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How to Beat Sierra in Pokemon GO: Best Counters (May 2023)

How to Beat Sierra in Pokemon GO: Best Counters (May 2023)

One of the Team Rocket GO Leaders you can face is Sierra and she is a challenging opponent to beat.

Here we list what Pokemon Sierra will use and the best counters to use against them.

If you’re struggling with either of the other Team Rocket Leaders, we also have guides for Arlo and Cliff.

This article will be updated every time Sierra’s Pokemon are changed.

What Pokemon Does Sierra Use? (May 2023)

These are the Pokemon that Sierra uses in Sierra 2023:

  • First Pokemon: Murkrow
  • Second Pokemon: Steelix, Swampert or Staraptor
  • Third Pokemon: Dragonite, Houndoom or Charizard

Sierra First Pokemon

Like every Team Rocket GO Leader, the first Pokemon is the Pokemon you can catch and even have the chance of becoming a Shiny.

Sierra’s first Pokemon is always Murkrow which means it is easy to plan what Pokemon to use.

Murkrow Counters

Beldum is a dual Dark/Flying type Pokemon making it weak against Electric, Fairy, Ice, and Rock type attacks.

It is resistant to Dark, Ghost, Grass, Ground and Psychic moves.

PokemonTypeFast MoveCharged Move
TyranitarRock/DarkSmack DownCrunch and Stone Edge
MagnezoneElectric/SteelSparkWild Charge
ElectivireElectricThunder ShockWild Charge
GlaceonIceFrost BreathAvalanche
MamoswineIce/GroundPowder SnowAncient Power and Avalanche

Sierra Second Pokemon

After defeating Beldum, you will randomly encounter Steelix, Swampert or Staraptor for Sierra’s second Pokemon. 

You cannot predict what second Pokemon she will have, so be ready to fight the three of them.

Steelix Counters

Steelix, as its name suggests, is a dual Steel and Ground type Pokemon.

This makes it weak to Fighting, Fire, Ground, and Water moves.

However, it has a massive 10 resistances which are Bug, Dragon, Electric, Fairy, Flying, Normal, Poison, Psychic, Rock, and Steel.

PokemonTypeFast MoveCharged Move
KyogreWaterWaterfallSurf and Blizzard
CharizardFire/FlyingFire SpinDragon Claw and Blast Burn
ReshiramDragon/FireFire FangFusion Flare and Overheat
TerrakionRock/FightingDouble KickSacred Sword and Close Combat
SwampertWater/GroundMud ShotHydro Cannon and Earthquake

Swampert Counters

Swampert is weak to Grass attacks only due to its Water and Ground dual typing.

It is resistant to Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, and Steel.

PokemonTypeFast MoveCharged Move
SceptileGrassBullet SeedAncient Power and Avalanche
VenusaurGrass/PoisonVine WhipFrenzy Plant and Sludge Bomb
RoseradeGrass/PoisonRazor LeafGrass Knot
TorterraGrass/GroundRazor LeafFrenzy Plant and Stone Edge
KartanaGrass/SteelRazor LeafLeaf Blade

Staraptor Counters

Sharpedo is a dual Normal and Flying type Pokemon.

It is weak to Electric, Ice and Rock type moves. Meanwhile, it resists Bug, Grass, Ghost and Ground attacks.

PokemonTypeFast MoveCharged Move
MamoswineIce/GroundPowder SnowAura Sphere and Shadow Ball
TyranitarRock/DarkSmack DownCrunch and Stone Edge
MagnezoneElectric/SteelSparkWild Charge
ElectivireElectricThunder ShockWild Charge
RaikouElectricVolt SwitchWild Charge

Sierra Third Pokemon

With her first two Pokemon defeated, Sierra will now use her strongest Pokemon against you.

Similar to the second Pokemon, there are no predictions or patterns, which means you will randomly fight against Dragonite, Houndoom or Charizard.

Dragonite Counters

Being a Dragon and Flying type Pokemon, Dragonite is weak to Dragon, Fairy, Ice, and Rock moves.

It resists Big, Fighting, Fire, Grass, Ground, and Water attacks.

PokemonTypeFast MoveCharged Move
GardevoirPsychic/FairyCharmSynchronoise and Shadow Ball
TogekissFairy/FlyingCharmSky Attack and Ancient Power
ClefableFairyCharmMoonblast and Meteor Mash
SalamenceDragon/FlyingDragon TailOutrage and Draco Meteor
HaxorusDragonDragon TailDragon Claw and Earthquake

Houndoom Counters

Houndoom is a dual Dark/Fire type Pokemon who is weak against Fighting, Ground, Rock, and Water type moves.

It resists Dark, Ghost, Grass, Fire, Ice, Psychic, and Steel type moves.

PokemonTypeFast MoveCharged Move
TyranitarRock / DarkSmack DownCrunch and Stone Edge
ConkeldurrFightingCounterDynamic Punch and Stone Edge
MachampFightingCounterCross Chop and Stone Edge
KyogreWaterWaterfallSurf and Blizzard
PheromosaBug / FightingBug BiteFocus Blast and Bug Buzz

Charizard Counters

Charizard is a dual Fire and Flying type Pokemon which means it is doubly weak to Rock attacks.

It is also weak to Electric and Water, while it resists Bug, Fairy, Fighting, Fire, Grass, Ground and Steel moves.

PokemonTypeFast MoveCharged Move
SwampertWater/GroundMud ShotHydro Cannon
TerrakionRock/FightingSmack DownRock Slide
OmastarRock/WaterRock ThrowRock Slide
KyogreWaterWaterfallSurf and Blizzard
TyranitarRock/DarkSmack DownCrunch and Stone Edge

Best Pokemon to Use Against Sierra

Tyranitar is a great starting Pokemon to take down Murkrow. It also matches up extremely well with her later Pokemon.

Following that Torterra covers two of the possible three of Sierra’s second Pokemon.

Finally, a Pokemon with strong Rock coverage will cover all of Sierra’s last Pokemon. This makes preparing for her easier in comparison to other Team GO Rocket Leaders.

You can now get your very own Shadow Beldum after defeating Sierra and also have the chance to get it as a Shiny!