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GTA 5 Characters Guide: Heights, Ages and Real Life Actors

GTA 5 Characters Guide: Heights, Ages and Real Life Actors

Grand Theft Auto 5 bucked the trend of previous game entries by introducing three playable characters in the game, instead of one.

This was received well by the players as the game became popular quickly. This is because the characters and their stories were carefully architected.

Their stories perfectly overlap with each other with their paths crossing on numerous occasions. Consequently, they get closer to each other and build trust.

Rockstar Games, the developers of GTA 5 have done a great job at building other in-game characters, too.

Each of the three main characters’ lives consists of a great number of other characters; friends, family, accomplices, or even strangers.

These antagonists are also built really well and it can be seen they interlink with the main characters very naturally.

Here is the height, age, and birthday information of the important characters in GTA 5.

GTA Protagonists’ Heights, Ages, and Birthday

CharacterHeightAge (In-game)Age (Present)Birthday
Michael De Santa6’2″ (120cm)45541968 (Date Unknown)
Trevor Philips6’1” (185cm)4955November 17, 1967
Franklin Clinton6’0″ (183cm)25341988 (Date Unknown)
Jimmy De Santa5’9″ (175cm)20291993 (Date Unknown)
Tracy De Santa5’7″ (169cm)22311991 (Date Unknown)
Amanda De Santa5’8″ (172cm)43521970 (Date Unknown)
Lamar Davis6’7” (201cm)2635December 3, 1987
Simeon Yetarian5’11” (180cm)4655May 12, 1967
Lester Crest5’10” (178cm)57661956 (Date Unknown)
Devin Weston6’2″ (187cm)5665April 7, 1957
Steve Haines6’3” (190cm)4150November 24, 1972
Dave Norton6’4″ (193cm)4453March 14, 1969
Ron Jakowski6’1” (186cm)4857January 16, 1965

Michael De Santa

Michael artwork GTA 5
Source: Rockstar Games

Michael is 6’2″ (120cm).

He was born in 1968 and since the main storyline of GTA 5 takes place in 2013, his age in-game is 45 years old.

In real life, however, if we were to tell his age as of Present Day (2022), it would be 54 years.

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Michael is one of the three playable characters in GTA 5. He is a former bank robber and career criminal who decided to retire from this business to live a peaceful life in Los Santos. Michael is a mentor to Franklin and an old friend of Trevor.

Ned Luke is the voice of Michael De Santa in Grand Theft Auto 5. He has been in 29 movies and television shows as well as over 100 commercials.

Trevor Philips

Trevor artwork GTA 5
Source: Rockstar Games

Trevor is a playable character who stands at 6’1” (185cm).

In the main storyline of GTA 5, his age is 49 years old, 4 years older than Michael De Santa. If he were to live till Present Day (2022), his age would be 55 years.

Trevor is a terrifying psychopath who used to rob banks and go on heists with Michael. But when Michael faked his death, he lost all contact with him and moved to a trailer near Sandy Shore.

Trevor becomes aware of Michael’s fraudulent death after Michael participates in The Jewel Store Job. This is because Michael leaves his signature dialogue.

The voice actor of Trevor Philips is Steven Ogg who provided the voice and motion capture for the character. Trevor’s physical appearance is based a lot on Steven Ogg.

Franklin Clinton

Franklin artwork GTA 5
Source: Rockstar Games

Franklin is the third and final playable character who is the shortest of the three at 6’0″ (183cm).

He is also the youngest protagonist in GTA 5 at 25 years old during the main storyline of GTA 5. In real life, however, he would be 34 years old.

Franklin is a young mind who wants to do big in the criminal business. He lives with his aunt but neither of them like the other.

We see him boosting cars at the beginning for Simeon Yetarian during which he unintentionally steals a car that belonged to Michael’s son. That’s how they get to know each other.

The character of Franklin Clinton is portrayed by Shawn Fonteno. He has also had a minor role in GTA San Andreas.

Coincidently, his cousin Christopher Bellard was the voice actor of CJ, the main character of GTA San Andreas.

The above tweet shows Steven Ogg (left), Shawn Fonteno (middle), and Ned Luke (right), the three actors who portray Trevor, Franklin, and Michael, respectively.

The resemblance is uncanny!

