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Ground Type Pokemon Weakness and Strengths Guide

Ground Type Pokemon Weakness and Strengths Guide

Ground Pokemon are super-effective against 5 types, have high Attack and Defense, and have great coverage, too!

Here’s a quick rundown of Ground Pokemon’s strengths, weaknesses, resistances, and even their best counters.


Ground Pokemon Weakness Strengths
Infographic showing Ground Pokemon’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Resistances and Vulnerabilities

What Pokemon Are Good Against Ground?

Grass, Ice, and Water type attacks are strong against Ground Pokemon.

These types can deal super effective hits to Pokemon with Ground typing.

Some excellent moves to use on Ground Pokemon are Power Whip and Leaf Storm for Grass, Hydro Pump and Hydro Cannon for Water, and Ice Beam and Blizzard for Ice.

Ground Pokemon also have a low Special Defense on average, so it’s best to use special moves on them.

You can also use Bug and Grass Pokemon since they can resist Ground moves, or Flying type Pokemon that are totally immune to any Ground attacks.

What Are Ground Pokemon Strong Against?

Ground type moves deal super effective hits on these types of Pokemon:

  • Electric
  • Fire
  • Poison
  • Rock
  • Steel

With 5 types that are weak to it, Ground has the most number of super effective match-ups, tied with Fighting.

Other than Bug and Grass which can resist it and Flying being immune to it, Ground type moves are very handy when it comes to attacking other types.

And to target those that can resist it or are immune to it, you can add Ice and Rock moves to your Ground Pokemon’s repertoire to improve its coverage.

Ice can target Flying and Grass, while Rock can super effectively hit Flying and Bug.

You can even increase the power of some Ground type Pokemon by being in a sandstorm and having the Sand Force ability, which increases the Pokemon’s power by 30%.

What Are Ground Pokemon Resistant To?

Ground Pokemon are resistant to two types only: Rock and Poison.

In addition, Ground Pokemon are immune to Electric attacks. This means moves like Thunder Shock and Thunderbolt don’t have any effect on Ground Pokemon.

Sandstorms also don’t hurt Ground types.

Iris's Excadrill Cynthia's Gastrodon battle
Source: Bulbapedia

Best Counters For Ground Pokemon

Some of the best Pokemon to counter Ground Pokemon are Lapras (Water/Ice), Ludicolo (Water/Grass), Abomasnow (Grass/Ice), and Pelipper (Water/Flying).

Aside from having types that can hit Ground Pokemon with super effective damage, these Pokemon also have decent to high Special Attack stats that can target Ground’s low Special Defense.

Lapras has high HP and a decent Special Attack, so it can sort of tank against Ground attacks and hit it where it hurts.

Ludicolo also has a decent Special Attack and its additional Grass typing can resist Ground moves.

Abomasnow has high Special Attack and decent HP, plus its dual typing is super effective against Ground. It just has to watch out for counter Fire attacks.

Meanwhile, Pelipper has great Defense and Special Attack, all the while being immune to Ground attacks thanks to being a Flying Pokemon.

But like Abomasnow, it has to watch out for counters, such as Rock moves.

You can also counter Ground Pokemon with moves, items, and abilities that can make Pokemon float above ground. This way, Ground Pokemon cannot hit you.

Magnet Rise and Telekinesis are Electric and Psychic moves, while Levitate is an ability and Air Balloon is a held item — all of which could make Pokemon hover.

There is also Orthworm’s signature ability in Gen 9 called Earth Eater that restores HP when hit with a Ground type move.