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Should You Kill Patches in Elden Ring?

Should You Kill Patches in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring features many interesting NPCs, perhaps none more so than Patches.

He is arguably the most iconic FromSoftware NPC because he has appeared in every single one of their titles.

Patches has been popular among fans due to his witty character, dialogue, and questline which has always been fun and engaging.

However, he has always been an untrustworthy NPC. He acts friendly in the beginning, often befriending the player, making them do certain tasks until he eventually betrays them in some form.

Should I Kill Patches?

No, you should not kill Patches. Despite being an NPC that betrays you, Patches’ quest is one that will reward players with one of the best armor sets in the game.

If you choose to kill Patches, you will not get the ‘letter to Patches’ that tells you to kill Great Horned Tragoth.

Performing this assassination will reward you with the Great Horned Tragoth armor set which has the highest Poise in the game.

Another thing Patches’ questline gives is the Magma Whip Candlestick. This is a great weapon for Faith builds with a nice moveset and high fire damage.

While players should not kill patches for the aforementioned set and weapon alone, Patches also serves as a decent vendor and has a fun quest every Elden Ring fan should complete at least once.

What Happens if You Kill Patches?

Killing Patches Elden Ring Enemy Felled
Source: YouTube – VindicatedTV

If you do choose to kill Patches, at any point, he will drop Patches’ Bell Bearing, Spear +7, Leather Armor, Leather Gloves, Leather Boots, and Golden Rune (x2).

In addition to this, his questline will be unavailable to complete.

However, you can still have access to his shop items by giving the Patches’ Bell Bearing to the Twin Maiden Husks.

Can I Revive Patches?

Most NPCs that you kill in Elden Ring can be brought back to life by repenting at the Church Of Absolution. This process brings NPCs back to life in exchange for one Celestial Dew.

Patches is an exception to this rule, though. He cannot be brought back to life through the Church of Absolution.

This is another reason you should not kill Patches, it is not reversible.

Is Patches Evil in Elden Ring?

Despite Patches’ ulterior motives throughout the game, it would not be fair to call him an evil character. A fairer description would be a mischievous character.

Patches does harm players on multiple occasions, as well as constantly betraying them. But, it is all because of his own personal gain and there seems to be no malicious intent.

He does not work for the Golden Order or have any serious enmity towards you, indicating he isn’t evil.

Is Patches a Main Character in Elden Ring?

It’s difficult to state with definitiveness whether Patches is a main character in Elden Ring.

Patches is not connected to the main story and you will be able to complete the game without encountering him.

He is an iconic character and among the most important side characters in the game.

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Patches having no involvement in the main story does mean he is not a main character.

A counter argument can be made that his iconic status and presence in every FromSoftware game make him a main character.

Patches Questline

Patches crouched down
Source: YouTube – Games from Mars

Patches’ quest begins during the first interaction with him at Murkwater Cave.

Since he is the boss, you have to fight him. Halfway through the fight Patches will give up and surrender.

Accepting Patches’ surrender will make him a friendly NPC and a merchant. He will sit in his boss arena and sell valuable items to you.

Resting at a Site of Grace and returning to Patches will trigger a dialogue where he will ask you to go open a chest in the room.

Opening that chest will transport players to the Mistwood Ruins, a relatively tough area in the Lands Between. This is the first of many Patches pranks in the game.

Following this, players will run into Patches multiple times as they progress through the game. In each encounter he will prank you, causing harm.

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Patches’s questline will progress once players reach the Volcano Manor. Here, players will be tasked to kill a few NPCs by Tanith, the head of the Volcano Manor.

Upon killing one of these foes and going to Patches, players will receive the ‘letter to Patches’.

The letter will ask the player to kill Great Horned Tragoth. Upon killing him and returning to Patches, players will be gifted the Magma Whip Candlestick.

Following these encounters, players will run into Patches before the boss arena at the Shaded castle. Here, he will give you the ‘Dancers castanets’.

Finally, returning to the Murkwater Cave after all these encounters will once again trigger a boss fight with Patches.

This time, however, Patches will surrender instantly and reward you with his ‘crouch’ gesture. This will conclude Patches’ questline in Elden Ring.