to fish as much as you can—anywhere and anytime!

Open Your Tool Ring To Get Your Fishing Rod

Tool Ring in Palia

When you’re ready to fish, take out your fishing rod by opening your Tool Ring. Press and hold your ZL button on your controller and move your right joystick to choose your fishing rod.

If you want to change the arrangement of your tools in your Tool Ring, you can do so through your Inventory. Press ‘+’ and go to the backpack icon labeled Inventory.

Press ZL or ZR to go to the Tools tab and click ‘a’ to swap out the tools and their positions.

Cast Out Your Rod With ZR

Using fishing rod in Palia

With your fishing rod in your hand, press and hold the ZR button to cast it into the water. The longer you hold ZR, the farther you cast your line. You won’t be able to fish if you cast it too close.

If the distance is good enough for you, you can let go of ZR to drop the hook in the water and wait for the fish to bite it.

There are no fish shadows in Palia so you don’t need to place the hook directly in front of the fish to get its attention. Just let go of ZR to drop your hook in the water and wait.

Wait for the Bite and Reel With ZR

Catching a fish in Palia

You won’t have to wait long for the fish to bite!

In Palia, fish will bite four times. On the fourth bite, it’s time to reel your rod by pressing and holding the ZR button on your controller. If you miss pressing ZR on the fourth bite, the fish will swim away after a second.

If you accidentally let go of ZR while reeling, the fish won’t swim away. You can’t even exit or leave at that point and the only thing you can do to finish fishing is to reel the fish or completely deplete your rod’s health.

Stay in the Bracket While Reeling

Straying from the brackets will deplete your rod's health

See those green brackets? Your hook has to stay inside it while reeling. So while holding ZR, you also have to move your hook with the right joystick.

If your hook goes outside the brackets, it will turn red and your rod’s health will start to deplete. Your rod’s health is shown as a bar at the bottom of the screen.

If the bar goes empty, the fish will swim away. Steer your hook to go back inside the brackets so your rod can recover some health.

Some fish won’t move as much and are calm as a cucumber, but some are ornery and will even jump out of the water.

Keep reeling and stay in the brackets until the fish is close to you. Sometimes, you’ll reel in garbage.

But if you’re lucky, you’ll fish out a treasure chest or a rare fish. And if you reel in fish with full rod health, you’ll get a Perfect Catch score!

A perfect catch in Palia

Fishing Tips and Reminders

You’ve got the basics of fishing—hook, line, and sinker. But let’s make your fishing experience even better with these tips and reminders.

Visit Einar For Quests and Upgrades

Einar is the NPC for fishing.

Einar is the game’s character or NPC who handles anything related to fishing. He gives you fishing quests and sells you recipes, collectibles, and upgrades related to fishing.

He even mails you fishing-related gifts and will notify you if he has an upgrade fit for your current fishing level. You can usually find him at Fisherman’s Lagoon.

Fisherman's Lagoon. on Palia map

He’s essentially a robot who became interested in fishing. Not a bad pastime for a 3,900-year-old mechanical being!

Level Up Your Fishing Skill ASAP

Skills tab in Palia

Once the game introduces fishing, it’s a good idea to level up your fishing immediately. Leveling up is pretty straightforward: the more you fish, the better your fishing skill will be.

Once you reach level 2, Einar will open his shop to you and will give you quests and upgrades.

The higher your level, the more items and recipes will become accessible. You can even buy an exclusive fishing wallpaper and aquarium later on!

Use Worm As Bait

Selecting a worm as bait in Palia

Certain fish will require worm bait to be caught. Einar will give you some worms to try out.

He will also sell a blueprint for a Worm Farm, so you can conveniently raise your own fishing worms.

For Palia players on the Nintendo Switch, you can attach a worm to your rod by pressing the ‘x’ button while holding your fishing rod.

You’ll see two icons pop up on your screen. Pick the worm icon if you want to attach a worm. Picking the rod icon will remove it.

Fish at Bubble Spawns

Bubble spawns can give you starred fish

Certain areas in the water will have special spots of bubbling water with fish leaping from the center.

If you aim your hook to fall into these spots, you will reel in starred fish, which are essentially better fish versions that sell for more and are fit for display.

You’ll have to angle yourself and control your ZR well to aim at the bubbling spot!

Sometimes You’ll Fish Something Else

Fishing in Palia can sometimes give you special items

Fishing in Palia won’t just give you plain ol’ fish. Sometimes, you might reel in special items, like treasure chests, bottles, or even garbage.

Treasure chests sometimes give you random resources, raw materials, food, furniture, or money. Trash, like a singular boot or a wagon wheel, can be sold, thrown, or even gifted to certain NPCs.

If fishing luck is on your side, you might even reel in story or quest-related items!

Einar, your fishing companion in Palia

And that’s it for our Palia Fishing Guide for Nintendo Switch players. Check us out for more Palia goodness here!