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Ice Type Pokemon Weakness and Strengths Guide

Ice Type Pokemon Weakness and Strengths Guide

Ice type might have the least number of Pokemon, with only 58 of them as of this writing, but their rarity doesn’t make them totally invincible, unmeltable, and unshatterable.

So don’t let their icy glare and cold shoulder intimidate you.

Even with Ice Legendaries, there’s an easy-freezy way to deal with these frosty Pokemon!

Here’s our guide on Ice Pokemon’s weakness, strengths, and resistances. We also have a suggested strategy guide on how to deal with them in combat.

Time to defrost some facts about Ice Pokemon!


Ice Pokemon Weakness Strengths
Infographic showing Ice Pokemon’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Resistances and Vulnerabilities

What Pokemon Are Good Against Ice?

Fighting, Fire, Rock, and Steel Pokemon are super effective against Ice Pokemon.

Some excellent moves to use on Ice Pokemon are Flamethrower and Fire Blast for Fire, Aura Sphere and Close Combat for Fighting, Meteor Mash and Flash Cannon for Steel, and Rock Slide and Power Gem for Rock.

Some Fire, Steel, Water, and even fellow Ice Pokemon are also good choices because they can resist Ice type moves.

Check our Best Counters section below to see our suggested strategies against Ice Pokemon.

What Are Ice Pokemon Strong Against?

Ice type moves can deal super effective damage on these Pokemon:

  • Dragon
  • Flying
  • Grass
  • Ground

Some of the best Ice type moves to use are Blizzard, Aurora Beam, and Ice Beam.

You can also boost your Ice Pokemon’s defenses when the weather is snowing. Snow can boost their Defense stat by 50%!

And if you pair Ice with Ground, you get added coverage and can counter some of Ice’s weaknesses, such as Fire and Rock. Ice can also deal with some of Ground’s weaknesses, making the two quite a strong pair!

What Are Ice Pokemon Resistant To?

Ice type Pokemon’s only resistance is its own type – Ice!

With only one resistance, Ice type has the lowest number of resistances among all types.

This means that all types, except Ice, can deal at least normal damage to Ice Pokemon. No type is immune to it, too. Likewise, Ice type is not immune to any type.

The good news is that Ice Pokemon are immune to the status condition freeze, being damaged by hail weather, or being instantly knocked out by the move Sheer Cold.

Ash's Glalie and Beartic in battle
Source: Bulbapedia

Best Counters For Ice Pokemon

Some of the best Pokemon to use against Ice Pokemon are Lucario (Steel/Fighting), Heatran (Steel/Fire), Coalossal (Fire/Rock), Infernape (Fire/Fighting), Cinderace (Fire), and Magmar (Fire).

Most of these Pokemon hit hard with their high Attack and Special Attack stats. Lucario is a great example of this, with Heatran having excellent overall base stats too.

Infernape, Cinderace, and Magmar know how to hit hard and fast with their very notable Speed stats. Coalossal might not be as hard-hitting as the others, but it can tank with its high HP and Defense.

Just keep in mind that Ice Pokemon’s stats are pretty well-rounded with a slightly lower Speed.