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What Happened to Iji in Elden Ring?

What Happened to Iji in Elden Ring?

War Counselor Iji, a giant blacksmith, is one of the more intriguing NPCs in Elden Ring.

He is a friendly NPC who will help you upgrade your weapon and will also sell you Runes.

Unfortunately, Iji’s story in The Lands Between is a tragic one. Here’s what happens to Iji.


Iji Location

War Counselor Iji reading a book
Source: YouTube – Dansg08

Iji is located in Liurnia of the Lakes.

Here’s how to get to Iji:

  1. Firstly, go to the Northern Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace
  2. From there, follow the grace light and head straight until you come across the ‘Kingsrealm Ruins’
  3. Then, go into the ruins and head straight until you read the northmost wall
  4. This wall is an illusory wall, striking it will reveal a road and ‘Road to the Manor’ Site of Grace
  5. To the left of this Site of Grace resides War Counselor Iji

Who Killed Iji?

Black Knife Assassin fighting in Elden Ring
Source: Boss Fight Database

Iji was killed by Black Knife assassins for betraying the Golden Order.

It is implied that the Two Fingers ordered the assassination of Iji.

Basically, War Counselor Iji was in service of Ranni The Witch. You receive this information during your first encounter with Ranni.

Progressing through Ranni’s questline reveals that Ranni’s goal is to betray the Golden Order and to begin a new era in The Lands Between.

Later in the questline, Iji reveals to us that Blaidd, another servant of Ranni, is in his current position because of the Two Fingers.

They ordered him to kill Ranni if she ever decides to betray the Golden Order.

Ultimately, Blaidd realizes this and goes mad. It is then your job to kill Blaidd outside Ranni’s rise.

When Iji is notified of Blaidd’s death he will tell you that he believes his time is also up.

Resting at a Site of Grace will then reveal Iji’s dead body covered in black flame, his helmet off, and the bodies of three dead Black Knife assassins next to his corpse.

Based on this information, we can draw two conclusions about Iji’s death:

  1. The information on Iji’s helmet revealed that it repelled forces such as the Black Knife assassins. Iji’s last words, and his helmet being off when he died, made many fans believe that Iji’s death was suicide. He removed the helmet intentionally to make the assassins come for him
  2. The second conclusion is that the Black Knife assassins came to him due to his support of Ranni, making him a traitor to the Golden Order

Can You Save Iji In Elden Ring?

Yes, there is a way to save Iji in Elden Ring.

However, if you do so you cannot complete Iji’s quest. Completing Iji’s quest will always result in his death.

To save Iji in Elden Ring, players should not inform him of Blaidd’s death. It is after you tell Iji what became of Blaidd that he passes.

Informing Iji of Blaidd’s death is the last part of Iji’s quest so players who refuse to do so will be leaving the quest unfinished. Therefore, you have a choice between completing the quest or letting Iji live.

Iji’s death gives players his Bell Bearing. Letting him live will mean players get to have him as a blacksmith.

Why Does Iji Imprison Blaidd?

Iji imprisons Blaidd after he goes mad.

As mentioned earlier, Blaidd goes mad upon realizing that he has been ordered by the Two Fingers to kill Ranni in case she betrays the Golden Order.

Blaidd fighting the urge to kill Ranni is what drives him insane.

Iji Imprisons Blaidd for his own safety.

He knows that Blaidd is a threat to Ranni and hence imprisons him for he could not kill him. Blaidd is imprisoned in the Evergoal where players kill Darriwil.

In Ranni’s questline, players will eventually free Blaidd from his imprisonment.

What Happens If You Hit Iji?

If you hit Iji, he vanishes indefinitely.

The only way to get Iji back is to go to the Church of Vows and atone for your sins.

Atoning will bring Iji back to his location. This action requires one Celestial Dew.

Is Iji A Main Character In Elden Ring?

Despite Iji’s significance to Ranni’s questline, he is still a side quest character that is significant only if players choose to do the questline and go for the Age of Stars ending.

This means that you can beat Elden Ring without even interacting with Iji once.

Despite being a side quest character, Iji is still an important NPC in Elden Ring due to him having what is arguably the best and most tragic story among all side quest characters.