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How to Get the Bright Steel Ring in Remnant 2

How to Get the Bright Steel Ring in Remnant 2

Bright Steel Ring has made a comeback in Remnant 2 and players are trying to find the definitive way to get it.

While some already have this ring in their possession, others are still struggling to figure out the secret behind obtaining it.

From what we’ve gathered so far, the requirements for obtaining the Bright Steel Ring are still somewhat of a mystery.

Players have been experimenting with a variety of methods. This includes exploring different areas, defeating certain bosses, and completing specific events.

If you’re still looking for the Bright Steel Ring, here’s what we know about obtaining it so far.

Where to Get the Bright Steel Ring

Reggie Remnant 2

We know you can buy the Bright Steel Ring from Reggies at Ward 13. However, not every player was able to find the ring in their game.

Some players believe that you need to complete the game for the ring to appear in Reggie’s shop.

This isn’t the only requirement though, because some players claim they have completed the game without it appearing.

It might be a rare ring that randomly appears in Reggie’s shop at any point during your playthrough.

Considering the randomly generated nature of Remnant 2, it is possible that the Bright Steel Ring follows a similar path.

That’s why you should regularly visit Reggie’s shop in Ward 13, especially after you defeat major bosses or complete a world.

What Does the Bright Steel Ring Do?

Bright Steel Ring description
Source: Reddit – DeityVengy

The Bright Steel Ring grants the fastest possible evade roll regardless of how heavy your armor is.

With it, you can have the best of both worlds; enhanced defense from heavy armor and improved mobility.

This exceptional advantage can significantly improve your mobility and survivability in challenging boss fights.

That’s why many consider it a must-have ring, and its rarity makes trying to acquire it even more thrilling.

Something else that has proven difficult to get is the secret Archon Archetype but a definitive way to get that has been found.