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Ranking the 10 Most Hated Pokemon

Ranking the 10 Most Hated Pokemon

Although Pokemon is known for its cool and cute critters, some designs are just not that good.

The harsh reality is that there are a few Pokemon that simply do not spark joy for some fans.

Since we’ve had the cutest Pokemon list, how about a ranking for hated ones?

We trawled numerous internet discussions regarding this topic to compile the 10 most disliked Pokemon ever.

Do you have some Pokemon that you dislike? If they didn’t make the cut, let us know your least favorites in the comment section below. To quote General Palpatine, let the hate flow through you!

10. Snorlax

Ash and friends try to wake up Snorlax
Source: Bulbapedia

Who could hate the big and cuddly Snorlax? He’s just a hungry bear Pokemon who’s living quite the life by simply munching and sleeping the days away.

However, all that sleeping did cause some inconvenience to players.

Snorlax notoriously blocked certain paths in some Pokemon games, and waking it up was not an easy feat since you had to use the Poke Flute first.

It seems like some people never got over that annoyance. Good thing Game Freak just launched Project Snorlax this year. Snorlax could use some good PR.

9. Simisear (And the Rest of the Elemental Monkeys)

(Left) Simisear looking fierce; (Right) Simisear ranking last in a poll
Source: Bulbapedia, Serebii

Back in Gen 5, the Elemental Monkeys were introduced as some sort of sub-starters.

Their gimmick was to supplement the elemental type weak to your starter but strong against the gym leader you’ll face in Striaton Gym.

While that’s cool and all – because, hey, free Pokemon – a lot of players find these monkeys a bit lackluster. For being a sub-starter, their designs and stats are nothing special.

And to really drive home how they are one of the most unpopular Pokemon, Simisear ranked last in one poll done in Japan.

The poll was to find out which Pokemon the fans want to be distributed during the Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel movie. Unfortunately, Simisear ranked at the very bottom.

8. Binacle (And Even Its Evolution, Barbaracle)

Binacle on a rock, with its evolution on its right
Source: Bulbapedia

While it’s cool that we have a Pokemon evolution line that is based on barnacles, a lot of fans think that these two got stranded on an island void of any creativity.

With heads that look like hands, Binacle isn’t too pleasing to the eye. Some fans even exclaim that it looks even worse after evolving.

No matter how many hands it has, its design is unfortunately not worth a high-five.

Binacle remains to be one of the most hated Pokemon, sadly.

7. Bruxish

(Left) Bruxish getting caught in a reel; (Right) Bruxish fighting back
Source: Bulbapedia

No need to beat around the underwater bush with this one. Bruxish makes it to our list of most unpopular Pokemon due to its looks.

Fans are not shy when it comes to expressing how much they dislike Bruxish’s design. Whether it’s the loud colors, noticeable mouth, or its large fangs, this fish Pokemon can’t take a break.

To be fair to its design, it’s based on some tropical fishes, psychedelic art, and the word bruxism, which means excessive teeth grinding.

That’s pretty creative! However, Bruxish just has to grit its teeth through these criticisms.

6. Rhyperior

Rhyperior showing its strength
Source: Bulbapedia

Rhyhorn is cool, and Rhydon is even cooler, but if there’s one thing Rhyperior represents, it’s ruining a good combo.

Some fans simply do not like Rhyperior’s design. After Rhyhorn and Rhydon, this final evolution is an immeasurable disappointment.

As one fan eloquently put it, how did Game Freak start with cool rhino-inspired Pokemon and end up with a stout, balding man? Alas, it will remain a mystery.

5. Gurdurr

Gurdurr lifting a beam, with its evolution to its right
Source: Bulbapedia

As a lot of you know by now, Pokemon fans will not hesitate to complain about certain creative decisions. Even trees are not safe!

And one notable thing fans are always vocal about is the humanoid-ness of certain Pokemon. For example, Delphox and Inceneroar have taken heat due to becoming bipedal fire starter Pokemon.

And those two are even pleasing to the eyes! Gurdurr, with its bulging pink veins and clown nose, never stood a chance against complaints.

Overall, Gurdurr is just weirdly designed. Where does it get its I-beam from? And why does it look like a clown-turned-construction worker? Its evolution isn’t any better either.

4. Jynx

Jynx staring wide-eyed
Source: Bulbapedia

Speaking of humanoid Pokemon, Jynx usually tops the list of most disliked Pokemon because of its human-like design.

According to some fans, the whole design is uncanny, and Jynx’s wide-eyed look and blank stare give them the heebie-jeebies.

Its cry, often thought of as one of the longest Pokemon cries, also sounds unpleasant to some and downright haunting to others.

Give it a listen. But don’t blame us if you get creeped out from hearing this in the middle of the night!

3. Charizard

Charizard refusing to fight Sparky
Source: Bulbapedia

There’s no denying that Charizard’s one cool Pokemon and is a favorite by a lot of people.

It always tops a lot of popularity polls and is even a favorite of Atsuko Nishida, one of Pokemon’s legendary graphic artists.

But some fans have expressed that, right after Pikachu, Charizard gets a lot of preferential treatment, and they are not liking it.

Charizard was one of Ash’s original Pokemon, it often gets new forms, is always at the forefront of Pokemon ads, and is generally always included in mainline games, more recently as Leon’s partner Pokemon.7#

To be fair, if it’s a favorite by many, the Pokemon Company will continue to push Charizard to the spotlight. But fans getting upset at Charizard’s overexposure is also understandable.

2. Mr. Mime

Mr. Mime and its uncanny valley showing why it's one of the most hated Pokemon
Source: Bulbapedia, Detective Pikachu Movie

We’re not clowning around with this next entry!

Despite Mr. Mime’s popularity, especially in recent years when it got a regional form and even an evolution, some fans are not happy with this jester-like Pokemon.

Mr. Mime gets some hate not only for being a bipedal humanoid Pokemon but also because of how human-like he is to the point of being eerily uncanny.

On top of his unsettling human likeness, his design seems to be partially inspired by clowns and jesters, which is something a considerable number of people are scared of. Coulrophobia is no joke!

1. Zubat

Zubat as one of the most hated Pokemon due to its Supersonic move and cave presence
Source: Bulbapedia, u/ShyGuy314 on Reddit, PokeWiki

The most hated Pokemon is Zubat! At least for some.

Who would ever forget the annoyance and dread that you get from entering and traversing through caves solely because of this Pokemon?

With every step, there’s a Zubat. And with every Supersonic hit, it successfully confuses your Pokemon. There was no escaping it.

And yet, it truly did make those Pokemon experiences unique and memorable. Not to mention its evolution, Crobat, is a favorite by many.

So a lot of players look back on Zubat with both love and hate, and maybe with a bit of confusion, still.

So even though Zubat is our pick for most hated Pokemon ever, we still find this blue ball of relentless confusions endearing.