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Palia Farming Guide For Beginners: Farming Made Easy-Peasy!

Palia Farming Guide For Beginners: Farming Made Easy-Peasy!

Just like crafting and fishing, farming is an important aspect of Palia. Not only will you need crops for quests and cooking, but you can also sell them to earn money!

It’s best to level up your farming skills as soon as possible to access more seeds and farming upgrades.

But if you’re confused about how to even start the green thumb way, here’s our Palia farming guide to help you.

Ready yourself for the farmer life, little sprout. Let’s plow our way through Palia!

Table of Contents

How To Farm in Palia

Here are some important pointers to remember before you start farming in Palia.

Ready Your Farming Tools

Tools needed for farming in Palia

You are given a set of tools to make your new life in Palia easy as pie. For farming, the Hoe and the Watering Can are your friends.

The Hoe is used to till the soil so you can plant seeds, while the Watering Can is used to water your crops. Both of these tools can be obtained at the very start of the game through Badruu, the pun-tastic farmer who will be your go-to guy for all things farming.

Opening and picking tools in the game

To equip your tools, press and hold the ‘ZL’ button on the Switch and use the right joystick to select the tool you want. On PC, press and hold the ‘R’ key.

You will start with the Makeshift Hoe and the Makeshift Watering Can. As a beginner farmer, these will suffice, but you can later upgrade them through Badruu. The upgraded Hoe can till more area at once and the upgraded Watering Can won’t run out of water that quickly.

Badruu, the NPC for farming upgrades

Below are the Hoe and Watering Can upgrades. You have to purchase their recipes from Badruu and then craft them on your Worktable.

Hoe Upgrades

ToolGardening Level RequirementsRecipe CostMaterials Needed
Makeshift HoeAlready available at the startNoneNone
Standard HoeGardening Level 4500 Gold20 x Sapwood Plank
5 x Copper Bar
Makeshift Hoe
Fine HoeGardening Level 71,500 Gold10 x Heartwood Plank
5 x Iron Bar
Standard Hoe
Exquisite HoeGardening Level 93,000 gold5 x Flow-Infused Plank
2 x Palium Bar
Fine Hoe

Watering Can Upgrades

ToolGardening Level RequirementsRecipe CostMaterials Needed
Makeshift Watering CanAlready available at the startNoneNone
Standard Watering CanGardening Level 3250 Gold20 x Sapwood Plank
5 x Copper Bar
Makeshift Watering Can
Fine Watering CanGardening Level 61,500 Gold10 x Heartwood Plank
5 x Iron Bar
Standard Watering Can
Exquisite Watering CanGardening Level 93,000 Gold5 x Flow-Infused Plank
2 x Palium Bar
Fine Watering Can

Ready Your Soil

Tilling the soil using the hoe

Although there’s plenty of dirt around your home, you actually can’t till it for gardening. You have to buy Soil for tilling!

But don’t worry, the first two big squares of Soil are free. Through the Gardening 101 quest line, Badruu will give it to you as a gift. After getting it, just select it and place it on the ground.

Once it’s placed, you can then equip your Hoe and till it. For Switch players, press and hold ‘ZR’ while holding your Hoe. You can aim at the soil beds using the left joystick. For PC players, press and hold the left mouse button while your Hoe is equipped.

Important Note: Tilling soil can sometimes unearth resources or items that trigger sub-quests!

Ready Your Seeds 

Get seeds from Zeki's General Store

Now that your soil beds are ready and tilled, it’s time to get some seeds to plant!

The easiest way you can get seeds is to buy them from Zeki the merchant. Zeki runs Kilima Village’s General Store, which is located between Tish’s Furniture Store and Jel’s Tailor Shop.

Interact with the cash register in his store and you’ll see his wares (yes, you can still buy his stuff even though he’s not present in the store).

Below are the seeds you can buy from Zeki’s store. For a full list of seeds and crops available in Palia, check out our crops guide.

SeedCostValueDays to Harvest
Carrot15 Gold7 Gold3 Watering Days
Onion20 Gold10 Gold4 Watering Days
Potato40 Gold20 Gold5 Watering Days
Cotton40 Gold20 Gold5 Watering Days
Tomato80 Gold40 Gold4 Watering Days
Wheat25 Gold12 Gold4 Watering Days
Rice23 Gold11 Gold3 Watering Days
Corn30 Gold15 Gold5 Watering Days
Spicy Pepper
(Needs Gardening
Level 6)
170 Gold85 Gold6 Watering Days

Important Note: Once you press ‘a’ on the item in his store, there is no confirmation window and you’ll immediately buy the item.

