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How to Get Elite TM in Pokemon Go (2023)

How to Get Elite TM in Pokemon Go (2023)

Elite Fast TM or Elite Charged TM are moves that can be taught to a Pokemon to learn a new Fast or Charged attack.

They are similar to normal Fast TM or Charged TMs, but you choose from a list of attacks instead of getting a random move.

Furthermore, they unlock special, more powerful moves that aren’t available in normal TMs.

They are the only way to learn attacks obtained from events like Community Days or Raid Days.

How to Get Elite Charged TM and Elite Fast TM

Methods to get Elite TMs
The three methods to obtain an Elite Fast and Charged TM…

There are three ways to obtain an Elite TM. Currently, only two are available but one of them is completely free!

GO Battle League

The first method to obtain an Elite TM is by playing in GO Battle League.

Depending on the current season’s rewards, ranking up can give you Elite TMs as a reward. 

Fortunately, the current Season of GO Battle League, Season 9, rewards you with an Elite Charged TM upon reaching Rank 19.

Additionally, you’ll be given an Elite Fast TM as an end-of-season reward.

Reaching Rank 19 can be time-consuming though, and does require you to win battles.

To reach Rank 19, you’ll need to do 110 battles of which at least 75 must be wins.

So, if you reach Rank 19 you’ll get an Elite Charged TM and an Elite Fast TM.

Item Shop

In the Pokemon GO Shop, some bundles have Elite TMs.

They are primarily present during Community Day, costing 1,280 PokeCoins, which is roughly $10. 

The February Community Day is getting closer, and it has been confirmed there will be an Elite Fast TM available in the Community Box.

Special Research and Timed Research

Sometimes, Special Research or Timed Research will reward you Elite TMs after completing one of their tasks.

However, in the current season of Pokemon GO, no Special or Timed Research rewards you with Elite TMs.

Why Are Elite TMs so Rare?

Elite TMs are intentionally rare.

Firstly, this is so the exclusive moves they provide remain hard to get. Secondly, it encourages Pokemon GO players to spend real money or use PokeCoins to get them.

When Should You Use Elite TMs?

In-game image of Elite TMs
In-game image of an Elite Fast and Charged TM… Source: Niantic

Due to their rarity, you must be careful about what Pokemon to use it on and what move to choose.

Use it on a Pokemon that will be a staple in GO Battle League.

They should also be used on Pokemon that have high IVs because you are less likely to replace them.

For example, Swampert in Ultra League is a great Pokemon to call upon.

However, to be effective, it must have Hydro Cannon, a move that can only be learned on special Community Days or from an Elite Charged TM.

Another example is Walrein which needs two exclusive moves to compete at the highest level.

These are Powder Snow (Fast Move) and Icicle Spear (Charged Move). Without them, Walrein is far less effective.

You can use Pokemon GO search terms to find out which of your Pokemon already know these special moves (Elite TM moves).