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How To Change Clothes in Palia

How To Change Clothes in Palia

In Palia, not only do you get to live a second digital life through building a house, cooking, farming, crafting, and forming relationship bonds, but you also get a plethora of outfits to wear.

With its recent Switch release, new players are enjoying exclusive welcome gifts, such as getting frog-themed clothing. But how do you change outfits in Palia anyway?

If you’re a new Switch player and are wondering how to change into your snazzy new frog-and-mushroom knitted sweater, here’s our quick guide on how to change clothes in Palia.

Changing Clothes in Palia

Want to edit your outfit and appearance? Bought a cute dress from the Premium Store but don’t know how to wear it?

Here are three different ways to change your clothes in Palia!

Build a Wardrobe

Build a wardrobe to change your clothes in Palia

Crafting is a big thing in Palia. The game lets you build a tent, a house, and furniture to decorate your own plot of land, and one of the furniture you can build early on is a wardrobe.

Jel, the resident tailor, will drop by and talk about it.

You’ll be given a recipe for a wardrobe, which you’ll need to build on your Worktable. Go and interact with your Worktable and scroll to the wardrobe recipe.

Log Cabin Wardrobe can be crafted on the Worktable

Make sure you have all the materials needed. But as mentioned in our Palia review, the game sometimes bugs out and won’t display all the needed materials.

If this happens, exit the crafting window and open it again, or exit your housing plot and go to Kilima Village to reload your game.

Once you’ve crafted your wardrobe, place it in your house and interact with it to change your clothes.

Use Jel’s Dressing Rooms

Change your clothes in the dressing rooms in Jel's tailor shop

If you’re very new to the game and can’t craft anything yet but want to don your newly received outfit already, you can just use one of Jel’s dressing rooms to change your appearance.

Head over to Jel’s tailor shop in Kilima Village. It’s beside the general store and right across the tavern. There are three doors that you can use for an outfit change.

You can also change your hair, face cover, face mask, makeup, and glider in these dressing rooms. The huge mirror across the dressing rooms can change your face shape, skin tone, eyes, and voice.

Use a Friend’s Wardrobe

Wardrobes in your friends' houses link to your own wardrobe back home

If you’re hanging out at another player’s house, you can use their wardrobe and change your outfit there.

Instead of your friend’s clothes, it will link to your wardrobe and will show your owned or bought clothes. No need to run home to have an outfit change!

Pretty convenient, don’t you think? Opening your friend’s storage boxes will also do the same thing.

Mix and match clothing items to show your own fashion style

Speaking of outfits, got any favorites from the shop? Share your cool clothes with us! We need some inspiration and recommendations!