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How to Install Skyrim Mods on Console

How to Install Skyrim Mods on Console

Learn how to install Skyrim mods on consoles – PS4, PS5, and Xbox – with this definitive and easy-to-understand guide.

While Skyrim modding is much better on PC due to the wide library of mods available in Steam and Nexus, the process of enabling mods on a console is fairly simple and less confusing.

Before putting any mods on your Xbox, you might want to check the best Skyrim mods for Xbox too.

How to Install Skyrim Mods on Xbox One/Series X, PS4 & PS5

Regardless of the console you’re using right now, you can install Skyrim mods by launching the game and downloading the mods in Skyrim’s Mods Section.

Remember that the most recommended Skyrim version for modding is the Special Edition, as it is the version with better graphics and stability.

The methods of installing Skyrim mods on different consoles are basically the same. Here’s how:

Step 1: Create a Bethesda Account

Skyrim modding on console is safer compared to PC because your sources for the mods will come directly from the game’s developer, Bethesda.

To access the in-game catalog of mods, you have to create a account first:

Create Bethesda Account
  1. Using your web browser, click this link to get to’s homepage.
  2. Click LOG IN/SIGN UP on the site’s upper right corner.
  3. A small window should appear prompting you to log in to Click SIGN UP.
  4. Fill out the required information and hit CREATE ACCOUNT.

Step 2: Log in Your Bethesda Account In-Game

Skyrim Mods Main Menu Xbox

Open your Skyrim Special Edition and go to the Mods Section in the title screen.

The game will ask you to log in to your Bethesda account before you can proceed.

Simply enter your username and password, and you will see a list of mods organized based on popularity, featured mods, your library, and those with the highest player ratings.

Step 3: Choose a Mod, Download, and Enjoy!

List of Skyrim Mods on Console

Pressing A on a card in the mods catalog will direct you to a separate section showing the details you need to know about a specific mod, as well as the options to download or mark it as a favorite.

Downloading the mod will automatically install all the changes it provides to your vanilla game.

After downloading the mods you like, go back to the main menu and the game will need a few moments to load them into your game.

Ideally, you can close the game and restart your console to ensure that the game will fully load all the mods you have.

The Alternative Method to Step 3 (Through PC)

Selecting mods from the game’s Mods Section can be a bit awkward for some players since the mods list might get disconnected from its servers, which will retrigger the login process from step 2.

Moreover, Skyrim has a terrible search engine feature, requiring you to type the exact name of the mod or otherwise, you won’t be able to find the mod you need at all.

Fortunately, you can access the very same mods list on

From your browser, head over to the site, log in to your account, and from the options in the upper left corner of your screen, select Skyrim Special Edition under the Mods Section.

The mods list in is more organized compared to the ones in-game.

List of Skyrim Mods Through Browser

The search engine is also way better, so if you still can’t find a specific mod, there’s a chance that it’s not available on your console.

To select the mods you want to install for your console, click the mods’ web pages and add them to your library.

Go back to your game’s mods section and you may download all the mods you added to your library.

What Order Should You Install Skyrim Mods on Console

Skyrim Mod Order Console
Source: YouTube – Zero Period Productions

Once you have your library of mods in place, always ensure that they are arranged in proper load order. This way the game will know which mods should be prioritized during loading times.

Mods containing significant overhauls are usually placed at the top of your mod list’s load order, while the ones that provide minor changes may stay at the bottom.

Always check a mod’s description to see if it requires a specific position for your load order.

Why Skyrim Mods Are Better on Xbox Than PS5?

Installing Skyrim mods on Xbox is definitely better than on PlayStation for two reasons:

  • The limited storage on consoles.
  • Sony’s ban on the use of external assets on PS4 games.

Furthermore, you can install up to 5 GB worth of mods on Skyrim, while PS4 only allows 1 GB.  

Sony banned porting any external assets to their games due to security concerns.

This means you can only download mods containing in-game assets which kind of contradicts the main purpose of Skyrim modding – to add something new to the game.

So, if you’re playing Skyrim SE on PS4/PS5, you won’t be able to experience the same benefits that Xbox users enjoy from modding.