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How To Get Wings in Fae Farm

How To Get Wings in Fae Farm

For those who expected fairy wings from the get-go, you don’t get handed a free pair of Fae Farm wings upon arrival.

Instead, you’ll have to wait a bit before turning your dreams of being a magical farmer with wings into a reality.

But if you’re eager to know how to get wings in Fae Farm or are stuck and confused about how to finish the fairy wings quest, here’s a step-by-step guide detailing how you can attain this magical and majestic item in the game.

Let’s flutter our way to it, shall we?

How To Get Fairy Wings

Here’s how to get your Fae Farm fairy wings. Note that you have to finish many story-related quests before getting them.

Finish Saltwater Mines and Its Story-Related Quests

25th floor of Saltwater Mines

Although you are handed a free farm and a house at the start of the game thanks to Azoria’s mayor, a pair of wings is not included in that deal.

But to get there, you have to play and finish the story-related quests—from learning how to farm and sell, to fishing, catching critters, and mining.

Continue to play the game until you are given the key to Saltwater Mines. Reach its 25th floor (it helps if you have all of Saltwater Mines seals already) and do the sprite’s quest to finish this part of the game.

After that, you will be visited by the Wisp Mother through a dream. Now, you’re one step closer to your wings!

Find the Wisp Mother

Wisp Mother in a dream

In the dream, the Wisp Mother asks you to find her home and visit her. Luckily, this becomes easy by checking your map. Press the ‘-’ button on your Switch controller or ‘m’ on your keyboard to open the map.

Wisp Mother's location on the map

See the new area to the north? That’s where the Wisp Mother is! Walk in that direction while using the newly learned Vortex spell along the way to get rid of the black mist. 

Once you see pillars, you should be getting close to where she is.

Complete the Wisp Mother’s Quest To Get Fairy Wings

Talk to Wisp Mother to get wings in Fae Farm

After introductions and a bit of her backstory, the Wisp Mother will ask you to complete a quest, after which she will reward you with your own fairy wings!

How to finish Raising Expectations quest in Fae Farm

Here’s how to do the Wisp Mother’s Raising Expectations quest.

You’ll need to craft and place a Lowlands Critter Conservatory, use it to collect three Flutter Dust, and then hand it to the Wisp Mother.

How To Craft Lowlands Critter Conservatory

How to craft Lowlands Critter Conservatory

Press ‘c’ on your keyboard or the down button on the Switch controller to start construction mode. Press it again to open the construction catalog.

Go to the Crafting tab and look for the Lowlands Critter Conservatory.

You will need 5 x Beech Lumber, which you can get if you already have a Lumber Station and some Beech logs; 5 x Stone Bricks, which you can make through the Stone Forge; 20 x Plant Fibers that you can forage everywhere; and 20 x Silt, which will require some digging from you if you don’t have it on hand.

Once you have these materials, craft and place your Lowlands Critter Conservatory.

How To Make Flutter Dust

How to get Flutter Dust in Fae Farm

Your Lowlands Critter Conservatory won’t be able to make anything if it doesn’t have any critters.

To make Flutter Dust, fill your conservatory with butterflies, moths, and other critters with wings. After a short time, these critters will turn into Flutter Dust.

Make 3 x Flutter Dust and bring it to the Wisp Mother to finish the fairy wings quest. Wisp Mother will tell you some things and will even give you more quests. But for now, enjoy your brand-new pair of wings!

Fae Farm fairy wings will let you jump higher

And that’s it for our Fae Farm fairy wings walkthrough. Check us out for more Fae Farm articles, and as always we’ll do our fae-ry best!