Plant Your Seeds

Plant seeds on tilled soil

Now that you have some seeds, head back to your garden to plant them!

Select the seed you want to plant from your action bar. For Switch players, press ‘a’ on the seed, pick plant, and angle yourself in front of the soil beds before pressing ’a’ again. For PC players, click, hold, and drop the seed on the plot.

Gardening buffs from different crops

Some crops work better together when planted next to each other. These gardening buffs range from preventing weeds to boosting your crop yields!

Below are the buffs you can get from the seeds you buy from Zeki’s store. Our full crops list has all the buffs info for all crops.

CarrotWeed Prevention in a 3×3 area
OnionWeed Prevention for adjacent crops
PotatoWater Retention in a 3×3 area
CottonQuality Boost turns adjacent crops into high-quality ones
TomatoWater Retention for adjacent crops
WheatHarvest Boost gives more yield for adjacent crops
RiceHarvest Boost gives more yield for adjacent crops
CornHarvest Boost gives more yield for nearby crops
Spicy PepperGets buff from two crops with the same buff planted beside it

It’s a good idea to plant seeds with these buffs in mind to get the most out of them!

Water and Weed Your Crops

Watering crops using the watering can

Now that your seeds are planted in the soil beds, they have to be watered every in-game day to grow into their next stage. You should also remove weeds that have grown around it since they also stop plant growth.

For example, Carrot and Rice seeds might only take three days before they’re ready for harvest, but they won’t actually grow if you don’t water and weed them. If you miss a day of watering, they won’t turn into their next growth stage and can’t be harvested after three days.

Palia's in-game time on screen

Palia has its own in-game time, which you can see and monitor at the top right of your screen.

To use your Watering Can, equip it and press and hold ZR (for Switch players) or click and hold your left mouse button (for PC players). Refill your Watering Can by facing a body of water and clicking or pressing the refill prompt.

Weeds can stop crops from growing

Weeding is the same thing. Face the plant that needs weeding and follow the prompt shown on the screen. You will get Knapweed for weeding, which you can sell or keep for gifting.

Use Fertilizers for a Boost

Fertilizers can boost crops

While you can grow crops with just water and weeding, fertilizers make things easier, better, and even faster!

So if you want to give your crops a boost, add some fertilizers after planting your seeds. The crop will need one fertilizer a day, so you’ll have to replenish it every day.

There are currently five fertilizers in Palia, each with its own uses. Below is a list of them.

WeedBlock FertilizerBlocks weeds from growing around the crop
WeedBlock FertilizerCrops will retain water better
SpeedyGro FertilizerCrops will get extra growth every other day
QualityUp FertilizerImproves the quality of the crop’s harvest
HarvestBoost FertilizerGives a +50% yield to the crop

Harvest Your Crops

Face crops to harvest them

After days of watering and taking care of your crops, they’re now ready to be harvested!

To harvest the fruits and veggies of your labor, face the crop and follow the harvest prompt (e.g. pressing ‘a’ on the Switch controller).

You sometimes get seeds along with produce. And if the crops had a Quality Boost buff, you can get high-quality produce indicated with a star symbol next to its icon.

Crops don’t really rot or go bad in Palia. So if you’re busy or can’t play yet, you can always harvest them later.

Important Note: Fruits and veggies with a star symbol sell at a higher price!

Use a Seed Collector

Seed Collector can make seeds

Before selling or cooking all your produce, make sure to save some for your Seed Collector.

The Seed Collector is a machine that turns your crops into seeds. You can buy a blueprint of it from Badruu after reaching Gardening Level 2.

The recipe costs 100 Gold and will need 16 x Sapwood Plank, 2 x Copper Bar, 6 x Ceramic, and 10 x Plant Fiber. You can craft this on your Worktable.

Making seeds can take time

The Seed Collector is a great way to get more seeds without spending some Gold. You can even use high-quality or starred produce to get high-quality seeds.

The only downside is the time it takes to make seeds. Converting crops to seeds can take between 18 minutes to more than two hours, depending on the crop.

TIP: The next time you go idle or log off, put some seeds in the Seed Collector first!

Different crops in Palia

And that’s it for our beginner’s farming guide in Palia! With a little time, patience, and gold, you’ll slowly grow the farm of your dreams.