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Where to Find Irina’s Father (Edgar) in Elden Ring

Where to Find Irina’s Father (Edgar) in Elden Ring

Irina, an NPC in Elden Ring, is a blind character who wears a ribbon over her eyes.

When you meet her, she asks for your help in finding and delivering a letter to her father, who is located in Castle Morne.

Unfortunately, Irina doesn’t provide specific details about his location but this article will guide you in finding Irina’s father, Edgar.

Irina Location

Irina location Elden Ring

Irina can be found sitting on a rock near the Bridge of Sacrifice, at the beginning of the main road in the eastern Weeping Peninsula.

Once you locate Irina, exhaust her dialogue to learn about her father Edgar and the letter she wants to deliver.

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After you agree to her request to deliver the letter, you will receive Irina’s Letter.

Now you only need to find her Father, Edgar.

Irina Father Location (Edgar)

Edgar location Elden Ring

Edgar, Irina’s father, can be found on the top of Castle Morne in Weeping Peninsula.

To locate Edgar inside Castle Morne, follow these steps:

  1. Begin from the Castle Morne courtyard and proceed past the Pumpkin Helm enemy
  2. Take a right turn and continue onwards
  3. Look for a ladder and ascend it to reach a walkway
  4. After a brief staircase, look to the left for a wooden ladder
  5. Descend the ladder and continue along the path
  6. Next, Follow the path until you reach the end, where you will encounter a wooden staircase
  7. Climb the wooden staircase to reach the top of the tower where you can find Edgar