Jimmy De Santa

Jimmy artwork GTA 5
Source: Rockstar Games

Jimmy De Santa is the son of Michael De Santa who is 5’9″ (175cm) and 20 years old in-game.

He likes to spend his time in his room playing video games and occasionally also does drugs. He is always arguing with his sister, and he doesn’t get along with his Dad much either.

There is a mission where he accidentally gets kidnapped by a group of thieves and Michael and Franklin have to go and save him. This is where he meets Franklin.

Tracey De Santa

Tracey artwork GTA 5
Source: Rockstar Games

Tracey De Santa is the second child of Michael De Santa and the sister of Jimmy De Santa.

She is 5’7″ (169cm) and 22 years old in-game, making her 2 years older than her brother.

Tracey likes to spend her time partying with rich guys. She also wants to gain popularity by going on an in-game reality show called Fame or Shame.

Amanda De Santa

Amanda artwork GTA 5
Source: Rockstar Games

Amanda De Santa is the wife of Michael De Santa. She is 5’8″ (172cm) tall and 43 years of age.

She has been with Michael for a long time. This is a major reason why Michael faked his death in North Yankton and wanted to start a new life.

Now, however, she occasionally cheats on Michael because she is tired of his criminal behavior.

Lamar Davis

Lamar artwork GTA 5
Source: Rockstar Games

Lamar Davis is the tallest of the main GTA 5 characters with a height of 6’7” (201cm).

He is a close friend of Franklin Clinton and works with him to boost cars for Simeon.

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Lamar always tries to make connections with powerful gangs and strong people to help him make more money. But this always backfires on him.

He often gets in trouble and relies on Franklin to come to his rescue.

Simeon Yetarian

Simeon artwork GTA 5
Source: Rockstar Games

Simeon Yeterian is 5’11” (180cm) and 46 years old.

He runs a fraudulent car dealership where he sells cars to his customers and then sends Franklin and Lamar to steal them back.

Interestingly, he gets beat up by Michael De Santa when he sends Franklin to steal his son’s car.

Lester Crest

Lester artwork GTA 5
Source: Rockstar Games

Lester Crest is perhaps the most crucial side character in the Story of GTA 5.

He is 5’10” (178cm) and 57 years old in-game. Lester is also the oldest of what would be considered the main characters in Grand Theft Auto 5.

He is the mastermind behind most of the heists that take place in GTA 5.

Lester is physically disabled meaning he can’t walk and has to use a wheelchair or cane to move around. It doesn’t bother him that much though since he prefers to stay in his house and not be seen outside.

Devin Weston

Devin artwork GTA 5
Source: Rockstar Games

Devin Weston is an influential billionaire in GTA 5 who is 6’2″ (187cm) and is 56 years old.

He is highly influential to the main storyline of Grand Theft Auto 5 and offers the trio many opportunities. One such opportunity is offering Trevor and Franklin a contract to steal several High-end cars.

He also gives Michael a chance to work with his favorite movie producer, Solomon Richards, and star in a movie with him.

Steve Haines

Steve Haines artwork GTA 5
Source: Rockstar Games

Steve Haines is a corrupt FIB agent who along with Dave Norton, forces our protagonist trio to do dirty work for the FIB.

He is 6’3” (190cm) tall and 41 years old at the time of the GTA 5 storyline.

He constantly pushes the protagonists and that is why he is killed by Trevor in the last mission if you choose ‘Option C’.

Dave Norton

Dave Norton artwork GTA 5
Source: Rockstar Games

Dave Norton is a corrupt FIB agent and the partner of Steve Haines.

He is 6’4″ (193cm) and is 44 years old as of 2013 (year of storyline).

Dave also appoints missions to our Protagonists alongside Steve.

He is actually a good friend of Michael, having helped Michael fake his death in North Yankton. Moreover, he was credited with “killing” Michael.

Ron Jakowski

Ron Jakowski artwork GTA 5
Source: Rockstar Games

Ron is the trusty assistant of Trevor Philips and lives with him near his trailer.

He is 6’1” (186cm) and 48 years old.

Ron manages Trevor Philips Industries while Trevor is away in Los Santos. He locates shipments and cargo planes for Trevor to steal and guides him on comms during missions.