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What Happens if You Join Volcano Manor

What Happens if You Join Volcano Manor

Volcano Manor is a special location in Elden Ring.

It is a Legacy Dungeon located on top of Mt. Gelmir, to the east of the Altus Plateau.

There are several methods to get to Volcano Manor, including Rya’s quest, being teleported by the Abductor Virgin enemy, or simply traveling through the game until you get there.

After you reach Volcano Manor, Tanith, the head of the Volcano Manor, will ask if you would join the Volcano Manor family.

Joining Volcano Manor will unlock a new questline that will lead to a unique boss fight, new NPCs interactions, and rewards that you would not get otherwise.

Volcano Manor Location
Volcano Manor Location in Elden Ring

Join Volcano Manor or Not?

Yes, you should definitely join Volcano Manor.

There are multiple benefits and rewards you’ll get from joining the Volcano Manor.

After you accept Tanith’s request to join the Volcano Manor, her questline will begin and she will give you the Drawing-Room Key.

Drawing Room Key Elden Ring
The Drawing-Room Key in the inventory

This key item will unlock the room where you can find the letters for her questline and different NPCs. In the same room, you’ll be able to loot the Recusant Finger item which is necessary for PVP invasion.

The Tanith questline consists of hunting three targets and when you kill each one you’ll get a reward.

Furthermore, progressing through the quest get you a shortcut to one of the coolest boss fights, Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy.

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In the event you decide not to join Volcano Manor, there aren’t any negative consequences.

Simply put, you will miss out on everything mentioned above.

First, you won’t receive the Drawing-Room Key, thereby locking you out of the questline. Also, you won’t get any of the invasions awards from Tanith.

Additionally, rather than gaining the shortcut to Rykard from the quest, you must find him on your own.

However, if you chose not to join Volcano Manor, you will have the chance to join later.