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Normal Type Pokemon Weakness and Strengths Guide

Normal Type Pokemon Weakness and Strengths Guide

As the second most common Pokemon type with the most number of type moves available, Normal Pokemon are everywhere!

Whether you’re looking to capture some cute Normal Pokemon (which are pretty abundant!) or want to defeat them in the wild, this rundown on Normal type Pokemon will help you along your journey.

We discuss their strengths, weaknesses, resistances, and immunity.

We’ve also included our very own suggestions on what Pokemon to use to effectively counter them.


Normal Pokemon Weakness Strengths
Infographic showing Normal Pokemon’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Resistances and Vulnerabilities

What Pokemon Are Good Against Normal?

Only Fighting Pokemon are super effective against Normal Pokemon.

Some excellent Fighting moves to use on Normal Pokemon are Aura Sphere, which never misses, Close Combat, which is a highly strong move at 120 power, and Drain Punch, a punch that restores the user’s HP.

With only one weakness, Normal has the fewest number of weaknesses among other types, tied with Electric.

For other options, you can also use Rock and Steel Pokemon since they resist Normal type moves.

Normal Pokemon also have the lowest Defense and Special Defense among all Pokemon, so it’s best to target those stats when fighting them.

What Are Normal Pokemon Strong Against?

None, Normal type Pokemon aren’t super effective against any other types. It is the only type that is not strong against another type.

The silver lining is that it only has one weakness, only a couple of types resist it, and has one immunity.

And if you pair Normal with other types, such as having Normal/Ghost moves, it improves its coverage and can have more of an edge in its attacks.

Unfortunately, Normal has the most unused type combinations, with four Normal dual types not seen in the games yet.

What Are Normal Pokemon Resistant To?

Normal type Pokemon don’t have any resistances.

However, they are immune to one type – Ghost. In return, Ghost Pokemon are immune to Normal.

In games such as Pokemon GO, Ghost would be considered a resistance for Normal Pokemon.

(Left) Chansey with its egg; (Right) A Zigzagoon leaps into battle
Source: Bulbapedia

Best Counters For Normal Pokemon

Some excellent Pokemon to use against Normal Pokemon are Mienshao (Fighting), Lucario (Fighting/Steel), Marshadow (Fighting/Ghost), Annihilape (Fighting/Ghost), Terrakion (Fighting/Rock), and Crowned Shield Zamazenta (Fighting/Steel).

The types and type combinations of these Pokemon are strong against Normal Pokemon, can resist Normal moves, or are totally unaffected by them.

Mienshao has high Attack and Speed stats, while Lucario has great Attack, Special Attack, and Speed. Lucario’s additional Steel typing also gives it more resistances, which is good against Normal Pokemon with subtypes.

Marshadow and Annihilape are the only two Fighting/Ghost Pokemon in existence, with the latter a new addition in Gen 9.

Marshadow has impressive Attack and Speed, while Annihilape has excellent HP and Attack. Both are overall very well-rounded.

If you want to fight using Legendaries, like with the unique dual type Terrakion or Zamazenta, you are welcome to dish out legendary-level hits on Normal Pokemon with them.