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How to Solve the Lament Locked Door Puzzle in Remnant 2

How to Solve the Lament Locked Door Puzzle in Remnant 2

While exploring Yaesha, you will encounter a place called the Lament.

This location is unique as it has more puzzles to solve than enemies to defeat.

Dial Puzzle Locked Door Lament

One of the first puzzles you will encounter is the Dial Puzzle behind a locked door. Solving this puzzle is required to unlock that door and proceed through the Lament.

This head-scratching puzzle involves multiple steps. In order to ease the process, this guide will help you solve the Dial Puzzle in the Lament.

Solving The Dial Puzzle

Symbol Book Skeleton Lament Puzzle

To solve the Dial Puzzle and open the door, follow the steps below which will explain everything you need to know:

  1. After bypassing the first arrow traps section in the Lament, you’ll find yourself in a room full of coffins
  2. When you’re in that room, make sure to look for a book near a skeleton
  3. After you interact with the book, you will see a symbol on the first page
  4. Memorize the symbol and its color and then go back to the coffins
  5. There should be four coffins with a cover whose pattern and color match the one in the book
  6. Once you have determined which four coffins correspond with the symbol in the book, you must memorize the symbols located on top of them
  7. After you have acquired these four symbols, return to the Dial
  8. Finally, insert the symbols on the Dial and the door will be unlocked

Although the symbols and the colors are randomized, the process remains the same.

Now that you have solved the Dial Puzzle and gotten past the locked door, you will be able to progress through the Lament.